Destiny 2 Exotic Sidearm – Buried Bloodline

updated January 20, 2024


Buried Bloodline is an Exotic sidearm designed to pack a punch in PvP. Equipped with an activated Catalyst that enhances its capabilities, such as Hungering Quarrel which fires tracking bolts that leech health from enemies and Violent Reanimation which grants Devour when performing multiple final blows, Buried Bloodline packs quite the wallop!

Players can unlock Buried Bloodline by completing Warlord’s Ruin dungeon introduced in Season of the Wish. This complex maze features three puzzles and an exclusive boss battle which must be defeated before reaching its conclusion.

1. Complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest

Buried Bloodline is an Exotic sidearm available to Guardians through Warlord’s Ruin dungeon and features special abilities that make it well suited for Void subclass players. To unlock it, players will have to complete a series of puzzles within the dungeon in order to unlock it.

After defeating Thressia, players will immediately encounter their first puzzle. Amid the ruins in this area is a row of prison cells with gates in front of them that must be shot with Buried Bloodline to activate a 30-second buff called Imminent Wish that causes devices in this room to light up sequentially, until all three torches light up sequentially in cell areas and activate one device after another in sequence – once complete, all will reveal themselves, including Buried Bloodline catalyst!

After this step, players will have to navigate a large spire location with stone doors on all sides. Once players reach the top, they’ll encounter a Taken Blight that can be shot with Buried Bloodline to activate Imminent Wish and light three torches sequentially from left to right on an activating device; once all three torches have been illuminated, DPS battle with Primeval Thressia begins; once won, this chest on the left contains both its Catalyst and weapon!

Once completed, return to Hefnd’s Cairn and examine the Mote of Light floating at the base of twin spiral stairs for your final encounter with Thressia; she will drop her shield and present you with Buried Bloodline catalyst!

Buried Bloodline is an impressive sidearm, boasting both ranged damage and precision attacks, that’s an ideal pick for any Void build in the game, particularly with Gyrfalcon Hauberk’s launch. Though challenging to master initially, you can eventually earn this powerful sidearm in Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon!

2. Complete the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon

Once they’ve experienced Hefnd’s Vengeance, players will arrive at a series of prison cells before reaching a gate. Inside is a Taken Blight that, when shot with Buried Bloodline, grants their fireteam an Imminent Wish buff lasting 30 seconds that lights up torches located nearby that require players to stand on and activate device that read from left-to-right; activating all appropriate torches will bring players one step closer towards meeting Primeval Thressia as the final boss in this dungeon encounter!

Once players arrive in the Taken Blight’s area, they must complete another small puzzle found amongst its ruins. When shooting at it in this platforming section’s archway, shooting it will activate an Imminent Wish buff and activate several sets of torches that must be read from left-to-right in order to activate them – this in turn illuminates devices which can help attack it directly.

There are three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin that need to be completed, all operating similarly. When activated by buff and torches, players will have to break through an encroaching Blight and head toward their final encounter – which takes place within a mountainous spire with stone doors on all sides and an immovable Taken Blight at its core. Once within this area however, three torches light up, prompting players to use devices against these torches so as to break through shield and attack bosses more quickly!

Once the boss is defeated, a chest will appear that contains both the Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm and its catalyst. This powerful Void Sidearm will prove immensely useful in PvP battles with its two-shot kill potential making this weapon one of the more important additions for Season of the Wish. We recommend finishing off this dungeon quickly to reap its full benefits before its disappearance altogether!

3. Defeat Hefnd’s Vengeance

The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm with an activated Catalyst provides a potency combo in PvE and PvP combat. It’s a high-speed pistol equipped with hard launch and flared magwell designs to increase stability, projectile speed, reload speed and stability while its Hungering Quarel trait fires tracking bolts that leech health from targets when Devour is active – this weapon should become immensely popular among Void subclasses such as Hunters, Titans and Warlocks among others.

Unlocking the Buried Bloodline Catalyst requires players to complete three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin and defeating its secret boss Hefnd’s Vengeance – an Servant Servitor guarding a mysterious box in its main room – along with three additional ones before entering Hefnd’s Vengeance’s chamber and unlocking an Exotic and its associated Catalyst.

After progressing through the prison cells and cairn chambers, players will enter a new area containing Taken Blight floating in space, creating a major puzzle where players must shoot Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline in order to activate an Imminent Wish buff and light the torches surrounding this platforming section’s archway.

Once the torches have been lit, players will be able to progress further into this dungeon and its final puzzle. As soon as entering its final room, a portal will open into an enormous room filled with six torches and Darkness Totems; by activating these correctly Hefnd’s Vengeance will spawn and cause her corresponding Darkness Totems to turn green in order to breach her shield and initiate DPS phase for her.

Once Hefnd’s Vengeance has finished doing her damage, players should wait for her to complete and then kill her before looting a chest on the left with the Buried Bloodline Catalyst – this combo appears to be strong contender in PvE due to its synergies with Devour; and is likely popular choice in Competitive and Trials of Osiris as well. It will be interesting to see whether this weapon propels one of Destiny 2’s more underrated classes into prominence!

4. Defeat Primeval Thressia

Once Guardians have successfully completed a dungeon on Master difficulty, they’ll receive the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm along with its associated Catalyst. While this weapon is immensely powerful and an essential addition to Void builds in PvE, its full potential lies within its catalyst; as it unlocks Splitvein Lineage perks that reduce enemy damage output.

Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon offers three puzzles players must solve to obtain the Buried Bloodline Catalyst. Players will first need to shoot Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline, activating an Imminent Wish buff that lights up torches around the room corresponding to prison cells that light up in order. When all torches have been lit a device will activate and give Guardians access to their Buried Bloodline Catalyst.

The second and third puzzles require taking on a shielded enemy. As with the previous challenge, their shield will periodically regenerate; therefore a player should be prepared to chip away at their health in short bursts, once an enemy breaks through their shield until eventually defeating them and unlocking an Exotic weapon from Buried Bloodline as well as their Catalyst Catalyst weapon.

Once they have defeated Hefnd’s Vengeance, players will unlock the final secret catalyst objective leading to Primeval Thressia. Completion of several prison cells and an encounter with an elite boss requires players to achieve Primeval Thressia; once these challenges have been accomplished they will arrive at a spire location housing Taken Blight which must be shot with Buried Bloodline in order to activate Imminent Wish before correctly reading the torches around this area.

Once all torches have been lit, Guardians must stand on totems in order to breach and destroy the Taken Blight, starting a DPS phase that ultimately leads to Primeval Thressia’s defeat and unlocking her Buried Bloodline Exotic with its associated Catalyst.

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