Destiny 2 Reconstruction Weapons and Perk Guide

updated December 14, 2023


Destiny 2’s latest raid brings with it some innovative weapon perks, one being Reconstruction.

S-Tier perk that automatically replenishes weapons’ magazines up to double their typical capacity every four seconds when not firing, overflowing capacity for Final Blows and working well with Target Lock, Feeding Frenzy and Voltshot perks.

Best PvE Shotguns

Shotguns offer a fun and engaging way to turn the tide in any fight, whether clearing out Hive and Taken enemies in PvE mode, or decimating other Guardians in Crucible PvP content. Their satisfying snap is hard to match in Destiny 2, offering Guardians an advantage in any engagement. There are countless shotguns at your disposal in Destiny 2, each one equipped with special capabilities for PvE or PvP content use – you just need the right weapon! Thankfully there are numerous outstanding shotguns suitable for PvE as well as PvP content PvE/PvP scenarios!

Slug shotguns may still reign supreme in PvE meta, but there are some great alternatives. Heritage, introduced during Season 21 Deep Stone Crypt Raid as a Legendary Kinetic Shotgun is an outstanding option with tight accuracy and smooth recoil pattern. Furthermore, Reconstruction and Recombination can be applied for increased close range damage output.

Wastelander M5 is an outstanding Lightweight Shotgun that feels fantastic to use. Featuring its distinctive Hip-Fire Reticle and numerous top-tier perks that set it apart from its competition. Plus, crafting this gun reduces luck requirements significantly!

Imperial Decree is an excellent choice for PvE and PvP action in both PvE and PvP play, providing high damage and fast reload rates while being highly flexible to upgrade with Swashbuckler for increased impact damage.

Grenade launchers are among the most versatile weapons in Destiny 2. Their ability to deal gradual damage while decreasing enemy losses makes them particularly useful against tougher foes or bosses.

Although There are many exceptional grenade launchers, Witherhorde stands out from the pack thanks to its ability to deal an ongoing damage bonus while slowing its target down and leaving them vulnerable against melee attacks. Perfect for use in kinetic slots as it can be improved with Smallbore and Assault Mag to reduce recoil; additionally it’s even possible to acquire it by completing Trials of Osiris!

Best PvE Grenade Launchers

The best PvE grenade launchers are those which provide reliable crowd control, ad-clear, and high damage against bosses – though each launcher may differ depending on its unique perks.

Destiny 2 offers several varieties of grenade launchers: Breech loaded, special and heavy. Each weapon can perform well in PvE based on player needs and personal preference; choosing your weapon will come down to personal choice rather than any definitive rule set by Destiny itself.

For those who wish to combine efficient ad clear with effective boss damage, The Prospector, an exotic grenade launcher available during certain Nightfall Strikes rotations, may be ideal. With its low firing rate and unique perk allowing Guardians to kill enemies by dismantling shields and armor quickly. Unfortunately, its poor Blast radius limits how often this weapon can be used as an ad-clear option.

Salvagers Salvo is an outstanding breach-load grenade launcher available from Monument of Lost Light that provides both ad-clear and boss damage grenades for maximum effectiveness. Boasting fast reload times and velocity capabilities, Ambitious Assassin and Spike Grenades make excellent companions here for maximum effectivity.

Consider Witherhoard, The Prospector, Cold Comfort and Interference VI as other Ad-clear and Boss damage PvE grenade launchers worth your consideration in PvE battles. Each of these launchers offer some incredible perks that make them even more effective at PvE play – Witherhoard can even create unique grenades with lasting damage over time that attach to enemy units while Field Prep Auto-Loading Holster allows it to reload itself as well as having Spike Grenades available as additional sources of extra damage!

Rocket Launchers reign as kings of PvE burst DPS and continue to get better each season. Many players rely on them, often one-shotting enemy guardians with appropriate loadouts when used correctly. Furthermore, unlike many light weapons which require multiple hits for killspot, rocket Launchers provide consistent one-hit kills.

Best PvE Rocket Launchers

Rocket Launchers remain one of the premier burst DPS weapons for PvE and continue to outshout competitors with recent buffs. Boasting absurd perks, strong frames, and top-tier Origin Traits they loom supreme over current sandbox competition.

Apex Predator stands out as an exceptional PvE rocket launcher due to its access to Bait and Switch perk, providing it with a damage boost equal to the difference between normal range and max range, giving this weapon even greater impact than expected.

The Code Duello Rocket Launcher boasts an exceptional base frame and fast reload speed, making it a formidable PvE rocket launcher. Additionally, its impressive blast radius for DPS makes it an effective weapon; however, handling and accuracy may be slightly limited when compared with other weapons on this list. If you can secure either Cluster Bombs or Explosive Light perk combinations then it becomes an effective area denial weapon.

Cold Comfort provides an alternative to Code Duello with many perk combinations and an excellent Origin Trait in Envious Assassin and Clown Cartridge that automatically reloads up to double its capacity whenever the weapon isn’t firing. Another great perk worth pursuing is Field Prep, which increases ammo reserves and reload speed when crouched.

Commemoration provides an Origin Trait that increases damage from class abilities until reloaded or stored, making this weapon even more potent when coupled with Reconstruction’s automatic magazine refill of 10% every four seconds (even while not firing) which provides an extremely potent rocket launcher.

Deathbringer is an impressive rocket launcher for PvE that can be obtained by completing the Symphony of Death quest and gathering Void orbs. It boasts the biggest blast radius and deals the most damage, though its range may be shorter than other weapons on this list; you must get close enough to enemies in order to deliver maximum damage with this weapon.

Best PvE Machine Guns

Machine guns are among the most versatile weapons in Destiny 2, capable of applying sustained fire that can overwhelm even well-trained enemies and are ideal for taking on PvE content in Destiny 2. But which machine gun should be chosen as part of your loadout? We’ve put together this list of PvE machine guns that suit different play styles – to help make your decision easier!

Although not an S-tier weapon, Xenophage remains one of the best Machine Guns available in Destiny 2. It is a rapid-fire SMG with excellent damage and can be further strengthened through perk like Rampage to become an unstoppable force in PvE battles. Furthermore, its high impact damage makes it ideal for clearing Primaries, while enemy tracking bullets ensure you will always hit your mark!

A great choice is the Heretic SMG, an Exotic machine gun with an impressive fire rate designed for crowd control and dealing damage against bosses. Additionally, this Exotic machine gun can stun champions to chain multikills through lightning strikes on final blows – making it an excellent addition to raids as it stuns champions before providing final strikes that stun champions and cause multiple kills on final strikes.

No machine gun guide would be complete without discussing the Thunderlord Arc Machine Gun, once considered an amusing joke until revamped in Season of Plunder with an ability to replenish its magazine from reserve as it fires – making this powerful machine gun an essential weapon in PvE raids and other endgame encounters.

Revenant was once an impressive choice in PvE, but its usage declined with Season 8. Since then however, its usage has seen a substantial resurgence due to Season 16’s introduction of Appended Mag perk which allows its magazine to refill with every shot, enabling continuous firing without needing to reload every few shots – not to mention its incredible damage output and flawless handling abilities that enable it to compete even with SMGs in PvE!

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