Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated December 19, 2023


Warlord?s Ruin is the latest dungeon in Destiny 2, providing Guardians an opportunity to uncover past histories and tensions within an abandoned Dark Age castle. Additionally, new weapons and armor featuring Strand synergies are also introduced as part of this unique experience.

Weaponry includes three sidearms – The Indebted Kindness sidearm ushers in a new Rocket-Assisted Frame archetype using Special ammunition; additionally there are two weapons with niche roles (Naeem?s Lance for instance).

Indebted Kindness Sidearm

Warlord?s Ruin is the latest installment in Destiny 2?s Season of the Wish event, taking Guardians back in time to battle an ancient foe. While players have generally welcomed this dungeon well, some elements remain to be settled; specifically its weaponry. While basic weapons such as Buried Bloodline Exotic can be found here as expected from Year Five dungeons; what has really captured players attention though is Sidearm Indebted Kindness with Special ammo capability as part of an all-new frame archetype which uses Special ammo making it both PvE and PvP viable options!

Though Indebted Kindness’ projectile speed may be relatively slow compared to most PvE combatants, its wide selection of PvP perks make it a strong contender in PvP matches where there are tight damage windows. Notably, Beacon Rounds makes it easier to hit opponents in the head or chest while increasing damage potential while Impulse Amplifier increases both reload speed and rocket velocity for increased effectiveness when playing PvP matches where damage windows must be kept in check.

If you want the Indebted Kindness Sidearm, make sure to complete all three encounters in Warlord?s Ruin. While its possible it will drop from any encounter, its most likely coming during Defiant Major’s second battle – however it could also be found hidden chests throughout its terrain or by performing parkour to reach them.

Warlord?s Ruin features several other weapons, such as Naeem’s Lance and other sniper rifles, in its loot table as well. However, the most desirable item will likely be the Indebted Kindness Sidearm as this weapon can drop from any encounter in the dungeon; however there will also be weapons with increased chances of dropping during final encounters, including Exotic Void sidearm Buried Bloodlines.

Naeem’s Lance

Warlords are one of the major factions of Ahamkaras in Destiny 2’s lore, representing one of Ahamkaras’ core beliefs: an ancient precursor of Guardians who battled each other over territory before Last City and Vanguard were created. Warlords used their immense power to construct towers and fortresses using deadly methods; dangerous, ruthless leaders often served as sources of great strength to their respective populations.

On December 1st, Season of the Wish brought with it a brand new Warlord?s Ruin Dungeon that allows us to revisit these powerful leaders, their fortresses, and how they cause havoc across Earth. There will be encounters here too as well as opportunities for earning appropriate armor to fit these rugged warriors of winter.

Other than the primary bosses in a dungeon, certain encounters require specific builds for maximum damage output. For instance, taking on Rathil, Broken Knight Chieftain with either a Titan or Warlock will help deal maximum damage against him and his Taken enemies.

Hefnd’s Vengeance, Blighted Chimera offers another notable encounter. This Taken boss fight maintains many of the mechanics introduced in previous encounters while adding new elements – especially using Imminent Wish status via capture Ether totems dropped by enemy players and Hefnd himself; defeating it while keeping its buff active will extend its damage phase significantly; this makes this battle ideal for any DPS build.

To obtain the maximum loot possible from a dungeon run, it’s necessary to repeat it multiple times. As well as standard loot you may obtain from each run, special rewards like Dark Age Armor can be gained along with Naeem’s Lance, an exclusive weapon boasting Impact 55 Stability 45 Handling 75 with Kinetic slot compatibility for Strand damage dealing. With excellent base stats making this weapon ideal for PvE play.


Warlord?s Ruin offers Destiny 2 fans their first chance to explore a brand-new dungeon since Season of the Wish on December 1. Players can explore a Scorn-filled Dark Age castle located within Europe Dead Zone for an interactive dungeon experience with unique mechanics and tons of loot to find.

Guardians can complete Warlord?s Ruin as often as three times each week to reap its rewards and overcome a series of monstrous encounters. Each boss in this dungeon features their own set of mechanics that players must understand to defeat them, while those who complete it will gain weapons and armor to help tackle various challenges they encounter during each run.

There are two distinct weapon sets you can find within the dungeon, with the most valuable one being the Indebted Kindness Sidearm which can be found with low rarity and features an exciting set of perk sets that offer special capabilities and powerful advantages.

Naeem’s Lance is another worthwhile drop, being found with moderate rarity and offering strong PvE perks such as Precision Instrument roll and Explosive Light from Last Wish. However, some players may find Precision Instrument roll too specific compared to its more versatile perks like Explosive Light from Last Wish.

Players should also keep an eye out for the two secret chests in the dungeon and pay close attention to how they appear. Each will feature a skeleton in one corner that points at a number that represents how many gears must be turned before it opens; otherwise it may lead to a Screeb appearing instead.

One of the two secrets is a new grenade while the other is a weapon with doubled reload speed – both are useful tools that will enable players who rely on auto rifles like Rufus? Fury to clear mobs quickly. Meanwhile, the grenade may provide significant damage in a short amount of time.

Precision Instrument

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish added not only an impressive new weapon to its arsenal, but also a unique sniper rifle with special abilities known as Precision Instrument that could drop from any encounter in Warlord?s Ruin. Players could exploit its abilities for tactical gains.

Warlord?s Ruin offers players one of its introductory puzzles featuring gears and medieval-style levers. To solve it, players must rotate them in order around the room in their correct order? although this should be straightforward. However, there could be several opportunities to misinterpret clues.

Once inside, players will see white or orange markings on the floor that indicate how many devices need to be rotated in one direction, which provides a clue as to the order in which gears need to be turned – for instance a white mark next to two orange ones indicates two gears should be turned clockwise and four anticlockwise for proper functioning of a lever shotgun.

Once players have correctly rotated the devices, they will need to kill a boss to advance further in the prison. The Taken Knight Rathil presents unique mechanics: cleanse Taken Totems in time with Naeem’s Wish Empowerment buff in order to increase damage and advance this battle phase.

At the start of each damage phase, players can activate this buff to grant an additional attack that has an increased chance of critical hit. Furthermore, Doomed Petitioner grants stacks of increased critical hit damage per precision shot fired, and Surrounded increases shield regeneration for Guardians during combat.

Once players defeat the final boss of this section, they are transported directly to the roof of their castle where they can collect the loot that they earned in each run of Warlord?s Ruin. This could include weapons and armor tailored specifically to each class as well as winter survival gear specific to your class. You might even earn exclusive emblems depending on how far along you progress in Warlord?s Ruin; hence why it would be worthwhile running multiple times.

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