Destiny 2 Exotic Crossbow – Buried Bloodline

updated December 13, 2023


Warlord’s Ruin is back, along with an Exotic weapon called Buried Bloodline: an automatic crossbow equipped with special ammo that tracks enemies. Additionally, its special ability grants Devour upon landing multiple final blows – perfect for the Season of Wish!

This Dungeon Exotic has an estimated drop rate of 5-6% and can only be earned through defeating Warlord’s Ruin’s final boss. Here’s everything you need to know about its availability:

Warlord’s Ruin

Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin stands out as an exceptional challenge during Season of the Wish, making for both challenging and exciting gameplay for players to complete. What truly distinguishes it, however, is its Exotic weapon Buried Bloodline; unlike other Exotic sidearms in Destiny 2, Buried Bloodline deals Void damage that can be devastating against multiple targets at once; furthermore, with the right Catalyst it can become even more potency!

The Buried Bloodline Catalyst is the final step toward making a weapon truly devastating, increasing its two Exotic Perks even further. These include Hungering Quarrel’s tracking bolts that leech health from targets and Violent Reanimation’s grant of Devour after each rapid final blow fired with this weapon; both can become even more effective by employing this Catalyst.

To unlock the Buried Bloodline Catalyst, players must first defeat Primeval Thressia as the Servitor boss in their dungeon. After beating her, players will discover a gate in front of prison cells where smaller Taken Blight are present; once shot at this gate, an Imminent Wish buff will activate, along with three torches lighting up in cell walls that correspond to activateable devices; players must read these totems correctly to unlock its Catalyst.

After unlocking the Catalyst, players can return to the dungeon and defeat Thressia again. When she is downed, the final room will feature six torches and devices which must be read similarly; when all six totems become active again, Thressia’s shield reappear and players can fire shots at her to take down the Catalyst.

Though challenging and random in its origins, the Buried Bloodline Exotic and Catalyst are well worth their trouble. Not only can this weapon add an excellent addition to any Void build in either PvE or PvP mode; with Catalyst you can further strengthen its powerful perks. Be sure to follow our comprehensive Warlord’s Ruin guide as it includes information on which weapons and armor unlock when beating all encounters of Warlord’s Ruin.

In the Shadow of the Mountain

The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm from Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish dungeon is an invaluable weapon for Void builds, with its Splitvein Lineage perks weakening enemy damage output – a valuable addition for Hunter, Warlock or Titan builds alike. Unfortunately though, it’s not easily acquired unless players take on Master difficulty to complete its entirety and complete all its challenges to unlock it.

In the Shadow of the Mountain is a new quest that players must complete to obtain the Buried Bloodline Catalyst, making their weapon more potent. To complete it, players must solve all three puzzles scattered throughout Warlord’s Ruin dungeon – each puzzle requires shooting with Buried Bloodline to trigger Imminent Wish buff that then triggers five darkness totems around area which activate four different torches that must be activated sequentially in order to complete it successfully.

Correctly activating the torches will also summon Primeval Thressia, a tougher opponent than most of the encounters in the dungeon. After defeating her, players will receive a chest on the left with Catalyst within.

Note that it’s important to remember that the Buried Bloodline Exotic may not drop from all dungeons and raids; however, Bungie has provided us with a way of increasing their drop rate by unlocking Triumphs associated with them. Therefore, if you want an Exotic Buried Bloodline for Void builds, make sure that you take time unlock all Triumphs associated with it from this new dungeon!

Guardians should expect their best efforts to unlock the Buried Bloodline Exotic and its Catalyst as quickly as possible, given that weapons from these dungeons and raids serve as end-game goals for players to pursue. Unfortunately, however, it’s too early to say whether it is worthwhile pursuing this route at this stage in time.

Primeval Thressia

The Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm is an impressive weapon capable of making an impactful statement both in PvE and PvP environments. It boasts unique advantages like providing two shot kill augmentation for Void builds while adding significant firepower for any Guardian class – however its worth depends on personal needs and wants of each player.

To earn the Exotic, players must first complete multiple runs through Warlord’s Ruin dungeon as part of In the Shadow of the Mountain quest and collect Hefnd’s Bones and Dark Ether Tincture in various places across game world. Next step will be finding and interacting with an orb on Spiral Staircase which will teleport to another location with three more puzzles that must be solved before defeating Primeval Thressia boss boss.

One of the first puzzles will find players inside a prison cellblock where they must use Buried Bloodline to shoot at Taken Blights with the Buried Bloodline gun, activating 3 totems whose torch was lit, and shooting at Taken Blights that have an Imminent Wish buff for their fireteam, as well as lighting 3 torch bulbs to correspond with darkness totems found throughout. After activating these totems whose torch was lit, Buried Bloodline Catalyst will appear.

After completing various puzzles, players will arrive at a spire location featuring stone doors spread out around it and a Taken Blight in the center. From here on in, three torches that correspond with dark totems will need to be lit – which will unleash Catalyst: Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm!

Though Buried Bloodline can be an invaluable weapon in Destiny 2, its strengths don’t surpass other abilities and perks that the game provides. Therefore, players should ensure they take full advantage of all that Destiny 2 has to offer by hiring a booster service to complete Buried Bloodline Dungeon and unlock Exotic and Catalysts.

Taken Totems

Buried Bloodline is the latest Exotic weapon to make its debut in Destiny 2, and could become a top meta weapon. The sidearm features some interesting perks that work well with specific builds and comes complete with an Exotic Catalyst as a bonus feature.

Players need to solve three short puzzles in order to unlock the Catalyst. These involve reading torches around a room and activating any devices that correspond with them; though it should be fairly straightforward. Each torch corresponds with one of six darkness totems which spawn in that area: three on either side as soon as you enter; one at the top of a mountainous spire directly ahead as soon as you enter; two near an Ahamkara skull in the center; four are activated when other torches are activated; all are activated if this can help!

After clearing the first stage, players will arrive at a row of prison cells leading to a gate. At this gate is a Taken Blight which when shot using Buried Bloodline grants fireteam a 30-second buff called Imminent Wish and causes torches around it to light up in sequence, reflecting their position within prisoner cells from left to right.

Once all three torches have been lit, a device in the middle will also activate and unlock Catalyst for use. After this has happened, Guardians can head back towards their starting area and face the final boss battle for Buried Bloodline Exotic.

Buried Bloodline is a random drop exotic that may appear when Hefnd’s Revenge is defeated in Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon. There are some ways you can increase your odds of getting this Catalyst Catalyst, including completing specific Triumphs associated with Hefnd’s Revenge; see Legend tab under Warlord’s Ruin section for details.

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