Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm

updated December 25, 2023


Season of the Wish introduces the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm as a powerful asset for Void builds with its Splitvein Lineage perks that reduce enemy damage output. To unlock this rare weapon, players must complete a dungeon, puzzles, and an unexpected boss encounter before unlocking it.

In order to do so, they must complete multiple runs of Warlord’s Ruin dungeon alongside In the Shadow of the Mountain quest in order to collect Hefnd’s Bones and Dark Ether Tincture before defeating Primeval Thressia.

1. Complete the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon

The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm and its Catalyst will become a potency force both in PvE and PvP. With its Devour ability, Warlocks will be able to leech enemy health while Titans and Hunters benefit from powerful fire power boost. In order to acquire both pieces of equipment however, players will have to complete multiple runs through Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon in Season of the Wish. In order to unlock its enhancements and access this incredible weapon players must clear three puzzles as well as defeat a secret hidden boss in order to acquire them both.

After defeating Primeval Thressia, players will encounter their first puzzle for unlocking the Buried Bloodline Catalyst immediately following its initial boss battle. At a gate in front of prison cells is where to use Buried Bloodline; upon shooting this gate with it will grant your fireteam 30 second buff called Imminent Wish and three torches on cell walls will light up sequentially from left to right, unlocking its device behind these gates and activating its Buried Bloodline Catalyst device behind these gates and unlock it’s full potential!

Once players have solved the initial puzzle in Warlord’s Ruin, they can return to its main room and locate a second puzzle – this one being more challenging as players will need to find ways to damage corrupted computer cores in order to reach Catalyst II. These cores are spread out throughout the room so it’s essential that careful examination be conducted so as to locate them all.

Finaly, the third and final puzzle can be found just after passing through several chambers with blight creatures. At the end of these chambers lies the final chamber where a large boss will appear that Guardians must use all available means to destroy. As they do so, he’ll periodically release small metal effigies similar to what Scorn Chieftans typically throw. Every time this occurs a Catalyst will be generated that unlocks Buried Bloodline Exotic.

Destiny 2 players can unlock the Buried Bloodline Catalyst by completing In the Shadow of the Mountain quest and clearing all three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin on Legend difficulty. Once obtained, this powerful weapon offers unique and useful perks such as Hungering Quarrel (Intrinsic) which fires tracking bolts that drain health from enemies as they hit, or Violent Reanimation (Exotic), which temporarily weakens enemies by giving them Devour power for short durations on hits – those looking to unlock this weapon should follow our tips above for their best chances at success!

2. Complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest

The Buried Bloodline sidearm in Destiny 2 features an unique Catalyst that enhances two Exotic Perks: Hungering Quarrel’s tracking bolts that leech health, and Violent Reanimation’s grant of Devour after a rapid final blow, both become stronger with this Catalyst. However, unlike other Exotic weapons obtained through dungeons or raids which require defeating their respective bosses before receiving one, this one must first be earned through three puzzles before taking its final bow.

Once players clear the first boss in a dungeon, they will arrive at a line of prison cells that lead to a gate. Behind this gate lies a Taken Blight that when shot with Buried Bloodline grants your fireteam an Imminent Wish buff for 30 seconds, prompting torches around it to light up in sequence from left to right and match them to Darkness Totems on nearby rocks and pillars; each time this occurs will activate and unlock Buried Bloodline Catalyst for use by players!

Guardians must repeat this process after clearing both a large bridge just prior to an encounter with ogres, and again before the castle boss in platforming section. After successfully solving each puzzle, an unspoken wish is silenced while Buried Bloodline clicks audibly – players may try multiple times until their desired torches light up!

At the conclusion of this puzzle, players will need to use a Taken Blight to shoot inside a mountainous spire location with stone doors scattered around it and cause torches to light up at an archway, matching their locations on pillars and rocks; once this process has completed successfully, an appropriate message will appear:

Players can then continue on their quest and fight Primeval Thressia of Servitor faction. Beating her will unlock a Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon along with its Catalyst catalyst which greatly enhances its damage output while decreasing cooldown times. Bungie has not announced the drop rate for this dungeon Exotic weapon; however, its drop rate should likely be low given their use as end-game goals for players to chase. There may be ways to increase your odds of getting it quickly by unlocking Triumphs associated with it; those lucky enough to obtain this deadly Exotic will surely enjoy its deadly perks as well as its Catalyst feature that boosts Hungering Quarrel and Violent Reanimation more effectively.

3. Defeat Primeval Thressia

Buried Bloodline, the latest Exotic sidearm introduced into Destiny 2, offers some appealing perks that work well with specific builds. Furthermore, this weapon comes equipped with its own Exotic Catalyst; this powerful tool helps players recover health after multiple final blows against enemies even while Devour is active. In order to unlock both this weapon and Catalyst they must first complete Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon which may prove challenging at times; to unlock them and the weapon players must solve three puzzles in order to get its reward as well as unlock it.

After defeating the initial boss of a dungeon, players will encounter their first puzzle shortly thereafter. After clearing a series of prison cells, players will come upon a gate with a Taken Blight that when shot with Buried Bloodline grants your fireteam a 30-second buff called Imminent Wish and causes torches around it to light up consecutively until all three torches have been lit; then another device activates automatically.

Primeval Thressia, the boss who guards the entrance to Buried Bloodline Exotic, can be difficult to defeat; she features both melee and ranged enemies that pose difficulty for players. However, there are a few tips players can use to defeat this boss more easily: staying close to teammates may help avoid becoming overrun by crowds of enemies; use both melee and ranged attacks: for example melee characters should aim their attacks directly against her while ranged characters aim their attacks toward ranged targets (and vice versa); combine both attack types – in particular one should focus on hitting her while ranged characters should aim theirs accordingly – while melee characters should try hitting with their melee attacks while ranged characters should focus their focus on hitting her while ranged characters should focus their attacks more directly upon her!

Once a player masters these two strategies, they will easily be able to defeat Primeval Thressia. At the conclusion of battle, players will receive the Buried Bloodline Exotic as well as activated Catalyst which makes their weapon even more potent.

Destiny 2 players should be mindful that a Buried Bloodline Catalyst may contain legendary items, which could make an incredible weapon that outshines any Masterwork currently available in their arsenal. Increase your chances of unlocking an Exotic Catalyst by completing all the Triumphs associated with Warlord’s Ruin Dreadnought. Make sure to complete its requirements and any associated quests such as “In the Shadow of the Mountain”. Doing so will also reward players with more Orbs of Light upon multi-kills, unlocking more powerful weapons in-game. Furthermore, using a Buried Bloodline boost service is also available so players can quickly complete dungeons and unlock weapons without any hassle or difficulty – ensuring full enjoyment of this exotic sidearm!

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