Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon Guide – Buried Bloodline and Catalyst

updated December 9, 2023


Warlord’s Ruin features an Exotic weapon called Buried Bloodline, with two specific capabilities – Hungering Quarrel firing tracking bolts that drain health, and Violent Reanimation providing Devour upon multiple final blows.

At the conclusion of each dungeon, a shield bearing Exotic Catalyst drops. To obtain it, players must complete a jumping puzzle and locate an orb at the end of a double-helix staircase containing Taken orbs.

How to get Exotic + Catalyst

The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm in Destiny 2 is one of the most impressive weapons on offer and one of the hardest to obtain, but its Catalyst will make your efforts worth your while.

To obtain the Buried Bloodline Exotic and its Catalyst, players will have to complete multiple runs through Season of the Wish’s Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon – it contains three puzzles for players to solve and a hidden boss that requires defeat – multiple times in order to unlock it. Though challenging, this fun dungeon provides an effective means of unlocking it! This challenging yet enjoyable dungeon provides players with everything needed to unlock this exotic.

Warlord’s Ruin Exotic doesn’t have an official drop rate like its Raid and Dungeon counterparts; however, estimates put its chances of dropping around 5-6%; although this seems low compared to other Exotics it makes sense since its Exotic was intended as an end-game goal for players.

Even though Exotic items in Dungeons have an extremely low drop rate, players can significantly increase their odds of finding one by completing specific Triumphs related to them. These Triumphs involve completing each encounter of the Dungeon on Master difficulty before destroying all Taken Blight locked behind gates in it.

These tasks will not only increase weapon reload speed but will also grant players with Imminent Wish, increasing their chance of finding Catalysts to further augment the Buried Bloodline Exotic by increasing damage output and weakening targets on hits while Devour is active – this combination works particularly well for Void subclasses.

With its high damage output and ability to trigger Devour on kill, the Buried Bloodline Exotic is an impressive weapon to have. Acquiring it requires grinding but its rewards more than make up for this hassle; its versatility will complement Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk perfectly in PvE or provide significant PvP defence capabilities enhancement. However, if you don’t have time for that effort then there are other equally impressive weapons in game which are easier and quicker to get your hands on – try searching here or here

First Step

Buried Bloodline, Destiny 2’s latest Exotic weapon to arrive with Season of the Wish, is an exceptional hand crossbow designed for special weapon slots that features unique perks suited for use with Void builds in PvE battlegrounds. But getting it requires doing some hard work – and there are specific steps you need to follow in order to attain it.

First step to complete Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon on Master difficulty is completing it completely and defeating every encounter, including the final boss fight. While this task will require much dedication due to playing at its highest difficulty setting and taking on tougher enemies, its rewards make the work worthwhile.

Once you’ve cleared out the Dungeon, complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest to collect Hefnd’s bones as well as Dark Ether Tincture and Blighted Wishing Glass from Hefnd. When this task is accomplished, all that remains to claim Buried Bloodline is killing Grizzly Ogre and heading uphill towards a mountainous spire location with floating rocks and Taken Blight at its center, where there should be several torches that correspond with Darkness Totems scattered about before shooting them all off in order to complete your final puzzle and claim Buried Bloodline for good!

By doing so, this gives you the chance to obtain a Catalyst for your Buried Bloodline sidearm that will increase its power further. Although you could just buy the sidearm itself without one, obtaining this catalyst makes an investment well-worth making. With an increase in Devour perk capabilities that weaken targets on hit while it is active – an invaluable upgrade for Void builds or PvE players looking for ways to deal more damage on single targets!

The Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon in Destiny 2 is an impressive addition, and its Catalyst adds even greater effectiveness to it. But, be warned – its acquisition can still be quite cumbersome and many players may opt for other PvE weapons like Sniper Rift due to their superior stats.

Second Step

Buried Bloodline is an exciting Exotic sidearm recently added to Season of the Wish that stands out among others for its Void aesthetic and intriguing perks, making it suitable for certain Guardian builds.

It is the first special ammo weapon that provides 2 SHOT KILLS in PvP while also awarding devour on kills in PvE, making it an excellent choice for Void builds and one of the best sidearms available to PvP combatants.

Warlord’s Ruin last boss is your key to this exotic item on Legend difficulty, with an average drop rate. However, increasing your chances by completing its challenges and Triumphs could increase the chance of unlocking it more often.

After you’ve completed In the Shadow of the Mountain, it is time to begin solving its hidden puzzles and challenges in the dungeon. These hidden challenges can be found all throughout its depths and include shooting blight at specific spots to activate devices – each puzzle has a specific target blight which must be shot; once completed all three, you will earn yourself the Catalyst for Buried Bloodline!

Once you have your catalyst, head back to the area containing a large Taken blight and shoot it at its rightful spot. This will activate several darkness totems which you must stand upon in order to complete this challenge and advance to the next room. Activate all totems that correspond with where you shot your Taken blight before entering a room for more action.

Thressia will appear as an invulnerable boss in the following room, requiring you to hit her while she remains vulnerable in order to defeat her. Doing this won’t be easy, however; expect multiple attempts before finally defeating her!

Once completed, you’ll gain the Buried Bloodline Exotic + Catalyst and can use it with any build you prefer. It makes void builds feel even more powerful while making guardians feel even stronger!

Third Step

Destiny 2 fans can now take advantage of Season of the Wish by accessing new activities, such as Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon which contains an Exotic sidearm and Catalyst that enhance its power further. Players may increase their chances of getting it by completing triumphs that unlock specific perks or upgrades for it in this dungeon triumphs, among other options.

Buried Bloodline, available exclusively within Dungeons, is a high-speed pistol equipped with tracking bolts to leech health from targets. Featuring hard launch and flared magwell design to increase stability, projectile speed and reload speed; an intrinsic trait called Hungering Quarrel double fires tracking bolts at once so each one hits will leech health from targets when landing, with Violent Reanimation offering Devour upon multiple final blows and Splitvein Lineage weakening enemies on hit – it truly stands apart as one of a kind weaponry!

To obtain the Catalyst for Buried Bloodline, players will have to complete several puzzles and defeat a hidden boss within a dungeon. Each level presents different puzzles to solve as well as unique challenges for team work on defeating its boss.

One of the first challenges comes in the form of prison cells with gates between each cell, wherein players must destroy Taken Blight hidden behind those gates to unlock an Imminent Wish buff and illuminate some torches behind the gate numbered one through five; these torches will illuminate when destroyed along with their associated cells when Taken Blight has been defeated.

The second challenge involves collecting Ahamkara bones scattered throughout the dungeon. Players may collect up to ten of these Ahamkara bones before finally encountering Hefnd’s Vengeance, an angry chimera. Once this final boss has been defeated, a chest containing the Catalyst will appear at the center of the arena and contain your reward!

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