Destiny 2 Exotic Sidearm – Buried Bloodline

updated January 15, 2024


Destiny 2’s latest Exotic sidearm, Buried Bloodline, boasts an impressive set of benefits designed to compliment Void subclasses both in PvE and PvP environments. Furthermore, its Catalyst weapon, Splitvein Lineage, boosts damage output while simultaneously weakening enemies when hit.

Unlocking The Exotic requires solving several puzzles found throughout Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. Here’s how you can gain access to this powerful gun and its companion Catalyst:

1. Defeat Hefnd’s Vengeance

Buried Bloodline is not only a welcome addition to Destiny 2’s ever-increasing roster of Exotic weapons, but is also an impressive sidearm with benefits tailored specifically for certain classes. Players can obtain this weapon along with its Catalyst by completing Season of the Wish’s Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon; its intricate puzzles offer players ample chances to unlock this new weapon.

Once defeated, players will come across a series of prison cells. As soon as they reach the end of this dungeon area, players will reach an area dotted with Taken Blight that surrounds a gate – shooting this blight will activate Imminent Wish and light up torches according to patterns found on nearby rocks – this method works across the dungeon!

After successfully completing all three puzzles in this area, players will be awarded with the Buried Bloodline catalyst. Two additional puzzles for this catalyst require standing inside Totem circles that are situated throughout a room to unlock its final catalyst in order to open its final unlock code for unlocking its final part of the dungeon.

The final puzzle in the Buried Bloodline catalyst involves an epic fight with Primeval Thressia. Unlike its predecessors, this battle mechanic uses Taken Totems that require players to correctly read. Once lit, players must step on them carefully so as to break Thressia’s shield – it may take multiple tries but once complete you will take home both its Buried Bloodline catalyst and weapon!

Catalysts of this new sidearm are what will draw players in and keep them coming back for more, making this weapon truly remarkable in PvE and PvP metas alike due to their ability to increase damage output and range for Buried Bloodline. Sahil Bajaj, Narrative Designer & Game Writer is an all-round player who currently occupying Guardian Rank 11; in addition to writing for various companies & freelance writing.

2. Collect 10 Ahamkara Bones

After defeating Hefnd’s Vengeance in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, players can collect an Exotic sidearm known as Buried Bloodline. While already powerful, its power becomes even greater once unlocked its Catalyst for it; unlocking this will grant Devour ability that weakens enemies upon impact; this makes the weapon an invaluable ally both PvE and PvP combat situations alike. To access Catalysts you must complete three different puzzles within Warlord’s Ruin to unlock these weapons!

As part of obtaining the Buried Bloodline Catalyst, Guardians must collect 10 Ahamkara Bones throughout the dungeon to unlock it. Guardians can collect these bones by interacting with objects within and killing enemies within. In addition, Ahamkara Bones may also be obtained by completing In the Shadow of the Mountain quest in Prison and looting from loot chest that appears upon completion to earn more Ahamkara Bones.

Step two in unlocking the Buried Bloodline catalyst involves searching and activating several torches and devices. Players can locate one such torch near where they fought Thressia in the dungeon; shooting Taken Blight at its center grants fireteam members with Imminent Wish buff that lights torches around room based on patterns on nearby rocks; when all torches are lit a device within that room triggers, unveiling Buried Bloodline Catalyst.

The next two sets of Ahamkara Bones can be found in the ruins after the prison maze and before encounter 2. Look for a broken grate outside the entrance to prison and remove any corruption to reveal them. Next, locate and clean off corruption from tier one doors before the second encounter with Hefnd’s Vengeance to access another set. Lastly, players can find another set within a mountain where Taken Blight exists. Once there, look for a ledge that leads down to level 3 Taken Corruption door that when opened, will reveal portal that will reveal one last Ahamkara bone behind wall that leads back into prison maze maze maze before encounter 2.

3. Complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest

Buried Bloodline is an Exotic sidearm available through unlocking puzzles within Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. Players will need to collect Hefnd’s Bones, Dark Ether Tincture and complete In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest in order to unlock it.

Once players have defeated the initial boss battle of the Dungeon, they will encounter prison cells before reaching a gate with an Imminent Wish Taken Blight hidden behind it. Shooting it will grant your fireteam an Imminent Wish buff that lights torches across the room according to positions within prisoner cells from left to right – lighting these appropriately unlocks devices that lead eventually lead to unlocking devices that grant them a Buried Bloodline Catalyst for unlocking devices that unlock further devices which eventually give players their Catalysts!

The next puzzle requires players to enter a spire location with stone doors spread evenly along its walls and a Taken Blight in its center, and shoot this with Buried Bloodline to activate a device which lights up torches that correspond with matching Darkness Totems spread throughout a wide area of rocks and pillars nearby – this timer must be set for 30 seconds for activating these torches one by one to unlock the final Buried Bloodline Catalyst.

As soon as this step is completed, players will enter a final jump room featuring parkour and multiple doorways. At the bottom-left corner of this large platforming zone lies a Taken Blight that must be shot with Buried Bloodline in order to trigger another device that lights up torches corresponding to matching Darkness Totems located on floating rocks and pillars – activating all these totems in order from left to right will unlock the final Buried Bloodline Catalyst.

Once all three Catalysts have been acquired, players will be able to engage Primeval Thressia for a secret boss fight in Cairn Chamber. She’ll emerge with an invulnerable shield which can only be cleared using light-based attacks that align with torches lit in this room. Once defeated, a chest on the left will contain both Buried Bloodline Exotic and its Catalyst; this new sidearm offers 52 precision damage up to 50 meters, as well as special perks which enhance its shooting abilities!

4. Defeat Primeval Thressia

The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm comes equipped with an exceptional Catalyst that offers numerous advantages to both PvE and PvP fireteams, thanks to its Devour ability. However, to acquire this powerful weapon one must solve various puzzles within Warlord’s Ruin dungeon before they can acquire one of these exotic guns.

The initial goal of this quest is to collect Hefnd’s bones by clearing every encounter on Master difficulty in the Dungeon. Successful completion will earn players one Hefnd Bone that can be collected either from Scorn’s snowy room, or directly afterwards in an adjacent trap-filled cave. Once 10 Ahamkara Bones have been collected, players can complete In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest and unlock Warlord’s Ruin – Buried Bloodline catalyst.

Once the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest is complete, players can return to Warlord’s Ruin — Buried Bloodline dungeon to activate its catalyst puzzle. When activating its final checkpoint, guardians will enter a spire location with several stone doors throughout, wherein players must shoot Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline weapon in order to activate Imminent Wish and activate devices around platforming section of dungeon – then light all torches left-to-right to activate these devices which eventually leads to final puzzle solution!

Players will then be able to initiate the previously promised Secret Boss Battle between Primeval Thressia and Cairn Chamber in which she appears as an enemy cloaked with shielding; to engage, align yourself with one of three lit torches around the room by lighting one — this will launch a DPS phase that ultimately leads to defeat of Servitor boss and reveal Buried Bloodline Exotic Catalyst/weapon combo.

Buried Bloodline is an extremely effective weapon in both PvE and PvP, particularly for Void builds that use Devour as their damage-dealing mechanism. Furthermore, its Exotic Catalyst adds even greater value for those willing to make the effort required to run Warlord’s Ruin – Buried Bloodline multiple times so they can collect all pieces required for its creation – an amazing reward.

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