Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline – How to Get Exotic + Catalyst Buried Bloodline in Warlord’s Ruin

updated January 9, 2024


Destiny 2’s Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm provides 52 precision damage up to 50 meters. Guardians can unlock it by solving three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon.

The initial puzzle can be found outside prison cells players have been placed within. Shooting Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline grants fireteams an Imminent Wish buff and lights torches that correspond with darkness totems in the area; lighting these torches sequentially unlocks a device.

In The Shadow Of The Mountain

Warlord’s Ruin, a new dungeon in Destiny 2, features an Exotic sidearm known as Buried Bloodline that comes equipped with an activateable Catalyst that offers players powerful weapons to aid them both in PvE and PvP play, thanks to Intrinsic and Trait perks, as well as its Devour ability. However, getting this weapon requires solving several small puzzles within the dungeon itself in order to unlock it.

After defeating the initial boss of a dungeon, players will face their first puzzle shortly thereafter. Following a fight, players will come across prison cells before reaching a gate with an Imminent Wish Taken Blight behind it that can be shot with Buried Bloodline to grant fireteams a 30-second buff called Imminutous Wish and help light all three torches located nearby.

Each time a torch is illuminated, the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest moves one step closer towards completion. Once all three torches have been lit, players will possess enough bounty to trigger another puzzle and advance along their path to achieving victory.

Once players complete this puzzle, they will gain entry to the final area of the dungeon where they can shoot Taken Blight and earn an Imminent Wish buff – this will then spawn more torches for them to light up.

Once all torches have been lit, players can activate the final and most challenging puzzle of this dungeon: Primeval Thressia’s Servant Servitor guarding a Buried Bloodline Catalyst will face players for battle – defeating him will bring all players the Exotic sidearm with its activated Catalyst, but be warned this battle could take quite some time as players must clear all areas prior to facing this boss.

Buried Bloodline may not warrant a rush-through dungeon experience in its entirety, but the Catalyst makes this weapon an incredible powerhouse both PvE and PvP. For that reason alone, completing the dungeon and its catalyst puzzles is definitely worthwhile if only because this Exotic sidearm serves both Titan and Hunter classes well as sidearms.

The Cairn Chamber

Buried Bloodline is the latest Exotic sidearm added to Destiny 2’s PvE arsenal, unlocking from Season of the Wish’s Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon after successfully completing all encounters and defeating its boss. Guardians must complete several puzzles within this dungeon in order to acquire this gun and its Catalyst; such as shooting Taken Blight at specific targets or reading devices on nearby rocky cliffs correctly in order to access this weapon and acquire its Catalyst.

After defeating the boss battle in a dungeon, players may discover their first puzzle near a gate that is surrounded by prison cells. When shooting Buried Bloodline at Taken Blights inside, an Imminent Wish buff activates that lights torches around the room based on patterns on nearby rocks – once lit they unlock devices that grant players Buried Bloodline Catalysts.

Once players obtain the catalyst they can return to the final encounter of the dungeon where they’ll face Thressia and battle her with an invulnerable shield that needs to be destroyed before taking her down. If players miss doing this before it respawns again they can retry this mechanic several times until they successfully read all torches at once.

Players need to stand on torches that light up in sequence to complete this step. When all torches have been lit up, the background ruins will begin to crumble away, eventually revealing a hidden chamber where Thressia lies and her Buried Bloodline Catalyst lies hidden.

Buried Bloodline is an exotic sidearm with some impressive and useful perks for Void builds in PvE and PvP play, including Hungering Quarrel and Violent Reanimation abilities that have proven particularly powerful; with Catalyst increasing their efficiency even further. Furthermore, this gun provides multiple Final Blow Devour activations while striking multiple final blows – an invaluable utility addition in many PvE and Trials of Osiris games – and Catalyst helps boost it further by weakening enemies hit after proccing it – meaning Hunter and Titan players alike can use this gun to add even more damage into PvE fireteams than before!

The Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon

Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline’s Warlord’s Ruin dungeon introduces players to an Exotic sidearm known as Devour that could become an invaluable weapon for both PvE and PvP action. Perfectly complementing Void subclass Guardians looking to gain health back by sucking it from enemies while increasing damage output through this unique effect, Devour can enable Guardians to absorb foe health while augmenting damage output through its special “Devour” ability.

To unlock the Buried Bloodline Exotic, players must complete a series of puzzles and encounters. In the first phase, this involves killing multiple enemies and defeating a Servitor boss while solving three different puzzles. Once these have been conquered, Hefnd’s Vengeance, a Blighted Chimaera will need to be vanquished so as to obtain this unique reward.

The initial puzzle can be found in a spire location with numerous stone doors scattered about. Once in this area, players will meet Taken blight that needs to be shot using Buried Bloodline weapon to activate Imminent Wish and activate devices located around this platforming section by lighting torches left-to-right as each torch represents one of its respective darkness totems – Guardians should light them all from left to right in order to be successful in activating Imminent Wish and activate all devices it spawns.

This section of the game is fairly straightforward, though there may be some minor challenges. Once players have lit all of the torches successfully, they can move onto the next puzzle located beyond the prison maze but before facing their second boss.

Once this puzzle has been completed, players will encounter a Taken orb near the spiral staircase and must interact with it in order to be transported into the Cairn Chamber – a secret boss battle against Primeval Thressia that features similar mechanics as other encounters in the dungeon and includes an invulnerability phase which must be passed by reading devices around it correctly.

Failing this final boss unlocks the Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon with an activateable Catalyst that greatly increases its efficiency, making it capable of dispatching enemies much more quickly with its Hungering Quarrel and Violent Reanimation perks, along with being able to devastate long range opponents by shooting two tracking bolts that leech their health away. As such, this sidearm should become popular choice among Competitive and Trials of Osiris players and help them strike down enemies with devastating precision.

The Last Boss

Buried Bloodline, available exclusively in Warlord’s Ruin in Destiny 2, is an Exotic sidearm from this latest dungeon in Destiny 2. This powerful sniper rifle can trigger Devour, providing additional melee attack power and faster reload speed for any class. However, to unlock this Exotic sidearm it must first be completed the dungeon’s full cycle including all secret puzzles and boss battles before unlocking this Exotic sidearm.

After traversing the initial chamber and cairn chambers, players should tackle a new major puzzle found in the area with Taken Blight floating freely in space. Players must use Buried Bloodline to shoot smaller Blight located within this platforming section’s archway in order to activate a catalyst puzzle which in turn triggers Imminent Wish for their fireteam and lights up torches that must be read from left to right in prisoner cells in order to activate devices located here.

At its conclusion, this last device will lead players into a mountainous spire location featuring stone doors on all sides and a Taken Blight in its center. While invulnerable to attack from outside sources, three torches will light up to indicate where players should align themselves on Totems to breach and destroy it. When complete, DPS phase begins that leads to battle against Primeval Thressia; once won, chest on left will contain both Buried Bloodline Catalyst and weapon.

The Buried Bloodline Exotic and its Catalyst make an excellent addition to any PvE or PvP build, thanks to their synergies with Devour. Titans, Hunters and Warlocks should consider making it part of their core set; however, players should remember that these weapons don’t always drop from dungeons or raids; therefore it is wiser to grind for them whenever possible to increase your chance of finding one.

As always, be sure to complete Warlord’s Ruin on Legend difficulty for maximum chances at unlocking all the latest perks this week! For more information about this brand-new dungeon and all its secrets – good luck Guardians!

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