Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated January 1, 2024


Warlord’s Ruin in Season of the Wish takes players deep into snow-covered mountains and an old Dark Age castle overrun by Scorn, with encounters that are somewhat more complex than usual but tend to yield rewards in terms of amazing loot.

One of the weapons players can obtain through dungeon is the Indebted Kindness, an Exotic sidearm capable of dealing Void damage and using Special ammo. Here is all you need to know about this weapon.


Warlord?s Ruin offers several exciting encounters for players to engage with as they explore its mechanics, such as Rathil, the Blighted Scorn chieftan from Blighted Scorn. Aside from engaging in battle against Taken bosses, Rathil also drops several helpful items – such as the Indebted Kindness exotic sidearm which serves both PvE and PvP purposes – as well as Ahamkara Bones which begin a special quest that rewards multiple lore entries as well as emblems!

Rathil is one of the less challenging bosses in Warlord’s Ruin. While you will need to kill him, the encounter shouldn’t prove too mechanically taxing; his health can be managed and most of the time is spent in a small arena that’s mob-heavy – therefore weapons that are capable of handling tick damage like Dragon’s Breath are ideal or you could go with something like Withhoard for maximum efficiency.

Your fight will yield other items as well, including the First Broken Knight of Fikrul and a relic that grants a chance to unlocking the Buried Bloodline Exotic Void Sidearm. There are also secret chests throughout the dungeon which contain weapons and armor – though only two will contain true loot – genuine chests can be identified by emitting blue mist when approaching them; all other chests are decoys which spawn Screebs in order to kill you!

While you can farm gear that drops in this dungeon, taking the time to learn each encounter before moving forward will pay dividends. Over time you will become adept at anticipating its patterns and prepare accordingly, eventually reaping new weapons and armor along with unique rewards available only in this dungeon – great fun for high-level characters looking for a challenge that will put their skills through their paces! Enjoy!

First Broken Knight of Fikrul

The First Broken Knight of Fikrul is an intimidating raid boss found within Warlord?s Ruin. Guardians may encounter this encounter when exploring this dungeon, with each encounter providing the potential to drop Legendary weapons and armor pieces as well as Warlord?s Ruin triumphs that help complete part of their Wrathbearer questline.

Rathil, the initial boss encounter, uses several familiar mechanics from past raids and dungeons, such as disabling boss immunity by cleansing Scorn devices. At the start of each fight, Rathil summons Taken blights encased in Scorn devices that players must cleanse by standing within a white radius circle before the Imminent Wish timer runs out – these devices appear periodically during combat so players must remain alert to clear them quickly before time runs out!

Once Rathil is defeated, Hefnd’s Vengeance awaits. A Blighted chimera that draws upon mechanics from previous encounters while adding one or two of its own. Starting out immune to attack from waves of Taken enemies, defeating them until two Scorn minibosses appear and you must make him vulnerable by defeating Taken until two Scorn devices appear that must be cleansed by standing within their radius circles – eventually Hefnd’s Vengeance will break his shield and unleash its damage phase! As with other Blighted bosses before him, eventually Hefnd’s Vengeance will break his shield and unleash an all-out damage phase!

Hefnd’s Vengeance offers players an opportunity to obtain the Dragoncult Sickle sword, with some great PvE and PvP benefits thanks to its Hipfire Grip perk for high precision accuracy, Offhand Strike increasing Precision Damage after Final Blow strikes, and finally the Indebted Kindness Arc Sidearm being introduced as its first Legendary Arc Bow in game, featuring an engaging combination of perks designed specifically to benefit PvE builds as well as PvP ones.

Warlord?s Ruin encounters offer players the chance to unlock a special set of Warlord?s Ruin armor called Dark Age. This set features rugged winter aesthetic that fits well with its setting in Warlord?s Ruin. Each class receives their own individual armor model featuring climbing rope and other survival gear as well as fur accents? perfect for the new dungeon environment.

Locus of Wailing Grief

Warlord’s Ruin’s second encounter pits players against an immense Taken ogre known as Locus of Wailing Grief. This fight retains some elements from its predecessor but introduces additional ones, including depositing four Solar Charges into braziers around him to initiate damage phase and avoid his Biting Cold debuff that can be removed by landing near standards (flags on a pole).

This boss battle provides players with the chance to obtain the Warlord’s Whisper Exotic hand cannon, an extremely powerful melee weapon with three attack types. Additionally, The Locus of Wailing Grief presents players with the chance to level up their exotic weapons; each time he appears he drops swords, bows, and sidearms for them to use; though unfortunately this battle won’t provide general-use guns; instead the only category not comprising an exotic is swords.

After this encounter, players will venture through a short maze with many nooks containing chests concealed away within them. Be wary as some chests could actually be decoys that will unleash Screebs to kill you; genuine chests can easily be identified by their glowing blue mist aura surrounding them.

To open up chests, players will have to shoot gears located on the walls in their designated spots and hit orange-marked gears – these indicate how many dials should be spinning counterclockwise while white-marked ones indicate which should spin clockwise – before all their activation has taken place and they are free to collect their loot inside!

The Locus of Wailing Grief offers the chance of dropping an Exotic shoulder armor piece called Warlord’s Heart that is excellent for heavy damage-dealing builds in game. Be warned though; this dungeon requires a high level Fireteam in order to complete it, so players should come prepared.

The Locus of Wailing Grief Dungeon can be an exciting and rewarding activity that rewards Fireteam members with weapons and armor of excellent quality, as well as fulfilling one of the requirements for Wrathbearer title. As this dungeon is essential for players’ experience of this game, completion should occur as quickly as possible.

Hefnd’s Vengeance

Warlords are powerful and lethal adversaries in Destiny lore, leading many Lightbearers into conflict with one another. Although eventually brought under control by The Last City and Vanguard, new factions emerging in EDZ threatened their presence once again; so to combat this threat the new Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon challenges Guardians to enter an isolated castle high up in EDZ Mountains to confront this danger while at the same time rewarding players with incredible loot!

Warlord’s Ruin provides three encounters that could potentially yield Guardians with Exotic Void Sidearms, Legendary weapons or full sets of armor – our Warlord’s Ruin: Loot Table is here to provide all of this vital information so you can maximize your rewards from exploring this snow-covered castle!

Warlord’s Ruin takes place on a vast snowy mountaintop area filled with Taken enemies. To clear Rathil, players will have to complete a challenging arena experience that involves dealing damage while dodging various Taken-themed mechanics such as totem activation and tag mechanics as well as multiple DPS phases connected with Acolyte Eye destruction.

Once the Rathil battle is complete, players will find themselves facing Hefnd’s Vengeance: a Blighted Chimera boss fight. This arena battle builds upon what players learned during Rathil by adding more mobs and new mechanics that keep players engaged; multiple DPS phases must also be dealt with in addition to an all-new death mechanic.

Hefnd’s Vengeance is another challenging arena battle that will require an expert Fireteam to defeat. There are various DPS phases which must be cleared quickly, while players must stay active by reactivating Acolyte Eyes when timers run low.

After killing Hefnd’s Vengeance, the Dungeon will teleport them to an open platform where they can collect their reward: typically pieces of Hefnd’s Vengeance Armor as well as Exotic Void Sidearms and Legendary weapons.

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