Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated December 26, 2023


On December 1st, Destiny 2’s newly unlocked dungeon takes players on an ancient castle tour through Europe’s Dead Zone. There they can discover weapons and armor – even an Exotic weapon! – along with exciting adventures.

This loot pool’s crown jewel, the Indebted Kindness sidearm, provides a versatile new weapon archetype with both PvE and PvP advantages for any build. A must-have!

Best Weapon

Warlord?s Ruin is a delightful mini dungeon in Destiny 2 designed to offer both relaxation from raiding, and victory in Wrathbearer title’s Triumph dungeon Triumph. Though not as challenging to complete than other activities within the game, its tricky mechanics will keep players at their toes; including puzzles which may prove challenging and enemies that pose tough resistance against destruction.

Once again, this dungeon can be conquered with practice and all its riches won. First step should be understanding its puzzles: within each castle are various gears with numbers on them which must be rotated anticlockwise for doors to open; each gear also displays how many must spin counterclockwise in order for object in center to open.

One of the best weapons you’ll find in this dungeon is Indebted Kindness, a sidearm in the Rocket category that’s challenging to hit but an excellent option for both PvE and PvP players alike. Plus it comes equipped with some amazing perks, such as Voltshot which increases reload speed twice as quickly and allows it to shoot twice as quickly!

Dragoncult Sickle is another weapon worth collecting from this dungeon, providing chain reaction attacks and the power to smash multiple enemies with one swift swing. Perfect for damage dealing, its unique properties even make it better in PvP than some of its counterparts!

Tractor Cannon should be your final weapon of choice from this dungeon, offering powerful debuff effects across an entire Fireteam, making it extremely effective in PvP combat. Furthermore, its Precision Instrument perk makes it suitable for damage-dealing builds in PvE.

Best Armor

Destiny 2’s Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon transports Guardians back in time in search of ancient Ahamkara bones, but what really entices them here is its loot. Reminiscent of Dark Age aesthetics but offering loot from retro aesthetics as well as offering Exotic weapons like an Exotic sidearm as well as being home to one new weapon archetype, there’s plenty up for grabs here, from weapons to armor that make an impression with their retro aesthetics – everything from weapon archetypes that bring Dark Age gear, retro aesthetics as well as some truly fantastic gear!

The best gun in this dungeon is likely the Indebted Kindness sidearm, which drops from all encounters and boasts an Exotic Catalyst that grants Devour when dealing multiple damage phases. While it makes for a powerful sidearm for Void builds, other weapons also provide useful perks in this dungeon, such as the Defiant Rage arcanite sword and Corrupted Hex-Drinker melee weapon which transfer debuff when activated; Buried Bloodline exotic sidearm which fires two Void Tracking Bolts that leech health on impact!

As for armor, the Grasping Hands Helmet stands out as one of the top options in this dungeon. A lightweight piece, it provides extra shield strength while offering great defensive benefits as well as providing an increased shield recharge rate bonus – something PvE players may appreciate.

Naeem’s Light Helm is another useful piece of armor, providing a modest increase to melee damage output. While suitable for most players, being classified as Tier 3 suggests there may be better choices available to them.

Grisping Hands gloves are also an attractive choice for Guardians looking to increase their melee damage output. While not quite as effective, they do provide an upgrade from Naeem’s Gloves from Coil activities; they don’t quite match up to Grasping Hands Helm’s superior damage output though; nonetheless there are other tier 4 weapons and pieces in this Dungeon that may be worthwhile considering.

Worst Weapon

Warlord?s Ruin is an extremely difficult and demanding dungeon with an estimated power level of 1790, packed with annoying Taken enemies that may swath you down as well as enemies that could potentially end your journey – having the appropriate Titan, Hunter and Warlock builds for both PvE and PvP combat is key to making it through.

The most exciting weapon to drop into a dungeon is the Indebted Kindness sidearm, the first Legendary version of Rocket-Assisted frame that fires self-propelled rockets instead of regular bullets. While this gun offers unique gameplay experience and makes a memorable impression when played, its popularity alone might not bring players flocking here en masse; thankfully there are other weapons which draw their interest such as Taken grenades and exotic Void sidearms which also prove quite effective at drawing visitors in large.

Warlord?s Ruin may be difficult, but its rewards make it well worth your while despite its difficulty. These include the Buried Bloodline exotic sidearm as well as stunning environments such as snow-dappled mountains that welcome you into a castle and dank, dark halls for added atmosphere and style.

This dungeon shares the same fundamental mechanics as most recent dungeons, with players competing to break through each encounter’s Imminent Wish status by standing within small Scorn devices created when bosses have their Imminent Wish buff active in their lower left corners; when cleansed by players standing within one, these devices hold Taken blight that when cleansed will reset its timer and reset timer for that encounter.

Players have several tricks at their disposal to avoid boss battles while still earning valuable loot from dungeons. One effective method involves doing some planning: running the dungeon with one character who hasn’t done it before will generate a checkpoint and allow another character that has never done the dungeon to log into another one, launch it together with their Fireteam, and ensure their efforts will be rewarded accordingly.

Worst Armor

Guardians facing off against Ahamkara’s crumbling remnants now face an extra difficult challenge: Warlord’s Ruin. Players enter an abandoned castle high up in the mountains where they must battle some of the game’s toughest foes in order to secure some incredible loot – such as an Exotic sidearm, weapons, and an armor set! When this new dungeon opens on December 1, expect an epic fight awaiting those brave enough to storm it!

Though difficult, the Dungeon of Woe isn’t unbeatable and actually offers one of the simplest farming experiences available in Destiny. Its first encounter can be easily farmed as there’s no boss timer; for its second encounter however, two players must reach its final damage phase to receive its drop – this then acts as a checkpoint in its progression and you can return back into its room to begin again with new teammates.

As far as weapons go, the ideal one to collect in Warlord’s Ruin may be Indebted Kindness: an ultra rare Special Bow with both Hipfire Grip and Offhand Strike attachments for easy shooting from distance with great accuracy; upon successfully landing a Final Blow it also delivers additional damage!

Hefnd’s Vengeance Helm could be one of the worst pieces to obtain in terms of armor. While its benefits might include additional shields and resistances, their overall effectiveness does not compare favorably with other helmets in the game; its only redeeming factor might be its unique appearance.

If you don’t already have access to Warlord’s Ruin, the Dungeon Key can be purchased for 2000 silver in either the Eververse store or from Hawthorne in the Tower. This key grants access to both Ghost of the Deep from Season of the Deep as well as Warlord’s Ruin which serves Season of Wish; additionally it unlocks Ikora’s Shadow of Mountain quest in Ikora Tower.

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