Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector Today – Exotic Gear and Weapons

updated December 7, 2023


Legend Lost Sectors are new activities available during Season of the Lost that provide an augmented experience of standard Lost Sector missions, offering exotic armor rewards for players completing them on Legend or Master difficulties.

These dungeon-esque activities may feature Unstoppable Champions or Barrier Champions who can disable weapons. See the schedule below to determine which mini-dungeons are open on a daily basis, and which type of exotic armor they provide.


Destiny 2’s most recent patch brings with it the Legend and Master Lost Sector rotations, providing players with the chance to obtain powerful Exotic armor for your Guardian. Unlike traditional dungeons or raids, these activities don’t provide set rewards or minimum power requirements – players must complete each one solo in hopes that rare events appear!

While most Lost Sectors require teams, Legend and Master versions can only be completed solo and can provide you with rare gear, Champions, Shields not found elsewhere and weapons designed to increase damage output – making them perfect for PvP battles! Our handy calendar makes this all easily manageable!

Every day in the EDZ or Sunken Isles you’ll discover a different Legend or Master Lost Sector that needs activating with just your map marker and interaction with its flag outside – that way you’re free to choose your difficulty and start the mission!

Legend and Master Lost Sectors offer players more than the promise of exotic armor; each also comes equipped with unique mission modifiers that provide extra challenge. Depending on the season, this could include increased enemy health or increased spawns for special enemy types; there may even be an epic devil boss battle!

At its recommended Power Level for each challenge, Legend or Master Lost Sectors should be played optimally. While Master challenges tend to be more taxing than Legend ones, for obtaining Exotic armor it may be wiser to utilize Legend versions instead.

Not only will these events award armor, but they may also include legendary and exotic weaponry from the Foundry Weapon pool – although these may not always drop during any run, they provide an invaluable way of expanding your arsenal for Season of the Wish.


Dethroning the final boss in a Legendary or Master Lost Sector can be extremely challenging even for Guardians who are well equipped. That’s because these activities often feature Champions and modifiers designed to cause players pain. But you can increase your odds of success in RNG-based activities by coming prepared with proper gear for every encounter.

To be effective, it’s necessary to equip yourself with shields corresponding to the elemental burn that attacks enemies in each Lost Sector as well as weapons to counter Overload or Barrier Champions. Thankfully, there’s now a table showing all these details, making planning your gear ahead of time easier than ever!

Concealed Void Lost Sector features a Solar burn modifier which affects Arc and Void shielded enemies alike, necessitating you to rely on Solar 3.0 shields such as Synthoceps Titan, Sunbracers Warlock or Young Ahamkara Spine Hunter to increase survivability. You will also encounter Overload and Barrier Champions whom can easily be dealt with using weapons equipped with Champion mods like Anti-Barrier or Unstoppable to counter their actions.

Not only should you prepare with armor that suits the Champion and Burns found in each Lost Sector, but this table provides the current Legendary and Master Lost Sector rotation schedule as well as lists of Elemental Shields and Champions you should keep on hand for each activity.

The table will change as Legendary and Master Lost Sector locations change in Destiny 2, but having an easy reference can help ensure you have everything needed for each activity. Please keep in mind that these Lost Sectors only reward exotic armor upon completing them on Legendary or Master difficulty so it may take multiple runs through before getting your desired gear.

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Destiny 2’s new season brings with it an all-new Lost Sector rotation designed to test even veteran players, offering Legend and Master Lost Sectors that may reward them with exclusive weaponry that cannot be found elsewhere in the game.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors differ from regular Lost Sectors in that their activities change daily at 10:30 PST; Guardians must complete each activity at its regular difficulty to unlock it before waiting for its icon on their map to appear.

As soon as the icon appears, players must interact with it to unlock either Legend or Master versions of an activity. These versions of Lost Sector feature a recommended Power Level of 1830 as well as several mission modifiers designed to challenge even the most experienced Guardians. Completing more challenging Lost Sectors also offers players a chance at receiving exotic armor rewards!

Legend and Master Lost Sectors offer more than exotics – they will also offer weapons from the World loot pool! Guardians may find high-tier gear like Legendary or Exotic Grenades, rare Heavy Ammo and mods for Shields that help expand existing loadouts with more valuable gear! It’s a great opportunity to unlock high-tier gear.

Bungie has provided those interested in speedrunning Legend or Master Lost Sectors an extremely helpful table listing all champion and shield types they will encounter during each of these activities, which will allow players to prepare their equipment before venturing into a Lost Sector more quickly. This table can be found on the official Destiny 2 website and is regularly updated; in addition to listing champions and shield types encountered, this table also provides details regarding elemental weapons that will be found throughout each Lost Sector.


Legendary and Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 offer players the best chance at consistently earning Exotic gear. As these special missions only become available intermittently, planning ahead to complete them successfully requires significant planning effort.

Every Legendary or Master Lost Sector offers the potential of unlocking an Exotic weapon or armor piece, but your opponents vary day-by-day. From clearing out K1 Revelation in the Moon to taking on N2 Eclipse in EDZ, every fight poses unique Champions and modifiers – so your loadout must always be flexible to adapt to whatever the day may bring!

To make planning simpler, we have created a database with information on all of the Champions and Shield Types you may encounter in each Legendary or Master Lost Sector. This should allow you to better prepare your equipment against specific Champions that might possess unique vulnerabilities or special traits.

While this list may not be comprehensive, it should cover most of the popular items. For example, one of the most desired sniper rifles in Lost Sectors is the 140 RPM Legendary Sniper Rifle with Time’s the Charm mod to increase precision damage and increased damage when standing near two allies; it should also be noted that it isn’t common to farm this weapon just based on this database!

Legendary Lost Sectors provide an ideal place for crafting Raid weapons, such as Pyrogale Gauntlets for Titans, Briarbinds for Warlocks, and Mothkeeper’s Wraps for Hunters. Each has their own specific mechanics but all depend on your class for proper functioning; so try all of them out before selecting your preferred. Here are some tips for getting the most from each weapon type type:

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