Destiny 2 Reconstruction Weapons and Perk Guide

updated January 22, 2024


Reconstruction is a weapon perk that automatically refills an unfired gun’s magazine after four seconds by drawing from its reserve supply of ammo, making it the ideal choice for weapons designed to quickly clear enemies while pairing well with anti-ad perks such as Forbearance from Deep Stone Crypt.

Bray Inheritance works particularly well when combined with other Origin Traits which increase damage or precision, like snipers.

Rifleman’s Launcher

Shotguns are one of Guardians’ premier weapons for use in PvE and Crucible PvP matches, providing Guardians an efficient method to take down Hive and Taken enemies while decimating other players in Crucible battles. Furthermore, shotguns come equipped with numerous useful perks which allow Guardians to stay on target when eliminating difficult foes – S-tier Reconstruction perk being an especially helpful addition as it gradually refills a shotgun’s magazine by 10% every four seconds when it is not firing, eventually increasing capacity to double its normal capacity level!

Reconstruction is an invaluable perk for Riflemen, since most rifles require long reload times to reload properly. This makes a noticeable difference when dealing with Mini-Bosses or bosses that prove more challenging to eliminate than lesser foes; especially when combined with Feeding Frenzy to speed up reload times or Rufus Fury which overfills Magazine after killing Overload Champions to increase Final Blow damage output.

When an AT Rifleman’s Fireteam finds itself close to an enemy vehicle or structure, their duty is often to use a Rocket Launcher before it poses any harm to their teammates. With multiple Rocket Launchers at their disposal they can quickly dismantle any threat which cannot be eliminated through small arms – ideal for combatting Overload Champions and other formidable foes.

An AT Rifleman should take great care in using this weapon correctly, making sure the Backblast zone has been completely cleared before firing any rocket. To accomplish this, they should make sure no other players are directly behind them and call out “Clear backblast!” before firing their shot – this prevents any risk of injury due to hitting someone directly in their back with one.

AT Riflemen can benefit greatly from equipping themselves with this perk, as it enhances other weapon perks that increase damage when it isn’t fired – such as Envious Assassin and Restoration Ritual Origin Trait – while simultaneously increasing magazine capacity; Cold Comfort Scout Rifle and Apex Predator weapons come to mind here.

Cold Comfort Scout Rifle

Cold Comfort Scout Rifle is an excellent weapon choice for players seeking to use rocket launchers in PvE content from Lightfall Expansion’s Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. Falling under Aggressive Frame archetype, its god roll of Envious Assassin allows up to three rockets in one magazine; significantly more than any other scout rifle in game! Furthermore, this gun features the Restoration Ritual Origin Trait which automatically reloads magazines if you kill an enemy or revive an ally; making this weapon one of most efficient guns around!

S-Tier Reconstruction perk on this weapon is also an ideal addition, since it gradually refills your magazine up to twice its normal capacity every four seconds without firing it. This works particularly well when combined with damage-dealing perk such as Heritage Slug Shotgun’s increased Final Blow damage or Rufus Fury’s precision attacks; making this weapon particularly suitable for PvP battle and frequent reloads!

Cold Comfort also boasts Chill Clip, which reduces recoil and increases damage at close range. This perk makes Cold Comfort ideal for use against shielded enemies as it amps up their effectiveness against shielded opponents while pairing perfectly with other perk offerings like those that increase damage over time or stun Overload Champions.

As an additional note, players should make sure their Cold Comfort scout rifle features the Impact Casing barrel perk for optimal use in burst shooting scenarios and against minibosses in dungeons. It significantly increases stability and handling speed for weapons which rely on rapid burst firing to damage enemies quickly, such as weapons using Quick Launch or Bait and Switch Origin Trait origin perks; furthermore it makes multiple shots more easily in rapid succession, helping players deal with groups of enemies or mini-bosses when facing them in dungeons.

Commemoration Machine Gun

Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph features an exciting collection of weapon-specific gear that allows players to hone in on and customize their favorite power weapons further. IKELOS and Deep Stone Crypt weapons provide greater variety for customizing LMGs or SMGs while each weapon also boasts access to several Origin Traits which further augment its functionality.

Commemoration Machine Gun, one of IKELOS’ initial weapons, features a Void Adaptive Frame firing at 450 RPM and makes for an effective choice in PvE environments, especially when combined with popular perks like Killing Tally, Unrelenting Clown Cartridge or Field Prep perks. Ideal for attaching damage-boosting sniper attachments or increasing DPS while clearing Hive or Taken enemies during PvE content clearing missions.

This machine gun is an impressive weapon in PvP due to its massive magazine capacity and variety of perks that enable Guardians to keep pace with other Guardians while regaining key objectives in PvP matches. One such perk, called Enhanced Killing Tally, grants almost unlimited additional damage on top of base damage; its magazine remains open (even when stored).

Reconstruction, the S-tier perk for LMGs, can make this LMG an incredible DPS weapon. When not firing, Reconstruction’s feature gradually refills your magazine from reserves every four seconds when not shooting; reaching up to double normal capacity! Combined with Subsistence’s extra reserve ammo capacity boost, Reconstruction becomes an excellent choice for high-level PvE and endgame content.

Origin Perks for each weapon are also an integral piece, offering either Dragonfly or Cursed Thrall options as Origin Perks. Dragonfly adds an attack buff with each enemy killed with your gun while Cursed Thrall increases grenade energy and decreases Final Blow’s cooldown timer; both options are excellent options, though I recommend going with Dragonfly for maximum ad-clearing and boss-melting power without needing reload.

Heritage Slug Shotgun

Heritage is the latest Raid Exotic Slug Shotgun that is drawing players in droves. Boasting Reconstruction and Focused Fury abilities that make this weapon formidable in close-range boss damage situations, Heritage was first seen as an essential must-have when Bungie announced that several classic weapons would become craftable guns with special perks to replicate their original versions. Though unlocking Heritage took some time, once players did they were rewarded with a powerful Slug Shotgun capable of competing with some of the game’s other slug-frame guns when it came to boss DPS performance!

Reconstruction is an S-tier perk that has proven invaluable across many of the weapons in the game. When not firing, Reconstruction gradually refills a shotgun’s magazine until eventually doubling its capacity – perfect for weapons used to quickly clear mob enemies, especially when combined with Heal Clip, Feeding Frenzy or Target Lock perks.

Reconstruction perk empowers slug-frame shotguns with some of the highest single-shot killing potential in game, making this perk an excellent choice for anyone aiming to play Shotgun slot in PvE content and Crucible PvP content respectively.

Reconstruction aside, Slug Shotguns also benefit from several high-tier perks worth taking into consideration. Opening Shot is an outstanding addition for any slug frame gun as it provides additional aim assist, range, and accuracy benefits. Fragile Focus also makes an attractive option since it reduces ammo requirements during full reloads for added efficiency.

As we progress further through the season, more Slug Shotgun perks will arrive on the Forge. In the meantime, Guardians should make use of newly released weapons and find combinations with appropriate perks that work best. For builds, perks, and information regarding Destiny 2 weapons and equipment visit Mobalytics’ official Destiny 2 site.

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