Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm With Catalyst

updated January 6, 2024


Buried Bloodline is an exotic sidearm with powerful benefits for Void builds in both PvE and PvP, including Catalysts that further its benefits. To obtain one, players must solve several puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon.

The first puzzle can be found outside the prison cells and involves shooting Taken Blight to illuminate Darkness Totems that have sprung up around pillars and rocks. The second can be found after traversing an overworld platforming section accompanied by floating Taken Blights.

In the Shadow of the Mountain

The Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2 is an amazing weapon that players can acquire by completing Warlords Ruin dungeon. It boasts some great perks that work perfectly with Void builds for PvE and PvP play, making this sidearm one to remember for PvE and PvP alike. In order to obtain it, Guardians must solve three puzzles and defeat its secret boss. However, what makes this Exotic even more captivating is its Catalyst attachment that further expands functionality – adding yet another level of complexity to this Exotic.

The first Catalysts can be unlocked by defeating Shielded enemies within the dungeon and clearing away its prison maze, opening up its final gate where players will find Taken Blight that can be shot with Buried Bloodline to activate Imminent Wish for 30 seconds – when this occurs three of four torches placed behind the gate will light up, prompting Guardians to light them sequentially from left to right in order to successfully complete this puzzle.

After successfully completing one puzzle, players can proceed with another by traveling to a mountainous spire location where there will be stone doors strewn throughout and a Taken Blight located in its center. Firing gun shots into this Taken Blight will trigger Imminent Wish and produce devices which must be read sequentially to complete this puzzle. In order to successfully activate them correctly and complete this challenge, Guardians must illuminate torches from left-to-right in this platforming section and illuminate torches along this platforming section from left-right before moving along this platforming section from left-to-right before finally activating them properly and completing it successfully and solving it!

Once completed, players will unlock a Buried Bloodline Catalyst which can be added to an Exotic weapon to make it even more potent. Hungering Quarrel now fires tracking bolts which leech health when killed while Violent Reanimation grants Devour upon killing multiple enemies with rapid final blows – already an amazing weapon, its Catalyst makes it even more useful in today’s meta! This Catalyst makes an already great weapon even more useful within its current meta!

The Catalyst increases damage output, making it an effective weapon choice for any Guardian. This weapon’s increased damage output makes it particularly effective against large groups of opponents with minimal effort – Buried Bloodline stands as the top Exotic Sidearm currently available in Destiny 2, so grinding to obtain one would certainly be worth your while!

Cairn Chamber

Guardians who have defeated Warlord’s Ruin’s final boss can unlock a puzzle which unlocks Buried Bloodline and Catalyst. At the bottom of its spiral staircase, players should spot and interact with a glowing Taken orb to be transported into Cairn Chamber – an exclusive boss fight against Primeval Thressia that uses similar mechanics as other encounters in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon encounters – by shooting Taken Blight at specific devices around her before extinguishing matching Totems located throughout Thressia’s realms in Cairn Chamber. To win against Primeval Thressia successfully in this boss fight, Guardians must correctly read devices surrounding Primeval Thressia by shooting Taken Blight at specific devices while extinguishing matching Totems located throughout Thressia’s arena of this room encounter!

Once they’ve solved the first puzzle in this arena, players will discover a Taken effigy behind a gate which has been locked. Shooting this Taken with Buried Bloodline unlocks five darkness totems which light up from left to right depending on where players stand in the arena; extinguishing these totems in their order will unlock another device as well as activate an invulnerability phase for Primeval Thressia which must be cleared by reading all corresponding devices around her correctly.

The first device can be found directly outside the gate surrounding prison cells that players are thrust into, while another can be found during platforming section with Taken Blight floating between snowy mountains. After defeating its boss at this location, players will trigger activation of third and final device which will initiate Cairn Chamber battle automatically upon reaching it.

In PvE, the Buried Bloodline pistol is an excellent option for Void builds thanks to its Devour effect, which allows its wielder to heal with every attack while simultaneously increasing damage boosts. Furthermore, this weapon provides precise damage at long range while optimizing for speedy reload times and stability – making it suitable for competitive play as well.

The Catalyst is an invaluable addition to the Buried Bloodline weapon and will significantly boost its damage output in PvP by enabling instant reload and giving extra shots per reload cycle. Furthermore, this upgrade improves overall accuracy, speed, stability, and blast radius while simultaneously adding another shot per shot cycle.

Ahamkara Bones

Players can collect Ahamkara Bones necessary for unlocking an Exotic Buried Bloodline Catalyst at several points throughout a dungeon, starting after defeating its initial boss encounter. After this fight is complete, there will be a Taken orb near a spiral staircase – interact it and travel directly into an arena where Primeval Thressia stands ready to face them off against some similar mechanics as other encounters in this dungeon; including invulnerability phases which must be cleared by correctly reading devices around her.

Once players clear this arena, they can begin collecting Ahamkara Bones scattered throughout the ruins of the fort. One such location lies just before imprisonment and directly before facing their second boss encounter; players will need to defeat multiple enemy groups before finding it; this shouldn’t prove too challenging considering all of the enemies waiting to attack once you step into these ruins!

This arena contains a Taken effigy in the center that, when shot with Buried Bloodline, grants your fireteam an Imminent Wish buff and lights several totems around it. Once all three totems in this room have been cleared away, a device in its center will activate and initiate Primeval Thressia’s encounter, with her fight following similar mechanics to other boss battles such as an Invulnerability Phase which must be overcome by correctly reading devices around her.

Once Thressia is defeated, the Catalyst sidearm will become available for use in PvP and Trials of Osiris. Capable of dealing 52 precision damage up to 50 meters, this sidearm features two unique perk systems — Hungering Quarrel fires tracking bolts that drain health from targets; Violent Reanimation grants Devour for every rapid final blow fired.

Players can unlock Exotic Relics like Hefnd Bone and Cosmogyre IV Bone to add some intriguing lore into the Cimmerian Garrison, an exclusive Lost Sector that can only be accessed after completing Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline.

Primeval Thressia

Beating this secret boss will reveal the Buried Bloodline Catalyst, awarding Guardians an Exotic sidearm and activated Catalyst that will further increase its powers. This weapon should prove especially popular among Void subclasses in PvE and PvP battles; with its Devour effect allowing players to leech enemy health and power off foes for use against them. In order to unlock it, Guardians must complete multiple runs through Season of the Wish’s Warlord Ruin Dungeon while solving three hidden puzzles within it.

The first of these puzzles appears shortly after the first boss battle and involves shooting a Taken orb near a spiral staircase with Buried Bloodline to gain Imminent Wish and activate multiple devices in the room, prompting you to light various torches before reaching Cairn Chamber via portal. Do this successfully and you will gain entry.

This final puzzle presents itself in a spire location with stone doors scattered about. Achieve Imminent Wish by shooting Taken Blight using Buried Bloodline will unleash devices and devices at this platforming section, forcing Guardians to read torches left to right in order to light them correctly before initiating an additional DPS phase that ends once all Taken Totems have been illuminated.

After activating the appropriate torches, you’ll enter the final room of the dungeon and encounter Primeval Thressia as your final boss. She spawns invulnerable but with substantial health, so continue striking until her protective shield dissipates so you can unleash all your DPS potential!

Destroying this Servitor will net you both the Buried Bloodline Exotic and its activated Catalyst. These weapons may become very valuable assets to Guardians in both PvE and PvP play, offering Warlocks an easy way to capitalize on powerful Devour builds while Hunters quickly dispatch enemies more quickly – this new sidearm being an especially potent choice in competitive or Trials of Osiris modes alike!

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