Destiny 2 Reconstruction Perk Guide

updated January 8, 2024


Destiny 2 offers an arsenal of weapons designed to win battles – be it clearing Hive and Taken enemies from PvE content, or decimating other Guardians in Crucible PvP matches.

One of the most versatile weapons in the game is a shotgun equipped with S-tier Reconstruction perk. This feature gradually refills its magazine by 10% every four seconds when not firing, eventually increasing capacity up to double capacity.

Sword Logic

Reconstruction is a popular weapon perk found across Destiny 2, and has proven quite useful. As a passive perk that automatically reloads when your weapon isn’t firing, Reconstruction doubles magazine capacity up to double normal capacity – perfect for weapons used to quickly clear mobs as it reduces reload times significantly and synergizes well with Target Lock, Feeding Frenzy or Voltshot when used on primary or machine guns.

Reconstruction has proven itself an invaluable option since its introduction with Deep Stone Crypt. A perk that can be found across all three weapon slots, Reconstruction excels when applied to weapons geared for Ad Clear amplification such as rifles, shotguns or machine guns. Reconstruction pairs perfectly with Target Lock to provide consistent precision damage as well as other ad Clear-related perk like Incandescent and Heal Clip; more recently it has seen plenty of usage with the sniper-focused Weapons of Warfare set!

As well as offering excellent ad-clear capabilities, the Classic Air Rifle also serves an important purpose in the Crucible. Its increased impact damage makes it ideal for use against weapons like the Heritage as well as being used to break champion shields efficiently.

Sword Logic differs significantly from other perks like Rampage in that its duration can be renewed by killing boss combatants; unlike these other options, Sword Logic’s duration can be quickly refreshed when killing one boss combatant and then repeating this process until reaching 50% damage bonus again. This makes Sword Logic much simpler to manage overall than Rampage!

As of now, this special perk is exclusive to weapons from the Crota’s End raid, but it could expand further as time progresses. Make sure to take full advantage of this impressive perk when exploring Ammonite Satellite ruins and taking down Hive for glory!


The Power weapon class offers weapons designed for specific roles, but some struggle with versatility. Luckily, one weapon combines both qualities: the Legendary machine gun found within the Deep Stone Crypt raid is one such example of such a versatile gun.

Commemoration is a Void Adaptive Frame Machine Gun firing at 450 RPM and boasts many unique features that make it a fantastic choice for both PvE and PvP combat, including its ability to auto-reload every four seconds when not firing, overflowing to higher capacity than usual if required. Furthermore, it pairs nicely with popular perks like Envious Assassin, Clown Cartridge, and Field Prep making it an excellent addition in a PvE build.

Commemoration stands out from its peers by offering players options for further enhancing its capabilities. Players can select among various Techeun Force God Rolls that can increase elemental Final Blow damage by 50% while inducing knockback when an enemy shield breaks with it, increasing elemental Final Blow damage by 100% and inducing knockback when one breaks. But perhaps the most useful upgrade of all is one which doubles magazine size when not firing to ensure enough ammunition is always available to take down tough enemies.

Commemoration and other God Rolls available to Raid players make it simple to assemble a versatile machine gun capable of both PvE and PvP battles. Although its performance won’t match that of an Ikelos in PvP, it should still provide ample power for most activities.

If you want to try your luck at creating the legendary machine gun known as Taniks The Abomination’s machine gun in Destiny 2, complete the Deep Stone Crypt raid and defeat Taniks The Abomination for an increased chance of receiving both it and a Deepsight Resonance with which to focus it. Or complete regular activities that award Resonant Materials and Elements or unlock its pattern in Collections; additionally you could craft it from other sources including its loot chest in Destiny 2.

Cold Comfort

Rocket launchers may not be as powerful in PvP as other weapons in the game, but they still serve an important purpose in PvE content. Players can utilize Cold Comfort to decimate Guardians in Crucible battles with ease thanks to its massive blast radius and impressive barrel and magazine combination that maximizes damage potential – plus its origin trait grants free reloads when players revive allies or defeat enemies!

Apex Predator reigns as the current king of DPS meta and can be obtained from Ghosts of the Deep dungeon. Although not as potent in terms of stats as Cold Comfort, Apex Predator stands out with several advantages that make it superior. Craftable design helps make this less RNG dependent than Cold Comfort while its ability to overflow magazines from reserves also make this an appealing option.

This perk is invaluable when playing PvE content, as it reduces reload time and allows players to deal more damage against enemies. Furthermore, it works perfectly alongside perks that increase damage over time or stun Overload Champions and Unstoppable bosses; combined with Field Prep and Clown Cartridge this perk becomes an extremely effective mob clearing weapon in PvE content.

Cold Comfort god roll offers an easy solution for speeding up reload time: this perk increases magazine capacity to three rounds. In addition, Restoration Ritual makes sure magazines automatically reload if the player defeats an enemy or revives an ally; when combined with Bait and Switch this makes for an effective rocket launcher suitable for PvE content.

Rifleman’s Launcher

The Rifleman was a Baron from House Scorn who specialized in long-range combat. A highly experienced crack-shot, he used lightweight simulation tech to track enemy movement while creating an effective decoy that allowed him to avoid detection by enemies while delivering deadly hits from a distance.

This perk first appeared with the Deep Stone Crypt raid and has quickly become one of the most desired among Guardians due to its ability to automatically reload weapons when not firing them, filling up weapon magazines up to twice their regular capacity every four seconds without firing and complementing other perks that increase impact damage like Heritage’s increased Final Blow damage.

Reconstruction can help players maximize DPS when clearing waves of mobs in PvE content, as it quickly reloads weapons such as Forbearance from Dungeon of Ghosts’ Graveyard.

Cold Comfort’s rapid reload speed and ability to fire multiple rounds at once makes this weapon the ideal tool for quickly clearing away enemies. Even more so when combined with its ability to hold four rockets with Origin Traits like Envious Assassin for explosive damage.

Guardians often opt for the Commemoration Arc Machine Gun that was recently added to the game this Season, as its impressive base stats and useful Origin Traits such as Bray Inheritance increase damage significantly. Furthermore, this weapon pairs perfectly with impact damage-enhancing perks like the new Xenophage SMG for optimal use in combat situations.

Rifleman’s Launcher is an ideal weapon for Guardians, providing automatic reload and working well with snipers such as Rufus’ Fury snipers. This weapon’s precise shots can deal heavy damage while Origin Traits such as Third Time Is the Charm provide increased reload speed for increased effectiveness against champion shields.

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