Destiny 2 Loot Table – Warlord’s Ruin Sniper Rifle

updated December 22, 2023


Destiny 2’s final season dungeon offers some incredible loot, such as an exclusive Void sidearm called Buried Bloodline. In order to complete it, Guardians must battle several Taken and Scorn-filled boss encounters inside an intimidating castle located within Europe’s Dead Zone.

Players should focus on attacking and dismantling Scorn devices created by each boss to break his immunity.

Dragoncult Sickle

Season of the Wish marked Destiny 2’s entry into a brand-new dungeon called Warlord’s Ruin, and many players praised it as one of Bungie’s best ever dungeons. Boasting Dark Souls-esque castle traps and angry Scorn while an Ahamkara stirs unrest behind the scenes, it certainly deserves its own runthrough.

The Dungeon also introduces players to an assortment of weapons, such as sword, sidearm and bow; even an exotic weapon called an Exotic weapon! However, they must first successfully navigate through and defeat the Dungeon before collecting these items; these weapons and armor may also drop from two secret chests located within it – one near parkour section between first and second encounter, as well as room between second and final encounter.

One weapon included on this list is Dragoncult Sickle, which is a Legendary sword with Caster frame and caster armament. This weapon can be used in either Power slot and deals Strand damage as well as being capable of using Heavy ammo. Furthermore, its impressive set of perks – Unrelenting Regaining Health After Each Kill and Golden Tricorn Increase Final Blow Damage By 15% are just some of them.

Indebted Kindness, a sidearm equipped with a rocket-assisted frame, can fire tracking bolts that will sever enemies upon contact and leech health from them. Furthermore, this weapon features Hungering Quarrel Intrinsic Trait which makes this double fire tracking bolts to leech health from targets, and Violent Reanimation which grants Devour when multiple final blows have been delivered with this weapon.

Though these weapons are capable, they still don’t stand out amongst their peers in-game – particularly bow and sidearm options. Luckily, all are available on Master difficulty which helps players unlock better rewards while experiencing new dungeons more closely.

Naeem’s Lance

With Season of the Wish’s 15% increase to Sniper Rifle damage, many players are eager to give their old or unfamiliar snipers another go or try something completely new. Naeem’s Lance from Warlord’s Ruin provides an ideal option for doing just this; we will discuss its accessibility within Warlord’s Ruin as well as how best to play with this weapon in-game. Read this article for details on acquiring it within Dungeons and its characteristics for gameplay purposes.

Destiny 2’s dungeons have long been recognized for being some of the best content available in a game like Destiny. While tighter and more focused than raids, they still contain many of the same complex mechanics and challenges. Warlord’s Ruin is no exception – transporting Guardians back to Dark Age to hunt an ancient foe before rewarding players with new weapons and armor sets upon completion.

Rathil, the First Broken Knight of Fikrul is your initial encounter in the Dungeon. His fight will introduce several repeatable mechanics that will be found throughout. In particular, there’s a Taken totem which must be changed into a Stasis totem before an Imminent Wish timer starts counting down; to do this stand within its circle for several seconds while standing inside of it; once all gears have been properly aligned players can shoot a lever on a wall to complete this puzzle and open doors!

As you progress through the dungeon, encounters will reward you with more weaponry and armor pieces from Warlord’s Ruin loot pool – each encounter may also drop Legendary weapons or full sets of armor! For players aiming to maximize their experience, knowing which encounters provide which loot efficiently is essential; this table provides exactly that!

Last Wish

Once they collect the Key to Warlord’s Ruin from Ikora in the Tower, players will enter this new Destiny 2 dungeon called Last Wish and experience its three encounters. Unlike most dungeons or raids, Last Wish does not feature power level requirements – instead it focuses on equipment. Players should equip their best Titan build, Warlock build and Hunter build in preparation for this encounter.

Hefnd’s Vengeance, the Blighted Chimera boss, will appear during their first encounter. Players enter various arenas that change each time, where Hefnd’s Vengeance’s health drops below a threshold percentage and enters its final damage phase where Hefnd attacks with regular melee attacks as well as short range melee abilities that deal a lot of damage. Once defeated, kill any adds that appear around this arena to unlock the next phase.

Once Hefnd’s Vengeance has been vanquished, players will be able to enter the Vault chamber and activate its mechanism. When activated, its plates will spawn enemies which swarm around the room – you must defeat these enemies to trigger Eyes of Riven, which in turn release Taken Essence orbs which cleanse your plates within a limited window; killing all these eyes quickly is essential if they want a clean environment!

After cleaning all of the plates, players should enter the final arena and begin attacking Hefnd’s Vengeance’s Servitor, who has become infected by Taken Blight. Hefnd’s Vengeance uses an unusual mechanism to stop players: whenever Imminent Wish timer reaches zero, Hefnd becomes immune to damage until players break his immunity by standing near Scorn devices it creates. These small devices hold small amounts of Taken blight that will be cleansed when players come close enough.

As Hefnd’s Vengeance will frequently summon Screebs to harass players in this final arena, they must remain cautious in order to evade Hefnd’s attacks by dodging away from walls of arena and running to right side of room. There are two secret chests here but they can be hard to find; one may be hidden amongst trap chests while the other can be located between encounters two and three by its absence of an ether effect surrounding it.

Legendary Strand Bow

As its name implies, this weapon features an additional effect which activates when its user takes damage – it allows them to regain some health while adding damage against nearby enemies and is compatible with all classes.

The Legendary Strand Bow is an excellent weapon choice for PvE classes looking to gain some extra health back, however it seems strange that Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon boasts four weapons that may be more beneficial to average players; there are four weapons such as sword, two sidearms, and the bow all of which fall into more niche weapon classes than what would typically be expected of it.

Warlord’s Ruin rewards players who overcome its three encounters with gear. These items include Dark Age armor sets with wintery designs for each class in addition to an Exotic sidearm known as Buried Bloodline – items you won’t find elsewhere!

Warlord’s Ruin in Destiny 2 requires some serious effort to conquer, requiring you to reclaim Hefnd’s bones from Scorn forces while defeating several bosses. Furthermore, this dungeon also presents additional obstacles like its steep staircases and dark passageways – these must all be overcome for victory!

Fikrul is the initial boss in the dungeon and one of its most difficult encounters. Players must overcome his immunity phase by standing within any of the Scorn devices he creates when “Imminent Wish” appears on-screen; each device contains Taken blight that when cleansed adds extra damage during the final damage phase of his fight.

Hefnd’s Vengeance is the final boss in this dungeon and shares many mechanics with Blighted Chimera. Once players have managed to reduce Hefnd’s health to its last bar, they are transported into an arena where Hefnd can finally be defeated; additionally, this arena will contain any equipment pieces earned while defeating encounters within this dungeon.

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