Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm and Catalyst

updated December 11, 2023


Buried Bloodline is an Exotic sidearm available from Warlord’s Ruin in Season of the Wish and features both Hungering Quarrel Intrinsic Traits that fire tracking bolts at enemies to drain health, as well as Violent Reanimation Catalyst that grants Devour upon multiple final blows.

How to get the Catalyst

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish content now offers players access to a powerful weapon – the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm and Catalyst. These new weapons bring with them an all-new archetype for both PvE and PvP players alike, making this weapon suitable for either PvE or PvP play.

As the initial step to unlocking Hefnd’s bones and Dark Ether Tincture for future steps in his Buried Bloodline journey, one must traverse Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon. It features three puzzles as well as a hidden boss which must be defeated before unlocking them – thus opening Hefnd’s bones and Dark Ether Tincture which will lead to new paths ahead.

Once they’ve cleared Warlord’s Ruin – including its three puzzles – players will gain access to In the Shadow of the Mountain quest, which leads to Buried Bloodline catalyst. To activate it, players must repeat Warlord’s Ruin twice by defeating its hidden boss and solving its prison cell stage.

Within prison cells, players will encounter Taken Blights which must be destroyed to open gates. Doing so unlocks an Imminent Wish buff for their fireteam as three torches light up behind it: these correspond with devices found throughout the cellblock so reading from front-back and left-right will help players pinpoint Catalysts more quickly.

Attaching the Catalyst to the Buried Bloodline improves its tracking bolts with reload speed boost and double-fire mode to increase accuracy of shots, as well as adding a Devour weaken mechanic that activates on each hit and increases damage done by both weapon and Catalyst combined. This can make it a particularly effective weapon against Void subclass builds; however there may be other weapons which provide more damage.

How worthwhile the Buried Bloodline is for any particular player will depend entirely on his/her needs and wants. While its performance is certainly respectable, its not the top choice when it comes to Special ammo sidearms in PvE or PvP; other options offer better damage in terms of AoE add clearing or single target boss destruction; nonetheless its unique mechanics could make it popular weapon in future PvP meta battles.

In the Shadow of the Mountain

Buried Bloodline, introduced as part of Season of the Wish, is an Exotic sidearm designed to work well with Void builds in both PvE and PvP environments. This new weapon boasts some exciting perks like its Splitvein Lineage which weakens enemies on hit, as well as its Catalyst; to gain this Catalyst requires players completing several puzzles within Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon and defeating its secret boss.

First, players must unlock the Buried Bloodline Exotic by playing through the Dungeon multiple times. Next, they should complete Hefnd’s bones and Dark Ether Tincture from around the game world in order to unlock In the Shadow of the Mountain quest and start finding Hefnd’s Bones & Dark Ether Tincture from other areas around the game world – this will unlock an In the Shadow of the Mountain quest requiring players to find an Orb in Spiral Staircase that will teleport them somewhere new where three puzzles need be solved in order to defeat Primeval Thressia boss!

Players entering this new area will encounter a massive chasm filled with floating rocks and pillars and a giant Taken Blight at its center. To activate the next puzzle, they’ll need to shoot one of two smaller Taken Blights hidden behind a stone doorway on the left – this will light up several torches and devices across the chasm that must be read from left to right to activate matching Darkness Totems located on nearby pillars and rocks.

After activating and triggering devices, players will need to position themselves near each of the three lit torches to initiate a DPS phase against Primeval Thressia that must be cleared using devices on either side of the room. When this phase ends, players must fire away at Primeval Thressia until she’s been defeated and they have acquired a Buried Bloodline Catalyst that allows them to unlock splitvein Lineage and Violent Reanimation weapon perks; making their gun even more effective when used during PvP combat!

In the Prison

Bungie has not released the drop rate for Exotic weapons dropped during raids or dungeons, but estimates put it around 5-6%. That means Buried Bloodline offers one out of every five players an equal chance at earning this new sidearm as they conquer Warlord’s Ruin for the first time; players may increase this probability by completing Triumphs associated with Buried Bloodline dungeon.

The Exotic weapon is an exceptional sidearm designed specifically to suit the Void subclass and offers ample damage potential – perfect for both PvE and PvP use! Additionally, its Catalyst allows players to gain even more powerful perks.

For players to activate the catalyst, three puzzles in the area that includes the large Taken Blight in the center must be solved successfully. Start by shooting one of the smaller Blights through the archway left of where you began shooting; this will activate several sets of torches and devices across a chasm at the base of a cliff – match up these torches left-to-right to activate all necessary devices and solve this puzzle!

Once players have solved all three puzzles in this area, they should reach the spire that leads to the final boss of the dungeon and look for a glowing white ball at its base. Interact with it to open the Cairn Chamber Gateway which will spawn Primeval Thressia Font of Blight as Taken witch.

Reducing Taken witch to trigger the final puzzle will involve shooting at Blight that appears from within the Cairn walls; using their Buried Bloodline they must shoot it to activate it and open a door leading directly towards the final boss battle.

Players can use their Buried Bloodline to defeat the final boss and unlock a brand-new Catalyst weapon, with its new set of perks and traits making it ideal for both PvE and PvP play. Furthermore, its synergy pairs well with Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk.

In the Warlord’s Ruin

Warlord’s Ruin dungeon offers up the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm – one of a kind weapon which uses special ammunition – which makes its debut appearance in Destiny 2. Although Bungie has yet to disclose a drop rate for this exclusive dungeon-only item, chances are you won’t obtain it right away.

Before undertaking this dungeon on a high-level character, be certain that you can complete it successfully. It may be more challenging than other dungeons and includes additional steps that give your best chances at success.

Once you have successfully navigated your dungeon, it will be time to attempt the Buried Bloodline Catalyst. In order to do so, read and activate all the torches in the final room of ruins in order to light them all simultaneously – this gives you an opportunity to defeat Primeval Thressia who requires skill to defeat.

Once the boss is defeated, a new chest will appear to your left: this is known as a Buried Bloodline Catalyst and makes an ideal addition to any weapons collection. It strengthens weapon’s Devour proc, which weakens enemies upon each hit; popular among Void subclasses but applicable across classes as well.

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