Destiny 2 Reconstruction Weapons and Perk Guide

updated January 1, 2024


Destiny 2’s Sniper Rifle with its top-tier perks makes for an excellent weapon in PvE combat, providing damage boosts and helping overflow magazines for Final Blows.

Heritage Shotgun is an outstanding alternative shotgun option for PvE combat with tight accuracy and consistent damage output. Furthermore, its compatibility with Field Prep, Clown Cartridge and Reconstruction services that automatically refill magazines makes this an attractive proposition.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifles are ideal for Guardians who like to remain at a distance while supporting their teammates from behind. Their high damage allows them to quickly take down combatants or bosses in Raids and other activities quickly, and comes equipped with great perks to make them suitable for PvE gameplay.

Succession quickly rose to become one of the premier S-Tier weapons in Destiny 2 upon release due to its impressive stats and unique perks. While not having the best range, its clean scope and good stats more than make up for this fact, making Succession an excellent choice both PvE and PvP that rivals more legendary weapons like Bite of the Fox or Eye of Sol.

Heritage, which debuted this season, is an S-Tier sniper designed for PvE that offers tight accuracy and smooth recoil. Additionally, its top-tier perks set it apart from its peers. Heritage serves as an effective sniper in PvE battlegrounds and can even be upgraded further by adding add-ons that increase its DPS such as Naeem’s Lance, Vorpal Weapon or others.

If you want to upgrade this weapon further, the Deep Stone Crypt raid offers Reconstruction + Recombination God Rolls that address its main drawback – its small magazine size – by refilling automatically up to 10% of its normal capacity every second without firing. This should provide enough mag capacity.

Though 72RPM snipers are widely reviled within the community, there are some strong options worth keeping in your arsenal. Thoughtless is an attractive PvP option due to its unique perks and slow firing rate. You can further boost its capabilities with handling perks that increase its range like Fourth Time’s the Charm or Overflow or magazine upgrades like Appended Mag that increase capacity.


Shotguns have always been one of the most beloved weapons in Destiny 2, but this season’s new additions have only further solidified their standing as one of the premier options available to players. One-shotting enemies in PvP and often outpacing PvE encounter kill times by over half a second means any shotgun offering consistent close range damage will fit seamlessly into this season’s meta.

The Aggressive Frame Shotgun Cold Comfort is an excellent option for PvE due to its versatile perk set that includes Target Lock, Feeding Frenzy and Voltshot for optimal use in battleground environments. Furthermore, its double magazine makes mob clearing much faster or can even disable Barrier champion shields to defend the Crucible effectively.

This gun excels in PvP as well, especially when equipped with features like the Barrel Shroud or Corkscrew Rifling to minimize pellet spread, Accurized Rounds for range boost, Opening Shot to increase accuracy or Full Choke for stability and handling – this combination allows you to rip through enemies easily before ending them off with a grenade that freezes and ignites enemies!

Heritage shotgun from Deep Stone Crypt is another fantastic Exotic weapon to consider for PvE use, boasting excellent precision, smooth recoil pattern, Recombination that increases damage over time for shots after elemental final blows and Focused Fury to increase range and DPS.

Techeun Force is an ideal option for raids, missions and Lost Sectors as it quickly clears Primaries while dealing with bosses with pinpoint hits and an effective bleed effect. A good alternative to Matador 64 and other Slug Shotguns which have dominated Destiny 2 since its first season; offering some top-tier features like Reconstruction which automatically refills weapon magazines by up to 10% every second when non-firing (the latter of which pairs perfectly with Techeun Force for high DPS with fast fire rate).

Arc Machine Gun

Machine guns are among the most versatile PvE weapons in Destiny 2, providing devastating damage over a broad area and quickly taking down multiple enemies at once. Plus, with an abundant perk pool and various combo options, machine guns are hard to beat for any PvE situation.

Shotguns were once the go-to weapon of choice for PvE players, but these new powerful Arc Machine Guns have overshadowed them this Season. Thunderlord stands out as an Exotic Arc machine gun with an incredible time to kill and massive magazine size that make it ideal for adding clear. Furthermore, its Reconstruction perk automatically refills its magazine whenever not firing – further improving its effectiveness!

Another notable choice is the Adaptive Frame Machine Gun Commemoration from Deep Stone Crypt raid, which remains an excellent pick in both PvE and PvP play. This heavy machine gun offers incredible base stats while boasting an exceptional Origin Trait called Bray Inheritance that increases power levels even further. Furthermore, its perk pool includes Killing Tally which increases damage output by 30% when killing enemy tiers.

Though not one of the more powerful PvP machine guns, Xenophage remains an outstanding weapon for anyone seeking to join in the game’s PvP meta. Designed specifically for melee builds and boasting an exceptional damage rate for a machine gun as well as explosive rounds for crowd control purposes, taking on PvP with this void weapon may prove challenging, but certainly achievable and worthwhile trying!

Corrective Measure is an Adaptive Frame Machine Gun option ideal for both PvE and PvP play, featuring Heal Clip for keeping shots hitting and Target Lock which increases DPS by a percentage each time an enemy dies – creating an effective combination that you will surely love using in PvP battles to help dominate them! This weapon offers both perk sets that help keep shots hitting while increasing DPS by percentage each time someone dies – this combination should keep opponents at bay and allow you to dominate matches!

Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher is one of the most beloved weapons in Destiny 2’s current meta, due to its outstanding perks. From Reconstruction’s reload-rewarding abilities and Chill Clip’s shattering-recoil damage capabilities to their powerful strike capabilities in Crucible battles, rocket launchers provide effective weapons that take out enemies with ease while striking decisive blows quickly and decisively. They are an invaluable ally when taking down large groups or bosses – or clearing out players and bosses quickly when used correctly in Crucible fights!

As with the Sniper Rifle, some of the top PvE Rocket Launcher perks aim to reduce reload times and increase damage output, while others provide more ammo per shot – especially useful in ammo conservation strategies; especially helpful with Legendary Weapon traits that refill ammo like Third Time’s The Charm or Heritage which boosts Final Blow damage output.

Apex Predator is currently the top PvE Rocket Launcher available, as an aggressive Frame Stasis weapon from Ghosts of the Deep’s Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon that features notable traits such as Bait and Switch, Explosive Light and Chill Clip. Furthermore, this weapon boasts the Origin Trait in Envious Assassin as well as Restoration Ritual to hold four rockets in its Magazine without incurring reload delays.

Its Tracking trait provides reliable sniping capabilities, while Bipod’s reload boost makes it an excellent way to revive teammates during Crucible battles. Unfortunately, its low Velocity limits its usefulness for ad-clear applications; therefore it should be enhanced further with either Quick Launch or Frenzy for increased projectile speed.

Cold Comfort, a new weapon from Root of Nightmares raid, is another contender for best PvE Rocket Launcher. Similar to Stasis but without the requirement of high-level rolls to acquire it, Cold Comfort provides one extra rocket in its Magazine thanks to an Origin Trait called Cold Comfort; instantaneous reload by defeating or revitalizing teammates; up to four rockets can fit with Restoration Ritual Origin Trait/Clown Cartridge configurations if equipped.

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