Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated December 13, 2023


Destiny 2’s Warlord?s Ruin Dungeon features three boss encounters with potentially valuable loot to be discovered within an abandoned castle overrun with Scorn and Taken, offering players the chance to storm it for themselves.

The initial encounter involves eliminating Hefnd’s Blinded Eyes. Once they are destroyed, doors will open up and the main mechanic of the dungeon begins operating.

1. Indebted Kindness

Warlord?s Ruin has thrilled players with its design and mechanics, but also introduces an entirely new weapon set which promises to see plenty of use both PvE and PvP content. Most notable among these additions is Indebted Kindness – an intriguing rocket sidearm which introduces an entirely new archetype into the game! While not as powerful as other Exotic weapons it offers significant firepower with easy handling capabilities.

Acquiring this weapon is straightforward: it drops from all three encounters in Warlord?s Ruin, though the first two are most likely to yield it. Running through it multiple times should increase the chance of collecting enough sets of Indebted Kindness so you can acquire your weapon more quickly.

Once Indebted Kindness has been conquered, move onto the final battle: Hefnd’s Vengeance, the Blighted Chimera boss that stalked players through the dungeon. Like previous encounters, its primary mechanic involves destroying Scorn lanterns around the arena that summon Taken commanders – this clears away Taken blight while providing Guardians an opening to strike back at Hefnd.

The final encounter can be more challenging, but is still relatively straightforward if you have enough gear and firepower at your disposal. Hefnd’s Vengeance is extremely durable; therefore it’s essential that you come equipped with enough damage-dealing power in order to bring down his health bar quickly. Having multiple fire teams working for you helps if Hefnd’s Vengeance starts charging out at you quickly!

Warlord?s Ruin’s final encounter can bring both excitement and rewards for Destiny 2 players: an Indebted Kindness weapon is sure to fall, while armor may leave something to be desired. While neither are spectacularly exciting additions, both items provide ample opportunity to slay enemies.

2. Buried Bloodlines Exotic Void Sidearm

Warlord’s Ruin showcases Bungie’s remarkable ability to craft captivating environments filled with character. From its snow-shaded mountains that serve as your entryway into the castle to its halls that house an army of Scorn-worshiping Scorn, Warlord’s Ruin stands out as one of Destiny 2’s most atmospheric new dungeons.

Attractively located within this amazing scenery are also several new collectibles, including the Exotic Buried Bloodlines sidearm. This void rocket boasts two exotic features that help track enemies more efficiently: Hungering Quarrel Intrinsic fires tracking bolts which leech health upon landing and Violent Reanimation allows multiple finishers to grant Devour.

To acquire this weapon, you will have to complete Warlord’s Ruin on all five encounters in one or more runs – although single runs should work, as collecting Ahamkara bones unlock lore quests as well as other rewards from Warlord’s Ruin such as rings or powerful Legendary chests is possible.

After you complete a dungeon, be sure to visit the Ahamkara bone shrine located next to its final boss and begin “In the Shadow of the Mountain,” an optional side quest which tasks you with collecting various Warlord’s Ruin collectibles. Our guide of all Warlord’s Ruin collectibles can help keep track of your progress!

As you progress through the dungeon, you’ll also encounter new bosses to battle. Be sure to equip the optimal Warlock, Titan or Hunter build to face these challenging opponents; don’t forget to save energy for Imminent Wish encounter; this final damage phase teleports boss to an open platform where he must be killed before killing you first – making balancing damage dealing and killing of eyes key in order to trigger it as often as possible!

3. Naeem’s Lance

Warlord?s Ruin armor and weapon set can provide an enjoyable challenge without needing to grind through every new dungeon’s worth of content, providing exclusive loot as well as unlocking Artifice versions of Dark Age armor! For players seeking something different than grinding out new content in dungeons.

As with other dungeons, this one includes puzzles and specific mechanics for players to master to advance through it. These may range from deciphering codes to performing specific tasks in the correct order – even culminating in intense boss battles that require coordination among teammates.

At its heart, this game revolves around one main mechanic: destruct all Blinded Eyes tied to Hefnd’s Vengeance – the final boss who lurks throughout your encounters in this dungeon – before they fall. Doing this causes Scorn Commanders on either side of the arena to unleash Taken effigies which can be purge for increased damage output against Hefnd himself as well as an extended damage window against him.

Naeem’s Lance is your initial piece of equipment in this game and boasts two unique perks that may make a difference for you as a sniper rifle: Hipfire Grip makes shooting from hip more accurate while Violent Reanimation rewards players for landing multiple final blows on targets by rewarding them with devour each time they land multiple final strikes on them.

If you use bows, another unique loot from this dungeon that stands out is Indebted Kindness; an arrow with unique abilities. Hipfire Grip increases hipfire accuracy when shooting and reloading, and unique ability that allows you to shoot a single arrow that explodes into several smaller ones when hit, giving players an extra advantage when engaging in PvP battles. Furthermore, this arrow features a critical multiplier which increases damage output – all this makes Indebted Kindness an indispensable addition for any bow user in Destiny 2 PvE builds.

4. Last Wish

Last Wish is an astounding final boss in this snowy endgame Dungeon. With its snowy aesthetic and arsenal of powerful weapons and armor that make him look even more menacing than before, taking on Last Wish may make you feel like an Arctic Snowman himself! Be sure to sport one of the game’s premier Titan, Warlock or Hunter builds when making this encounter for maximum snowman effect!

On top of the coolest-looking gear, Last Wish provides players with weapon mods and an Origin trait. Furthermore, unlike other raids in Destiny 2, Last Wish’s loot doesn’t remain restricted – any weapon or armor dropped from any encounter may become part of your arsenal!

This change is significant as players looking to farm this raid for its high-end weapons will now have access to unlimited runs through its dungeon – with the exception of farming its Exotic weapon, which may only be done so once per week, per character.

At first encounter in this dungeon is against one of Fikrul’s top Scorn lieutenants, Rathil. Although not too difficult, players should remember a few important details during their fight with Rathil: Prioritize taking out his eyes (green circles around him), rather than dealing damage; clean up Scorn devices from Rathil as much as possible since each of these has Taken blight which must be cleansed by standing within its radius radius – while simultaneously taking down eyes may help in clearing his body! While fighting Rathil may not prove difficult, however players should keep these points in mind: 1) prioritize taking down eyes on Rathil while not dealing damage while at second cleanse as many small Scorn devices that the boss spits out before dealing with him while secondly clearing as many Scorn devices that the boss spits out for maximum efficiency during battle as possible as well.

Once players clear enough devices and shoot the medieval-inspired lever that serves as the central gear in this device, each cell door will fling open and the fight begins. There are four encounters in total and players must strike a balance between killing eyes while activating free damage phases on the boss.

Players can unlock some stunning-looking gear in this dungeon’s secret chests, though in order to do so they must first complete a raid as Legendaries are only eligible to claim them. Still, these pieces far outshone any other gear available in game including those found Indebted Kindness and Buried Bloodlines.

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