Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated December 28, 2023


Many players are delighted by Warlord?s Ruin, an exciting dungeon that provides challenging encounters and ample loot. Here are some tips to help you tackle it quickly.

Hidden chests can be found throughout a dungeon, and those containing loot are marked by blue glowing effects to indicate their contents. Decoy chests that spawn Screebs to kill players should be distinguished from genuine chests by their distinct looks and contents.

1. Naeem’s Light

Warlord’s Ruin is one of Destiny 2’s coolest new dungeons this season, providing an opportunity to earn some impressive endgame gear and weapons that offer both aesthetic appeal and utility.

To gain entry to the Dungeon, players must meet certain power requirements and receive a key from Ikora Ray in the Tower. But this won’t be enough: To successfully navigate it and complete it successfully, they also require specific weapons capable of withstanding damage windows and new mechanics.

Rathil, the Broken Knight Chieftain is your first encounter in this dungeon. To make Rathil more challenging than your typical raid encounters, this encounter employs unique mechanics that include Scorn lanterns that release Taken blights that must be cleansed within a set period as indicated by an Imminent Wish countdown clock before they detonate and breach immunity shields and unleash damage stages against Rathil.

Once all lanterns have been cleansed, it’s time to do some serious damage! Your final battle will be against Hefnd’s Vengeance, the Blighted Chimaera. While similar in terms of mechanics to previous encounters, this one adds another level of challenge by including a game of tag with Acolyte Eye destruction as one way of inflicting real damage on this boss.

Notable about this dungeon is its abundance of hidden chests. Be wary when opening any, as doing so can summon hostile Screebs that attack. Therefore, it would be prudent to avoid opening these chests until certain that its weapons match those required by you.

2. Indebted Kindness

Destiny 2’s Warlord?s Ruin dungeon offers plenty of impressive weapons and armor, including an intriguing new sidearm named Indebted Kindness that has captured much community attention. This weapon belongs to an entirely unique sidearm archetype.

The Indebted Kindness weapon is a rocket-based sidearm which fires multiple rockets at enemies. This versatile sidearm offers many different perks to suit different playstyles and environments, from PvE-focused Beacon Rounds to Impulse Amplifier (boosting reload speed and projectile velocity) as well as Impulse Amplifier for PvP combat. Although versatile in nature, this gun may not be ideal for every class; due to its reliance on precise hits that may overshoot targets when engaging PvP opponents.

While sniper rifles remain the preferred weapon choice for most players, this sidearm offers another viable option. Its projectile speed makes it especially helpful in PvP environments where combatants move more rapidly than they would in PvE – although in order to maximize this weapon’s potential fully you should focus on developing God Rolls that emphasize PvP-oriented perk like Lead From Gold and Voltshot.

This gun is one of the top weapons you’ll find in this dungeon, though its appearance isn’t guaranteed every time. After defeating three encounters in this dungeon, there is a chance it may appear; other weapons like Naeem’s Light or Buried Bloodlines Exotic Void sidearm have higher chances. Furthermore, Glimmer and resources may also drop.

3. Supremacy

Supremacy stands out from the Warlord’s Ruin weapons table as an exceptional Rocket Sidearm using Special ammo, featuring hipfire Grip and Offhand Strike as useful perks. Additionally, other notable weapons in the dungeon worth exploring include Caster Sword Dragoncult Sickle and exotic Void Sidearm Buried Bloodline – these should all be actively sought.

Rathil, a Scorn lieutenant of Fikrul, will present your first major battle in the Dungeon. With a competent fireteam and appropriate loadouts in place, this encounter should prove relatively straightforward to conquer. The key lies in breaking Rathil’s immunity phase by standing inside small Scorn devices that appear when you see “Imminent Wish” appear onscreen; these contain Taken blight that when cleansed gives more time for damage against him.

Once you have defeated this boss and all enemies in the dungeon, two secret chests await in the parkour section between encounters three and four. Be wary however – some chests may be fakes that generate Screebs to kill you! To spot an actual chest emitting blue mist just stare at it for several seconds to see if its light turns blue.

Overall, Destiny 2’s Dungeons offer an exciting and rewarding way to play the game. While challenging, they shouldn’t be difficult if you come equipped with your best gear and are at an appropriate power level (Recommended Power Level: 1790; enemies may reach 1810) when entering. Furthermore, unlike its predecessors, these dungeons don’t require level grinding to manageable levels so it is worth undertaking at any time during a season’s journey.

4. Naeem’s Lance

As is true with any Destiny 2 dungeon, understanding its intricacies is paramount to conquering Warlord?s Ruin. Using hive signs and buffs appropriately while gearing up appropriately for boss damage stages will determine success or failure in battle – though thankfully there are numerous strategies you can employ when approaching Warlord?s Ruin including taking advantage of new weapons that drop there!

Warlord?s Ruin provides players with four basic weapons and the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm? all different from what has previously been released during Year Five – giving players even more variety when picking their arsenal for this year.

Indebted Kindness marks an entirely new Sidearm archetype and utilizes Special ammo, but delivers significant damage in PvE and PvP through Hipfire Grip and Offhand Strike. Bow enthusiasts should also appreciate Legendary Strand Bow; its Hipfire accuracy increases when firing with full charges while its Final Blow provides further damage potential.

As soon as a player has defeated all three encounters in their new dungeon, they will unlock new pieces of armor with rugged winter themes to match its setting, such as climbing rope, ice picks, fur accents and golden visors.

To gain access to these items, players must complete Ikora’s Cold Age quest at Tower. Once complete, they will receive a key for Warlord?s Ruin where defeating three foes within will yield them gear and weapons; successfully completing Warlord?s Ruin triumph will earn them Wrathbearer status.

5. The Legendary Strand Bow

Bungie may have delivered some welcome relief in Destiny 2’s most recent season by giving players some new weapons that don’t require grinding levels – one such weapon being an exotic strand bow which can be obtained by completing Starcrossed exotic mission in week four of Season of the Wish.

As its name implies, the Legendary Strand Bow brings back memories of the Dark Ages as it can only be fired by Guardians with specific archetypes. Furthermore, this powerful weapon allows Guardians to deal devastating damage at range due to shots which cause opponents to sustain greater damage for the duration of each shot.

This bow offers some appealing perks that could make it more desirable for PvE players. For instance, its Hipfire Grip allows faster firing rates as well as the chance of landing precision strikes or Final Blow after firing each bolt. While this weapon might appeal to bow enthusiasts in PvE, its higher cost may make it harder to justify getting over Last Wish’s Supremacy weapon.

Warlord’s Ruin also offers some appealing armor choices through its loot table, with Hefnd’s Vengeance Blighted Chimera sporting some decent upgrades from its previous version and upgrade options available to upgrade it into Artifice version – though this comes with some mediocre perks that may not appeal to all players.

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