Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated December 30, 2023


Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish has brought with it a brand-new snow-covered dungeon: Warlord’s Ruin challenges Guardians to storm an abandoned castle filled with Scorn and Taken enemies and storm its walls in order to gain entry.

Players will come across numerous secret chests on their journey; be wary of those emitting a blue mist as these could be decoys designed to attract Screebs that will attack.

Indebted Kindness

Warlord’s Ruin in Destiny 2 transported Guardians back to the Dark Age with rugged armor and weapons from that period, such as Exotic Sidearm “Indebted Kindness”. Utilizing an entirely new sidearm archetype with unique perks, this weapon was considered to be one of the crown jewels in this dungeon’s loot pool; providing both PvE and PvP advantages for every class who entered its loot pool.

This exotic void sidearm found at Warlord’s Ruin’s initial encounter features some interesting traits that make it suitable for both PvE and PvP use. Hipfire Grip allows you to fire hip shots more accurately while Offhand Strike provides a damage boost upon landing a Final Blow; together this combination can do considerable damage both ways.

Although Indebted Kindness doesn’t rank as high on the PvP arena, it still offers some notable perks for PvE play. Its first two columns of its trait tree boast significant damage potential while its third column offers various Quick Launch and Impulse Amplifier options that could prove beneficial in PvE combat situations.

The fourth and fifth columns are unimpressive, offering subpar benefits or worse. For instance, in the fourth column there is only Beacon Rounds as an average choice; therefore Indebted Kindness likely requires some form of upgrades before being competitive in its field of play.

This asymmetrical shotgun makes PvE gameplay immensely entertaining with its ranged damage and unique perks, including Double-Turn Trait and Rapid Reload Traits that allow it to fire twice in succession and allow rapid reload at almost the same rate as your opponent. Furthermore, its special ability can detonate enemies for short period of time before detonating enemies with short range explosions causing damage over time – perfect for targeting opponents on close quarters battlegrounds! Plus it can be found both second and third encounters of the Dungeon making this gun perfect for farming as it offers multiple opportunities and testing its potential benefits under different situations!

Naeem’s Lance

Destiny 2’s Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon transports Guardians back to the Dark Age, offering rugged winter armor sets and weapons from an ancient enemy. Unlike previous dungeons, however, no Power level requirement must be met in order to conquer Warlord’s Ruin; rather, one’s level depends on their gear alone – thus it is essential that players prepare accordingly before diving into its depths.

Season of the Wish introduces two new weapons for players to acquire in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, both legendary rifles. One, Naeem’s Lance, offers an ideal balance between damage and utility; its Kinetic slot delivering Strand damage while providing increased handloading speed when using special ammo; Unrelenting capabilities allow it to take down multiple enemies at once while replenishing health with each kill.

The second weapon Bungie introduced was the Caster sword known as Dragoncult Sickle. Bungie remembered these axes after 2.5 years and introduced this blade in Warlord’s Ruin dunkeon with some impressive perks to enhance melee capabilities of Assassins looking to expand their melee capabilities. It features a high damage cap, decent range, Unrelenting Chain Reaction Perk that lets users cleave enemies quickly with one powerful swing and PvP oriented bonuses such as increased melee attack speed or damage while providing stability and handling on Legendary rolls.

Hefnd’s Vengeance, the Blighted Chimera, provides players with a dynamic arena experience filled with various mechanics that keep players guessing during combat. Taken totems and tag are just two such mechanisms, while Hefnd himself will create large Taken blights that need to be cleansed by standing within them; damage phases also exist and Acolyte Eyes must be destroyed to extend his immunity phase.

As you beat each encounter, you will unlock an assortment of rewards to aid your journey – ranging from an Exotic Sidearm to Warlord’s Ruin armor sets! There’s so much waiting for you when you enter this new dungeon!

Naeem’s Sword

As Guardians prepare for the Season of the Wish, Destiny 2’s Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon released December 1 offers Guardians the opportunity to discover Ahamkara bones of extinct wish dragons while fighting off Scorn armies in a Dark Age castle.

There are a few unique encounters within this dungeon that require strategic maneuvering and efficient use of mechanics for success, especially the boss battles with Locus of Wailing Grief and Hefnd’s Vengeance; those require extra attention as they feature special mechanics not present elsewhere.

Warlord’s Ruin begins in a vast, snowy mountaintop area that Guardians must navigate with difficulty and explore. At first it may seem confusing as you attempt to locate your first encounter; luckily orange flags provide guidance. Once there, Rathil should not prove too difficult with an adequate Fireteam and loadout; Sniper Rifles or Shotguns can easily take him down! After this battle you will be transported into a prison cell and must solve a puzzle before being freed again.

Once the prison has been cleared, Hefnd’s Vengeance awaits as another formidable Scorn boss fight. Similar to previous battles but more complex. This battle features two damage phases linked to Acolyte Eye destruction and clearing times between clearing them.

The initial phase of battle begins as a standard damage phase wherein enemies spawn from the boss can be attacked directly by players. After several damage phases have passed, another stage starts wherein Screebs appear and must be destroyed directly against them to end them all.

This second phase resembles more of a tag game and requires you to move away and back towards your boss while attacking them. Beware, as otherwise you risk becoming trapped in an infinite loop where either attacks go unseen, or where no damage has been dealt to the boss at all!

Naeem’s Light

Naeem’s Light is an item that unlocks a quest that delves deeper into Destiny 2’s expansive story lore, providing insight into one of its main characters and unlocking one of its dungeon’s main quests. This powerful sniper rifle boasts high critical chances and high damage output while offering instant knockback debuff for enemies; additionally it comes equipped with an unique aiming system which allows players to target an object right in the center of its sights for even faster attacks.

Players require the assistance of a fireteam in order to complete this dungeon, as its puzzles require strategic maneuvering and efficient handling mechanics. Furthermore, players will come up against Locus of Wailing Grief – an unforgiving Taken Ogre – which necessitates an unprecedented power level to defeat.

Before engaging the boss, you will first need to unlock the Warlord’s Ruin puzzle. To do this, visit Ikora in the Tower and receive the “Shadow of the Mountain” quest; this will then unlock an EDZ which allows access to Ruins to launch the dungeon.

Once inside, you’ll be transported into a prison and see several skeletons with white or orange markings in the center of the room, representing how many devices must be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise in order to open cells. Two skeletons bearing four markings signify two devices should spin clockwise while two must spin anti-clockwise – once all gears have been spun correctly you will be able to shoot the blue key on the far-left wall to activate them all and unlock cells.

As a word of warning, the Dungeon is littered with fake loot crates that appear as empty chests – these will trigger hostile Screebs that will instantly attack and blow up upon opening, so it is wise to stay clear from these.

Although challenging, the Dungeon offers players some of the finest gear in the game and gives an opportunity to unlock a Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon. It is well worth their efforts assembling their best fireteam and practicing how best to handle encounters so as to conquer this new piece of endgame content.

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