Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm

updated January 12, 2024


The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm is an essential piece of equipment for Void builds in both PvE and PvP, featuring its own Catalyst that further augments it.

This catalyst can be found in areas containing Taken Blight floating freely, and shooting it will prompt players to complete a new puzzle which requires them to read devices spawned from torches situated throughout a platforming section and activate them appropriately.

In the Shadow of the Mountain

The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm promises to become an extremely potent weapon for Void builds in both PvE and PvP, offering unmatched two shot kill augmentation and Catalyst support – but to get one Guardians will first need to complete various dungeons and solve puzzles before earning their weapon itself.

To acquire the Buried Bloodline, players will need to complete multiple runs of Warlord’s Ruin, an all-new dungeon introduced with Season of the Wish expansion. Within this dungeon players must collect Hefnd’s bones and Dark Ether Tincture while killing yellow-bar Screebs known as Thieving Wretches scattered throughout. Completing one run unlocks one of three hidden puzzles, leading them toward opening one of three hidden portals leading to Buried Bloodline catalyst.

Once activated, players will enter a room featuring six torches with associated Darkness Totems that illuminate as the player approaches. When encountering Thressia as their final boss, players will need to align themselves on specific totems in order to break her shield and unleash all their firepower into the room. Due to Thressia having considerable health and her shield regenerating periodically, chipping away at her health should be done slowly until all six torches have illuminated and the room opens up for full blast of firepower unleashed upon her appearance allowing full unleashed firepower on Thressia until all six torches illuminate before unleashing all their firepower on her!

Once a room opens, players are then able to fire at Taken Blight using the Buried Bloodline; every shot lands an Imminent Wish buff for their fireteam and lights five prison cell totems which correspond with totems within it, leading eventually to activating and unlocking a catalyst weapon catalyst device in its center.

Bungie has not disclosed the precise drop rates for Raid and Dungeon Exotics; however, Buried Bloodline is estimated to have a 5-percent chance of dropping during every run of Warlord’s Ruin. Note, however, that your chances will be increased significantly if you complete all Triumphs associated with this Dungeon.

Warlord’s Ruin

The Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon provides players with an enjoyable yet challenging challenge. Packed full of puzzles to solve and an intimidating boss to battle, it also contains an Exotic weapon to add serious firepower to Void builds – in order to access this sidearm Guardians must solve all puzzles within this dungeon and obtain its Catalyst!

Players will encounter three puzzles throughout the dungeon that need to be solved in order to unlock the Buried Bloodline Exotic and Catalyst. The first of these can be found near the end of Prison Cells Phase; here, shoot Taken Blight guarding stairway leading uphill with Buried Bloodline to gain Imminent Wish buff and light darkness totems from left-to-right in specific order until Guardians activate devices in Prison Cells that corresponds with this spire location.

Once Guardians successfully light the totems in this puzzle, a DPS phase will start that leads directly into the next boss battle. Once completed, this final puzzle can be found right after Hefnd Bone is defeated and shortly before entering Scorn’s snowy room; here it features a wall of traps which must be deactivated in sequence from left-to-right before opening up an area leading directly into Primeval Thressia DPS battle and unlocking her chest that contains both Buried Bloodline Exotic and Catalysts!

The Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon is an impressive piece of kit, adding depth and punch to any PvE or PvP build. Boasting a unique tracking bolt mechanic which increases damage dealt to targets by 15% when its respective Catalyst is active, this sidearm also pairs perfectly with popular Devour perk perks for any subclass – making killing enemies simpler while helping defeat larger adversaries like Champions or bosses with ease.

Primeval Thressia

Buried Bloodline, an Exotic sidearm, is an extremely potent weapon which provides Void builds with one-shot kill augmentation both PvE and PvP. Furthermore, its Catalyst increases its potency even further; however, to obtain both items players must overcome various puzzles in the Dungeon before facing its final boss battle and complete its entire course.

Step one is completing Warlord’s Ruin’s “In the Shadow of the Mountain” quest. This requires uncovering and dispelling corruption, uncovering level three Amanar bones and solving various small puzzles within its depths – once completed, Guardians can trigger its catalyst puzzle to proceed further with this step.

After activating the catalyst, players will be taken into a room filled with parkour and several doorways. At the center of this room will appear a Taken Blight that, when shot at, will illuminate various torches in order to activate Thressia’s shield and break through it. Once unblocked, chip away at her health until she dies – you now possess the Catalyst!

Once players complete the Catalyst puzzle, they’ll gain access to the final area of the dungeon: Cairn Chamber Gateway will appear amidst mountainous spire locations with stone doors around it and Taken Blight at its center; shooting it will spawn more torches for players to activate; once all 30 second timers run out, Cairn Chamber Gateway will open.

As soon as players reach this area, they will battle against a Servitor guarding the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm and its Catalyst. Successfully defeating him will result in all players receiving both weapons. Furthermore, defeating him unlocks their new Splitvein Lineage trait which causes enemies to weaken upon hit while Devour is active – this weapon is essential in unlocking Warlord’s Ruin on Legend difficulty every week! Buried Bloodline Exotic rewards may only be obtained once every week by clearing its respective dungeon on Legend difficulty!

Taken Blight

As we move into a new dungeon season, a unique weapon to collect is available: the Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm with Catalyst is now up for grabs – this exciting Exotic sidearm provides health on kills while also awarding Devour upon multiple final blows made with its gun!

To unlock the Buried Bloodline and its Catalyst, players will need to complete a series of puzzles and encounters within Warlord’s Ruin. This may involve dispelling corruption, finding level three amanar bones, communing with Toand at the bottom of Warlord’s Ruin, shooting taken blights off, shooting taken blights off themselves as well as solving three small puzzles scattered about Warlord’s Ruin.

The initial puzzle takes players into a large jump room with parkour and various doorways, where they must shoot a Taken Blight located within one of these doorways to activate an Imminent Wish buff and light torches that must be read left-to-right in order. These torches correspond with darkness totems scattered about on rocks or pillars – lighting each totem correctly will activate an final device that unlocks Buried Bloodline Catalysts.

Now things start getting tricky! The next puzzle can be found at a mountainous spire location with stone doors all around and a Taken Blight in its center, where after activating an Imminent Wish buff and reading torches players must orient themselves with totems in the correct order to breach and destroy them, leading to Primeval Thressia attacking with DPS before opening her chest on the left which contains both Buried Bloodlines and Catalysts.

The Buried Bloodline and its Catalyst make an excellent addition to any PvE build. The weapon has excellent Void build perks, while its Catalyst adds another level of utility – however this weapon may not offer optimal damage output due to having inferior special weapons for AoE add clearing and single target boss damage.

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