Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated December 24, 2023


Season of the Wish’s Warlord?s Ruin Dungeon transports Guardians back to the Dark Age with rugged armor, weapons, and unique new perks such as Indebted Kindness which drops from every encounter using an entirely new Sidearm archetype.

To maximize loot, it is recommended to explore this dungeon using multiple characters in order to maximize loot collection.

Naeem’s Lance

Destiny 2 fans finally had the opportunity to explore Warlord?s Ruin during Season of the Wish and it was worth their while! Packed full of unique encounters that test Guardians and Fireteams to solve complex mechanics, as well as unique loot not found elsewhere, players finally got to discover it for themselves!

From new weapons to armor pieces, everything in the dungeon recalls life during the Dark Age when precursors to Guardians lived in fortresses and battled one another – an era that eventually gave way to corrupt warlords, hunting down fellow Lightbearers. Gear from the dungeon reflects this history; with Dark Age Armor sets featuring rugged winter survival themes for each class and new rocket sidearms such as Indebted Kindness rocket sidearm dropping at final encounter; in addition, some secret chests offer weapons or armor pieces from within its walls!

Naeem’s Lance stands out among Warlord?s Ruin weapons for its unique combination of abilities. As a sniper rifle with Unrelenting ability allowing it to destroy multiple enemies with just one swing and decent damage cap with the added ability of applying “Defeat with Honor” when hitting an enemy with its last shot, as well as Season of Wish’s 15% increase to damage per bullet for this type of rifle it makes Naeem?s Lance an attractive choice for those seeking an upgrade in weaponry.

The two other weapons commonly found in dungeons are the Dragoncult Sickle and Legendary Strand Bow. Each has something special to offer; with the Dragoncult Sickle offering additional ad-clear abilities while Legendary Strand Bow boasts both an incredible base damage stat as well as a god roll to give your weapons extra firepower.

The Indebted Kindness rocket sidearm should also be considered, due to its unique benefits that may assist players in PvP. Unfortunately, its damage cap may fall short of meeting some PvPer’s requirements.

Dragoncult Sickle

Rathil, First Broken Knight of Fikrul, introduces several novel mechanics into dungeon exploration. Guardians must utilize Taken totems in the arena to help fight this formidable foe and tag him using all devices on his hex-drinker hex-drinker device hex-drinker hex-drinker device to increase Naeem’s Wish Empowerment buff duration extending damage phase timers further.

In addition to introducing this new mechanic, the Dungeon’s initial encounter also features the Dragoncult Sickle sword as a potential drop after combat. You may also receive it by successfully completing on Master difficulty level; this weapon makes an ideal weapon for ranged characters using sniper rifles; however, its high chance of dropping basic God Roll perks could make this sword less suitable than ideal in practice.

Players will then climb a snowy peak to reach a legendary castle at the summit – one of Bungie’s most visually breathtaking environments, it also contains challenging puzzles for Guardians to solve once inside it. Once inside, they will enter an ominous room filled with three boss fights and plenty of enemies waiting.

Guardians will be charged with upholding the wishes of an outgoing ruler while also confronting the Scorn faction who seek to recover Hefnd’s Bones – defeating this threat and recovering them will bring this Season of Wishes to its final chapter.

The Warlord?s Ruin Dungeon provides Guardians with an amazing challenge, rewarding them with new armor and weapons – including some exotic cosmetic items – along with new perks, such as the Exotic Buried Bloodline Sidearm. Re-running it multiple times to get everything it has to offer; those wanting an added challenge should attempt it on Master difficulty for even greater rewards! If you need any assistance navigating its perils, check out our Destiny 2 Warlord?s Ruin guide.

Legendary Strand Bow

Season of the Wish is focused around Ahamkaras – functionally extinct wish dragons integral to Destiny lore – with players having an opportunity to reclaim some of their bones through Warlord?s Ruin. Opened December 1st, this dungeon tasks Guardians with hunting for Ahamkara bones within an overrun castle owned by Scorn and rewarding players with an impressive set of weapons and armor.

Destiny 2’s Rift Ruins Dungeon is one of the coolest yet, and its loot is equally thrilling. Beyond standard gear, there is also an exciting Sidearm archetype available, as well as an exceptional Legendary Strand Bow that fires small rounds of self-propelled rocket ammunition; making it a unique option for PvE play that can be crafted at its first fortress in this dungeon.

Another highlight of this dungeon is the new Dark Age armor, which can be obtained by successfully completing all encounters within it. Featuring rugged winter attire for every class and featuring climbing ropes and ice picks – it makes an attractive accessory set! Undoubtedly one of the most flexible armor sets available, making this new Dark Age set one of the more desirable choices among players.

Players can gain more than weapons and armor by completing the Dungeon. Notable prizes include Sparrows and Exotic Ships as well as exclusive emblems – it may take multiple runs through to collect everything, although trying out Master difficulty may offer greater challenges!

As well as these items, the Shadow of the Mountain Dungeon also rewards players with legendary items, including Hefnd’s Bones – an exclusive weapon rewarded to Guardians who defeat the final boss and features an intriguing sniping mechanic. Additionally, its Origin Trait: Sundering decreases reload speed for precision hits while Hatchling creates Threadlings for Precision Final Blows; to get this legendary item you must complete Ikora’s Tower quest “Shadow of the Mountain”.

Exotic Void Sidearm

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish brings players to Warlord?s Ruin for its latest dungeon run. Once inside, players face three encounters which, if defeated successfully, yield great weapons and armor items; one may even drop an Exotic sidearm! For anyone planning a run through, here is the Loot Table which should help plan out their journey.

This loot pool’s most intriguing weapon is Indebted Kindness, the inaugural Sidearm archetype in the game using Special ammo and dealing heavy damage both in PvE and PvP. For bow enthusiasts, Legendary Strand Bow can also be earned; its combination of Hipfire Grip with Offhand Strike makes it highly accurate when used by Ranged classes while providing additional damage potential thanks to Final Blow capabilities.

Buried Bloodline, an Exotic Void Sidearm that will make an impactful statement both in PvE and PvP, stands out as one of the more impressive weapons on offer. Thanks to its impressive features like Origin Trait that grants bonuses for reload speed and charge rate; Hungering Quarrel Intrinsic can fire tracking bolts that leech health from targets; Catalyst grants Devour to users who land several Final Blows; this weapon’s capabilities make its debut remarkable indeed!

Warlord?s Ruin offers armor hunters a rare treat this year with its Legendary Blightweave Armor set, offering unique mechanics to add a unique spin to classic armor designs and bonus benefits that make earning one worth your while if possible. Additionally, collecting certain other pieces such as rare Blightweave Boots and an Exotic Ghost Shell may unlock its full potential and should give additional motivation to complete Warlord?s Ruin multiple times on Master difficulty if possible.

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