Destiny 2 Reconstruction Weapons and Perk Guide

updated January 13, 2024


Reconstruction is one of the best shotgun perks available, automatically refilling its magazine whenever a weapon isn’t firing. It makes for an effective choice when used to clear PvE content and is useful when combined with Target Lock, Feeding Frenzy or Voltshot perks.

It pairs nicely with the new Origin Trait Cursed Thrall that stuns Overload Champions and increases Final Blow damage output.

Rifleman’s Launcher

The grenade launcher in Destiny 2 is one of its most versatile weapons, ideal for clearing waves of enemies in PvE content and dealing massive damage to bosses with its four rocket capacity. However, due to its lower damage output and reload speed, other support rocket launchers such as Gjallarhorn may prove more useful; however, Rifleman’s Launcher may provide it with additional oomph through S-tier Reconstruction perk support.

Reconstruction is an S-tier perk that gradually fills a weapon’s magazine to double its normal capacity every four seconds without firing, enabling Guardians to switch quickly between high-damage primary weapons without worry about running out of ammo during combat. Reconstruction pairs well with perks that deal damage over time or stun Overload Champions such as Heal Clip or Target Lock on primary weapons and Feeding Frenzy on machine guns.

Rifleman’s Launchers not only feature Reconstruction but also boast numerous useful perks such as Reload Boosting and Emergency Reloads that come in handy during combat situations involving teammates taking down enemies without their direct shooter having disabled it yet – using this boost can help compensate for delays between when their gun fires and when its magazine reloads.

Rifleman’s Launchers provide teams that are hunting multiple armored vehicles with an effective means of tracking dismounted armored targets, and keeping track of progress against them. This feature helps prevent teams from becoming overwhelmed by smaller enemies while providing focus to ensure destruction of those necessary first.

The Rifleman’s Launcher is an effective weapon for PvE combat, particularly when combined with the Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle, which boasts a special secondary shooting mode that converts missiles that hit enemies into grenades for additional effectiveness in PvE and Crucible PvP content.

Cold Comfort Scout Rifle

Cold Comfort is the go-to weapon for PvP combat players seeking an impressive rocket launcher to add into their arsenal, though its damage potential doesn’t match that of Apex Predator or other scout rifles like it. But its impressive barrel and magazine combination allows for high velocity shots while still maximising damage potential. When coupled with Bait and Switch and Restoration Ritual Origin Trait reload bonuses this weapon becomes even more deadly in PvE, as you get free reloads every time an ally revives or an enemy is defeated or revives or defeated.

Reconstruction, an S-Tier perk, is an effective way to minimize reload times in PvE content. This weapon perk works by slowly refilling the magazine until its total capacity increases by 10% every two seconds if not firing and doubles over four seconds without firing, eventually overflowing at twice its normal size after four seconds without firing. Reconstruction pairs well with perks that increase damage over time or stun Overload Champions or Unstoppable bosses – making it perfect for PvE raiding content like raids!

Reconstruction pairs perfectly with accessories designed to enhance stability and handling speed, such as the Shotgun Perk Chill Clip which significantly decreases recoil upon firing for faster and more accurate shots. Furthermore, Reconstruction can be combined with Shotgun Perks that increase damage or precision such as Black Powder Rifling for greater effect.

Cold Comfort’s Reconstruction perk also pairs nicely with Shotgun Perks that provide area denial, such as Cluster Bombs or Explosive Light, making Cold Comfort an effective sniper rifle option for PvP combat players looking to take out Guardians quickly and reliably.

This scout rifle is an ideal all-around weapon in both PvE and PvP situations, thanks to its high rate-of-fire that allows players to keep pace with enemies quickly, as well as its critical hit rate which increases headshot chances and significantly decreases Time-to-Kill times. Furthermore, this weapon comes equipped with Box Breathing perk which increases stability and handling with each kill through buffs on weapon stability and handling.

Commemoration Machine Gun

Since its debut in Deep Stone Crypt raids, the Void Machine Gun (VMG) has not quite found its place in either light and heavy weapon meta. But players seeking to maximize damage output have made use of it extensively since. Now with Season 19 upon us, Commemoration LMGs can now be crafted – making them viable choices in PvE content both light and heavy weapons alike! Among its impressive perks is God Roll which allows its magazine to fill and overflow every four seconds even when not firing the weapon itself!

Perk effects make this perk an excellent fit for light and heavy weapon builds alike, enabling players to maximize DPS with burst attacks or melee strikes while eliminating time spent reloading for each group of enemies. Furthermore, its magazine replenishment feature can make clearing mobs much quicker; its effect pairs perfectly with Envious Assassin, Clown Cartridge, Field Prep as well as weapons which deal accumulated damage over time such as the Heritage Slug Shotgun with increased Final Blow damage or snipers with Origin Traits such as Heir Apparent or Dragonfly for example.

Commemoration may not be ideal for PvP, but it does offer significant utility in the Crucible. By increasing weapon magazine capacity by double, Commemoration makes reloading easier during critical moments – an effect which pairs nicely with Killing Tally and Rampage which increase damage maximums.

Though you are limited to equipping one of two perks per weapon, players have options available them that enable them to customize their build according to their personal requirements and meet any potential threats they encounter. It’s all about finding your optimal combination!

Heritage Shotgun

Heritage’s 12-gauge shotgun will fulfill your wild-west fantasies with lethal double doses of buckshot, making it the ideal weapon to unleash your inner cowboy or cowgirl. Its compact side-by-side configuration enables accurate slug fire or horizontally leveled buckshot shots, with rifle-centric features such as Accurized Rounds and Extended Barrel as well as shotgun specific options like Opening Shot and Snapshot Sights for added rifle realism. No matter which mode is chosen, its two 18.5-inch barrels ensure accurate shots at great distance – perfect for use in PvP situations; adding Moving Target will boost movement speed and target acquisition for even faster action realism when engaging enemies near.

Reconstruction is an S-Tier perk that gradually refills weapons’ magazines up to double their normal capacity every four seconds when they’re not being fired at, making it ideal for PvE encounters as it reduces time spent reloading, pairing well with damage over time perks like Heritage’s increased Final Blow damage.

Killing Wind and Thresh are great sniper perks to use with it to quickly eliminate rank-and-file enemies at close range, which makes this combination especially useful in the Crucible as it allows players to take out numerous opponents at the same time and clear rooms quickly by eliminating one opponent after the next.

Kinetic players will likely want to choose Corkscrew Rifling for their Kinetic slot weapon to give it a slight increase in Handling and Range without incurring an attribute penalty. Furthermore, adding magazine-oriented buffs like Clown Cartridge or Extended Mag to their Heritage will maximize its utility and reload speed.

As we have seen, Season 19 of Destiny 2’s popular shared-world shooter has introduced an abundance of weapons with brand new perk pools. These perks can be utilized both PvE and PvP; we’ve highlighted their best upgrades. Stay tuned as Season 19 progresses; make sure to keep checking back often for more Destiny 2 content.

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