Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector Today – Exotic Gear and Weapons

updated January 10, 2024


The Legend and Master Lost Sectors that rotate daily allow players to gain access to Exotic armor and weapons, such as Warlock helmet Cenotaph Mask or Arbor Warden Titan chest exotic that provides overshields to allies.

Acheron’s Wrath Exotic Helm provides damage-oriented Guardian builds with an overshield that increases Thundercrash damage and pairs well with the Boosted Revitalizing Blast class item mod. Furthermore, players should expect to encounter Unstoppable and Barrier Champions who leave pools of flame when they die, as well as Fire Pit champions that leave burning pools behind them when they die.

The Quarry

Lost Sectors provide Guardians with a daily opportunity to acquire Exotic armor and weapons not available from either Xur or the world loot pool; rather, players need to complete these challenging zones to unlock these rare perks. Legend and Master Lost Sectors change daily with new locations, modifiers, rewards, modifiers etc. To qualify for these higher-level activities players need to achieve Soft Cap 1800 Power Level and complete normal version of activity first.

The Quarry is one of the renowned Lost Sectors that rotates daily, providing Guardians a challenging challenge and the potential to earn some great gear. This week’s version can be found on Sunken Isles of EDZ and features Champion enemies, Void burn, Scorched Earth, as well as an Unstoppable Incendior that charges players from its rear as soon as they enter.

Guardians should take extra precaution when approaching this complex zone by equipping a reliable loadout. Titans might use the Revitalizing Blast class item mod to increase grenade damage; Warlocks could make use of Smoke Grenades or their Shadowshot ability to disorient enemies, while Gunslingers should prepare to deal massive Solar and Strand damage using exotic Pulse Rifles such as Graviton Lance Pulse Rifles.

The Quarry is also home to Legionaries and Psions who fire grenades and Void blasts at players, so melee weapons should be used quickly to stun these low-level enemies as soon as they appear. Meanwhile, players should watch out for an Unstoppable Incendior which can respawn after taking down one player – it should also be treated as an enemy that must be dealt with quickly!

As much fun and rewarding as Legendary Lost Sector grinding can be, not every player has the time or resources available to them to undertake daily missions to complete Legendary Lost Sectors on their own. Our Sherpas at KBoosting can provide assistance by playing these missions for players themselves – our professional boosters can complete daily activities quickly and earn players Exotic rewards lightning-fast!


Legend Lost Sectors offer Guardians the chance at exotic armor and weapons to increase Power Level and unlock endgame content, but can be daunting to complete on your own. That’s why our sherpa service was developed – to play these activities for you so you can access your gear without spending your precious free time grinding for it!

This daily activity rewards players with exotic rewards in various locations such as Europa, Moon, Nessus and Neomuna. Players also stand a chance of unlocking Cenotaph Mask helmets and various standard gear. Keep in mind that these missions require at least soft cap 1800 power level in order to complete successfully; be wary that each session can contain powerful enemies with high respawn rates that should be dealt with carefully in advance of entering battle!

Players entering Legendary Lost Sectors will encounter two kinds of Champions – Barrier and Overload – who need to be quickly dealt with, so gear that fits these modifiers is ideal to ensure swift combat against these tough enemies. Titans can equip Deathbringer rocket launcher with Weighted Precision damage boost perk to quickly stun Overload Champions while increasing damage dealt against unshielded targets more quickly, while Warlocks may use Acheron’s Wrath chest piece with Boosted Revitalizing Punch class item mod to increase melee damage against vulnerable targets when attacking unprotected targets more quickly.

Not only will players gain weapon perks, but also rare ammunition, fusion cores, and relics as rewards for their efforts. A notable relic such as Secants Filaments has an exotic perk known as Devour: enemies killed within an empowering rift can be devoured to deal additional damage and disrupt combatants – this pairs perfectly with Warlock Void 3.0 builds.

Even with these rewards, many players remain on the search for Exotic Armor. We’ve therefore compiled a list of high-tier equipment you can find through these activities, sourced from various online sources and verified by our team of writers – this list will continue to evolve as more information becomes available.


Destiny 2 offers Legendary Lost Sectors as an accessible challenge that’s less strenuous than Master Raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls, providing Guardian Rank boosts while unlocking exotic armor and weapons – these special missions make an excellent way to hone Guardian Ranks faster while unlocking Exotic gear! Additionally, Legendary Lost Sectors feature various mission modifiers which increase difficulty for even regular Lost Sectors!

As with the other Legendary and Master Lost Sectors, players should aim to reach well above the recommended Power Level before undertaking these activities. As enemies in these zones can quickly overpower low-level Guardians quickly and respawn rates are too high for timely mission completion, it is advisable that this activity only take place once reaching at least 1800 Power Level.

Lost Sector Challenges are more challenging than regular Lost Sectors and should typically be played solo, giving you the chance to unlock unique Exotic weapons you won’t find elsewhere in the game – such as Acheron’s Wrath Exotic helmet that increases Thundercrash damage while decreasing Scorched Earth damage – for example this can be combined with Titan class item mod Cenotaph Mask that increases allies’ damage output as well as Revitalizing Blast weapon trait that boosts gun arc attack damage output.

Are You Preparing to Conquer Legendary Lost Sector Today? Arm yourself with stun weapons as there will be several rooms where players must face Barrier Champions. The Graviton Lance exotic Trace Rifle stands out here by stun-stunning both champions and red bar enemies instantly with its Cosmology trait; exotic grenade launcher Eriana’s Vow may also come in handy, as its Grenade Damage increases with every melee kill and can instantly break through shields in seconds!

Monitor this page regularly to stay aware of which Legendary Lost Sector will be on rotation each day and to plan out farming sessions more efficiently. In addition, players will find a full calendar available so they can plan out their farming sessions.


Legend and Master Lost Sectors are available every day, providing players with an opportunity to find Exotic armor and weapons as well as Foundry weapons which can make powerful additions to a Guardian’s arsenal. Unfortunately, not everyone can commit the time or energy necessary to run these difficult activities daily on their own; therefore our sherpas are here to provide extra assistance so you can unlock new gear while expanding your Guardian! We play these challenging activities on behalf of you so you can continue exploring and improve yourself while at the same time earning new gear!

The conceal void Lost Sector presents an ideal challenge for players aiming to acquire arc damage weaponry and armor. At an optimal Power Level 1830, this Crucible boasts several mission modifiers which increase both difficulty and the chance of dropping Exotic rewards. Damage-oriented weapons will prove particularly beneficial here due to Champions being particularly hardened against attacks from other players.

One of the best weapons to bring into this crucible is the Psi Hermetic V pulse rifle, as it offers many useful perks for both PvE and PvP play styles: Moving Target and Headseeker for faster aiming and precision bodyshots as well as Void Damage god rolls. Furthermore, Acheron’s Wrath chest piece provides damage-based builds with an ideal way to recharge their Fusion Cores when dealing damage against undefended enemies.

One popular sniper rifle option is the Code of the Protector Sentinel sniper rifle, which features short range but deals bonus Void damage with every kill and can stun Barrier Champions. Mods like Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle can easily eliminate Barrier Champions while Overload Hand Cannon can help destroy Overload champions quickly and easily.

Are You Farming New Weaponry, Enhancing Damage Output or Looking for Companions in Destiny 2? Legend and Master Lost Sectors can be an effective way of progressing through Destiny 2, while increasing your odds at Exotic armor and weapons through Legendary Engrams or Banshee-44’s Gunsmith? And why don’t they produce Foundry Weapons that boost existing ones too!? Keep an eye out on their schedule so that you don’t miss them every day! Also run these activities to increase chances at Exotic armor/weapons/companions as well as Foundry weapons that enhance existing guns!

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