Destiny 2 Reconstruction Perk Guide

updated January 9, 2024


Destiny 2 offers powerful weapon perks that can turn the tide of battle. Reconstruction is an S-Tier perk which gradually fills weapons’ magazines up to double their typical capacity every four seconds when not firing the weapon.

This new perk pairs perfectly with weapons that deal accumulated damage over time, such as the Heritage Slug Shotgun with increased Final Blow damage or high-impact perks like Target Lock or Feeding Frenzy.

Rifleman’s Launcher

Though not the strongest weapon available, the Rifleman’s Launcher has proven itself an excellent PvE weapon for Guardians looking for an effective and reliable weapon. Boasting impressive base stats and pairing well with Origin Traits like Bray Inheritance to increase damage even further, as well as Perks like Reconstruction which automatically refills the magazine of an unfired weapon after four seconds by drawing from reserve ammo supplies, this machine gun offers effective performance with minimal investment of ammo reserves.

Reconstruction can be particularly effective for players seeking to maximize DPS in PvE encounters by decreasing their time spent reloading. It increases your weapon’s magazine capacity by 5% every two seconds when not firing, eventually reaching double normal capacity after four seconds without firing. While not the ideal perk for PvP combat, its ability to quickly replenish weapons quickly makes Reconstruction an invaluable addition to any arsenal.

Reconstruction can also make an invaluable addition to weapons that benefit from additional damage bonuses, and works particularly well when combined with snipers such as Rufus’ Fury’s precision attacks that deal heavy damage; Reconstruction increases total magazine capacity by 50% so you can continue shooting while breaking champion shields.

The Rifleman’s Launcher works well with some of the game’s more reliable weapons, such as Cold Comfort Scout Rifles. Cold Comfort boasts a respectable reload speed that can be further improved through various perks such as God Rolls of Field Prep and Clown Cartridge; these upgrades make this rifle ideal for clearing waves of enemies in PvE content and complement Reconstruction perk perfectly to achieve maximum efficiency.

Reconstruction can be a great perk for many weapons, though its enhanced version requires Ascendant Alloy to access. You can still make adjustments by visiting an Enclave and opening up Weapon Patterns from there. From here, you can customize almost every element of a weapon’s build: barrels and magazines to gun augmentations and beyond. This gives you the ability to further modify it even after crafting is complete and is an excellent way to customize builds for Crucible play. Unfortunately, however, this may take more time and Glimmer than is necessary but I believe its additional power and utility are well worth the investment!


Shotguns have quickly become one of the go-to weapons in Destiny 2 for PvE content, alongside Rifleman’s Launchers. From clearing Hive and Taken enemies to wrecking other Guardians in Crucible PvP content, shotguns offer multiple viable strategies that fit any play style – and with top-tier perks that help players remain on target when eliminating tough foes, Shotgun arsenal offers several effective solutions that ensure players remain armed against foes in an efficient fashion.

Reconstruction is one of the most beloved perks in Relic Gun, automatically refilling your gun’s magazine up to double its normal capacity every four seconds when not firing, enabling Guardians to quickly switch between high-damage primary weapons without worrying about running out of ammunition during combat. Although Reconstruction stands alone as an amazing perk, it also works wonderfully when combined with other abilities that increase damage over time, stun Overload Champions or enhance Final Blow damage.

Reconstruction aside, Chill Clip stands out among Shotgun Perks as an incredible advantage when firing. By decreasing recoil by 15% when firing, this allows for faster shots with greater damage at close range – particularly against shielded enemies – making Chill Clip an invaluable option when used with heavy ammo types such as Apex Predator or Cold Comfort shotguns.

Corkscrew Rifling is another excellent perk to consider, as it dramatically enhances weapon stability and handling speed without incurring stat penalties. This feature can be especially valuable for weapons that rely on burst shooting to kill enemies quickly; additionally, Corkscrew Rifling pairs perfectly with other enhancements that increase damage or precision such as Extended Barrel or Bray Inheritance.

If you want to maximize the DPS of your Shotgun, consider purchasing the Exotic Perk Conditional Finality from Root of Nightmares raid. It adds an element-dependent pellet spread which makes your Shotgun even more devastating when engaged with Champion bosses in difficult battles. It makes a fantastic addition for DPS-oriented loadouts!

Though the Shotgun meta has undergone multiple changes since launch, it remains an excellent choice for both PvE and PvP play. Boasting options like Reconstruction and Chill Clip, it remains an effective weapon choice when clearing content or facing other Guardians in Crucible battles. Just be sure to equip all relevant perks – don’t forget upgrading them with powerful Origin Traits like Restoration Ritual and Envious Assassin to make them truly lethal – for maximum effectiveness – good luck Guardians!

Commemoration Machine Gun

This Season, the arrival of Raid-exclusive Commemoration Machine Gun has changed the PvE machine gun meta. This Void Adaptive Frame Machine Gun fires at 450 RPM and features powerful magazine and damage perks that make it suitable for PvE builds – such as Envious Assassin, Clown Cartridge and Field Prep perks.

Feeding Frenzy boosts reload speed with each enemy you kill, while Under Pressure improves stability and accuracy as your magazine decreases. These features make the Glock particularly useful in PvE content where quickly clearing adds, shutting down Champions in Grandmaster Nightfalls or taking down multiple powerful enemies within one magazine can be essential.

Combine Killing Tally or Rampage perks – which increase weapon damage and range – with this weapon to unleash its full power in PvE content, including boss-melting bosses and add clearing monsters. Furthermore, its short reload time makes it ideal for use in Crucible matches; giving Guardians another high-impact weapon at their disposal before engaging an opposing team.

This weapon stands out as one of the finest examples of regeneration with its mag regenerating by 10% every four seconds when not firing, making it a stand-out in any PvE build, particularly during early game stages when players will need more frequent magazine refills. Furthermore, taking advantage of Commemoration God Roll allows its mag to fill faster (up to double its usual capacity), as well as providing damage bonuses based on enemy tier kills.

To maximize its performance in PvE, we advise pairing this weapon with an array of Legendary weapons that deal significant damage to mobs. In particular, we suggest including a Shotgun equipped with Heritage for increased impact damage and Void burn, as well as an Arc Gun with Cold Comfort that increases final Blow damage when an enemy shield breaks, to swiftly clear mobs quickly and get back into battle faster than ever. Alternatively, take advantage of our Destiny 2 God Roll boosting service and acquire a Commemoration Machine Gun complete with enhanced perks and Traits instantly!

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