Destiny 2 Reconstruction – Weapons and Perk Guide

updated January 11, 2024


Destiny 2 offers Guardians an abundance of weapons to use against Hive and Taken enemies in PvE content or when engaging other players in Crucible PvP battles, often including powerful perks that are beneficial in specific scenarios.

One such perk is Reconstruction. This S-tier perk slowly refills weapons’ magazines by 10% every four seconds when not firing, up to double their original capacity. It works best when used with clear-focused weapons like Rufus’ Fury and works synergistically with Target Lock and Feeding Frenzy perks.

Sword Logic

Sword Logic is an insidious power that empowers its users to demonstrate their superiority by seizing power through destruction. It could be seen as an extreme form of social Darwinism that believes weak people do not deserve survival and killing proves one deserves existence.

Some users can even employ Sword Logic to manipulate reality itself, creating pockets of space that can be used as weapons against others. More powerful users may even impose their will upon the Ascendant Realm and carve out their own Throne Worlds; these throne worlds can then be expanded through Spatial Manipulation with Oryx even being capable of ripping apart space itself to crush his foes!

Sword Logic’s other powers include Law Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation and Reality Warping; its most captivating ability, known as Taking, allows Oryx and The Darkness to use on their foes by taking control over them and molding them as Taken subservient to The Darkness’s will – in essence stripping away fears, pains and inhibitions to create new beings who serve The Darkness’ will as Takens.

Though it might sound disconcerting, Sword Logic can be extremely effective both in PvE and PvP. The perk pairs particularly well with Adaptive Frame Machine Guns such as Song of Ir Yut and Commemoration; its doubled magazine capacity and auto-reload feature makes these heavy weapons much more powerful for boss battles or mob clearing. When combined with Anti-Barrier mod, it becomes a great way to take down those pesky Barrier champion shields in Crucible; additionally it pairs perfectly well with Sword of Ishtar making it an ideal option for sniper builds!

Cold Comfort

Bungie’s Season of the Deep update has introduced some top-performing weapons, like Aggressive Frame Stasis rocket launcher Cold Comfort. It is currently popular with players looking to dominate damage meta across both PvE and PvP content, due to its impressive stats and perk pool (including an unrivaled god roll and origin trait).

Cold Comfort god roll offers an innovative solution to reduce reload time by automatically refilling its reserves every four seconds when not firing, freeing players up to spend more time attacking enemies while cutting down reload time significantly. Furthermore, this synergises well with other perks that enhance accuracy and damage like Heal Clip, Incandescent, and Target Lock for rifles, shotguns, and machine guns respectively.

This weapon can be combined with the Origin Trait Restoration Ritual to trigger automatic overflow from its reserves every time an ally or enemy are revived or defeated in PvE content – making it ideal for mob clearing weapons such as Rufus’ Fury auto rifle.

Cold Comfort’s combination of Origin Traits that boost damage over time or stun Overload Champions and Unstoppable bosses such as Clown Cartridge and Field Prep makes it an unstoppable force in the Crucible. Furthermore, you can utilize Revenge of Ghosts spawn modifier to increase reload time and rounds in its magazine magazine; this can prove especially effective against waves of enemies in PvE content where full mags allow quick clearing. Although Rocket Launcher Apex Predator still reigns supreme as PvP damage meta, this weapon provides ample DPS potential in its current meta.


One of the major features of Season 19 for Destiny 2 is the addition of weapon crafting capabilities, enabling players to customize weapons crafted in Deep Stone Crypt raid and other activities to earn Resonant Materials and Elements for crafting weapons with various perks.

Some new weapon perks are worth noting. For instance, the legendary slug shotgun Heritage features a top-tier perk called Reconstruction that automatically refills its magazine up to twice its normal capacity every four seconds while not firing, enabling Guardians to switch between high-damage primary weapons without worrying about running out of ammo during combat. It works particularly well when combined with Techeun Force which increases damage over time while stunning Overload Champions or Recombination which boosts Final Blow damage output.

Explosive Light is another excellent new perk, adding a grenade launcher into the game and enabling Guardians to rapidly throw it for quick damage and clearing out large groups of enemies. Furthermore, its effects can be further customized with additional features to increase damage or expand coverage; making this an ideal option for PvE raids and missions alike.

Riptide rocket launcher is a fantastic choice for PvE players looking for maximum range and accuracy while clearing Hive or Taken enemies, or decimating other Guardians during Crucible PvP matches. It comes equipped with Slow Stacks and Chill Clip perks which increase range and accuracy respectively, and makes this powerful choice suitable for both Hive vs. Taken enemies as well as decimating other Guardians during Crucible matches.


Bungie unveiled Commemoration as an all-powerful weapon perk during season 19, and its unique properties quickly made it a hit among players. Commemoration can greatly amplify Ad Clear amplification on rifles, shotguns, or machine guns; additionally it pairs perfectly with other perk sets that increase precision damage such as Heal Clip or Incandescent for optimal results.

Commemoration allows weapons to automatically reload when not firing by replenishing 10% of their magazine every four seconds and expanding it by up to double its normal capacity, thus drastically reducing reload times for weapons used to quickly clear mobs, while simultaneously relieving gun stress in PvP combat. Furthermore, Commemoration pairs well with weapons that deal accumulative damage over time like Heritage Slug Shotgun as well as high-impact perks like Target Lock and Feeding Frenzy for even greater effectiveness.

This highly versatile perk is essential to any gun build in Destiny 2, whether for PvE or PvP, but obtaining it may prove more challenging than its top-tier counterparts. Players can gain it by completing the Deep Stone Crypt raid, defeating Taniks the Abomination or participating in activities which award Resonant Materials and Elements.

Once a player possesses Commemoration, they can apply it to any weapon in their inventory. Its utility becomes evident when used on legendary arc machine guns like Bequest or the new Xenophage SMG; both boast impressive base stats as well as useful Origin Traits like Bray Inheritance and Impact Damage for greater damage output. Furthermore, Rufus’ Fury makes use of its arc damage output more effectively against Barrier champion shields when coupled with Commemoration perk.


Since the release of S-Tier Reconstruction perk in Destiny 2, machine guns have seen an incredible boost to their power. Reconstruction gradually refills each weapon’s magazine every four seconds when not firing, increasing capacity up to twice its normal size and increasing capacity by two times more. Furthermore, this passive perk can also be combined with others that increase damage over time, stun Overload Champions or increase Final Blow damage to create formidable weapons that provide a formidable edge on enemies.

Reconstruction perk can be used in conjunction with high DPS primary weapons like Cold Comfort or Heritage to clear enemies in PvE content and eliminate other Guardians in Crucible PvP matches, and it synergizes perfectly with Origin Traits that increase impact damage like Bray Inheritance or Xenophage for maximum effectiveness.

Even in Destiny 2, machine guns remain effective weapons despite the rise of grenade launchers and rocket launchers. Reconstruction perk can prove particularly advantageous on Auto Rifles like Rufus’ Fury or Commemoration as it will allow them to refill their magazines while firing; allowing more shots per ammunition loadout without stopping to reload between rounds.

If you find a rifle equipped with the Reconstruction perk, it should definitely be on your shopping list. It will allow you to deal more damage against enemy combatants faster, making this weapon ideal for taking down Hive and Taken enemies in Destiny 2. Furthermore, its synergy works well with top-tier gun perks like Voltshot and Boosted Reload Speed; plus its Recombination perk on Void Heavy weapons such as Retrofit Escapade or Thunderlord could allow an unstoppable machine gun combo!

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