Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector Today

updated December 9, 2023


Destiny 2’s Legend and Master Lost Sectors offer a challenging test for players. Conquering all Champions within each Lost Sector rewards them with a special Foundry weapon on Legend difficulty, making for an engaging experience!

These weapons can only be found here and nowhere else, making this a surefire way to rapidly level up and acquire Exotic armor for your Guardian quickly.


Legend and Master Lost Sectors have quickly become one of the easiest ways to acquire new Exotic armor in Destiny 2. Unlike many activities that require or promote group play, these daily events reward individual players with Exotic gear each time they complete them – be it helmets, arms, chest or legs pieces! Bungie added even more excitement this week by including Foundry Weapons among their rewards available through these events!

Players have about a 25% chance of discovering one of these weapons when completing Legend or Master Lost Sector solo runs, with weapon combinations varying daily; one from each category being dropped every four days. They come at different power levels appropriate to the difficulty of each run and can be crafted using materials found elsewhere within the game.

Each Lost Sector run also comes equipped with its own special modifier that alters how enemies behave and appear, for instance featuring Barrier Champions that drop shields for players to break through and progress further in the area. Weapons specifically tailored towards breaking these shields faster may help, so it is wise to plan your loadout carefully prior to running an event.

As an added benefit, players now earn Iron Banner reputation when completing any of these events, making it easier to rank up through the Exotic Engram system tiers. Furthermore, Triton Vice Hunter arm exotic’s projectile speed has been increased, increasing damage dealt while decreasing chances of misses.


Poison, one of this season’s Exotic weapons, can cause devastating melee damage upon every melee attack and spread poisonous venom to nearby enemies if an opponent is poisoned by Poison grenade grenades. Furthermore, these corrupted combatant kills reward players with melee energy, making this weapon an invaluable choice in PVP battles.

At present, there are two ways to unlock new Exotic armor: Legend Lost Sector and Master Lost Sector. While Legend Rotates daily while Master Remains permanently accessible after reaching an appropriate Power level. Each Lost Sector may contain pieces of Exotic armor; its chances increase with difficulty level.

Bungie recently unveiled several revamped Exotic weapons and three brand new ones with Lightfall’s launch: Pyrogale Gauntlets for Titans, Briarbinds for Warlocks and Mothkeeper’s Wraps for Hunters. Players can gain these by completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors that may reveal one piece of armor as rewards.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 offer an excellent way to earn new gear, each one offering its own mission modifier to increase difficulty. As such, it’s wise to keep an eye on their rotation schedule so you can find a suitable lost sector at any given time; every day these special missions can be found on the Moon, Cosmodrome or Savathun’s Throne World.

Super Energy

Destiny 2’s Lost Sectors have been increasing daily this season, offering Guardians the chance at Exotic armor pieces. Players can complete them on Legend or Master difficulty for maximum rewards – defeating all Champions within each sector is essential in opening its rewards chest and unlocking it – along with Exotic armor pieces. Lost Sectors may also offer Foundry weapons with special powers to enhance gameplay further!

Every week, a different Lost Sector will appear across each planet and area in Destiny 2. This daily rotation will reset itself daily after Destiny 2 resets; currently featuring Chamber of Starlight on Dreaming City and Sepulcher on Savathun’s Throne World respectively. These activities can be found by going to the Director in their Tower and selecting “Lost Sector.”

Lost Sectors provide more than just Exotics; they’re an efficient way to quickly increase a Guardian’s Power level as well. Completing one gives a guaranteed power boost; players can repeat them until reaching their desired Power level.

Lost Sector’s latest featured Lost Sector offers Titans the chance to obtain the Super Energy exotic weapon, which increases melee damage and recharges abilities with each melee swing. This weapon can prove immensely helpful against bosses at the end of each sector and should make for a welcome addition to any Titan’s rotation. Convergent Rift and Cross Counter also represent promising choices within its chamber.

Scatter Grenade

If you’re in search of an Exotic weapon, be sure to consider Scatter Grenades as they release an array of explosive drones which damage enemies they come in contact with and track towards nearby targets. They can be upgraded with various perks – such as Chaos Accelerant Voidwalker Aspect to track enemies for shorter. Titans should find this weapon particularly beneficial; pairing well with their Izanagi’s Burden exotic sniper rifle.

Although this grenade is great, it isn’t the only weapon available to help you take down Legend and Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2. Daily activities present a challenging solo gameplay experience and offer exclusive Exotic armor and weapons as rewards – although not every Guardian has time for these daily grinds.

Marpicek offers one small but impactful quality-of-life update that could make Destiny 2 activities more rewarding for players: adding visual indicators on the Director to display which Legend and Master Lost Sector is currently active at any time.

Maintaining this information can save you from spending hours trying to pinpoint the current Legend and Master Lost Sector each day, and allow you to plan your loadout and gear efficiently; for instance, making sure you have reserve mods available will increase how many Gjallarhorn shots can be fired before running out of energy.

Triton Vice

Without the new Legendary Lost Sector Reward Armor (Helmet, Chest or Legs), Caliban’s Hand Exotic gauntlets won’t be possible to obtain. Completing specific Lost Sectors with Champions that make shield breaks easier as well as modifiers such as Match Game mod will allow for this incredible gear.

At 10am Pacific each day, new Lost Sectors rotate, offering rewards such as Exotic armor or weapons such as the Strand sidearm if successfully completed. Season 21 Exotic weapons also promise powerful PvP play and have yet to be officially revealed by Bungie – yet all look potent weapons worth adding into Guardian arsenals!

Final Warning is a kinetic slot Strand sidearm designed to quickly mark targets while firing bursts of bullets from hip firing, aimed at striking rapid hits against cannon fodder enemies quickly.

If you want the latest gear, make sure that your Power Level is sufficient. Most players should farm Legend and Master Lost Sectors until their power level reaches a specific target level to unlock exclusive rewards available with each expansion.

One effective approach for farming exotics in Destiny 2 is using TodayInDestiny as a free website, then scheduling a Sherpa to run Legendary or Master Lost Sector events and guarantee yourself Helm, Chest or Leg Exotic armor pieces – this approach beats relying solely on RNG at spawn.

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