Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table – Weapons & Armor

updated January 5, 2024


Warlord?s Ruin was added to Destiny 2 on December 1 for Season of the Wish, featuring an abandoned castle within the EDZ that houses Scorn and Taken as well as three boss encounters.

This dungeon offers great gear, such as the exotic Void Sidearm. Additionally, a weapon which debuts an archetype will also be present here.

Indebted Kindness Sidearm

Destiny 2’s Seasons brings with them new dungeons, giving players another opportunity to obtain rare gear. Warlord?s Ruin is one such challenge which requires high level characters and teams working well together; players may even gain access to exotic sidearms like Buried Bloodline as part of this PVE experience.

Warlord?s Ruin’s first boss, Fikrul, can be an intimidating adversary. To defeat him successfully, you need to break his immunity phase so you can begin dealing damage. Do this by standing within the small Scorn devices the boss creates when an Imminent Wish appears in the bottom left of your screen and standing near Scorn devices that contain Taken blight that you can cleanse by standing near them; do as many cleanses as you can during each encounter to extend its length and make progress faster.

An effective weapon for this encounter should deliver Arc damage. The Indebted Kindness sidearm fits neatly into the Energy slot while dealing Arc damage. In addition, its range of special ammo as well as high velocity and stability make this weapon ideal – its two best perks being Lead From Gold and Voltshot which maximize its damage potential further.

As for the second encounter, it involves a Taken colossus. Your main objective here should be to defeat him before he destroys both the Last City and Vanguard. Like Fikrul’s fight, this encounter requires teamwork between teammates in order to succeed; additionally, there may be jumping puzzles to complete in order to generate sufficient damage against your boss.

Indebted Kindness stands out as an intriguing sidearm due to its unique rocket firing ability. Though not boasting top handling specs, its rocket fire can still deal a considerable amount of damage during PvE encounters and makes a good addition to power arsenal builds with Voltshot god roll support.

Naeem’s Light

The Grasping Hands Helmet, another piece of armor with useful perk, provides a slight shield recharge rate bonus, which can come in particularly handy during PvE encounters where players must keep their shields up. Furthermore, this piece is classified as Tier 3.

Naeem’s Light sidearm is an extremely effective sniper weapon capable of inflicting massive damage upon multiple enemies at once, boasting an effective range of 270 yards. Furthermore, this weapon features an innovative sniper strike feature to break through defenses and temporarily stun opponents for short duration – making this weapon one of the premier pick-up options in Warlord?s Ruin.

An Imminent Wish countdown can be obtained by successfully completing the final encounter in the Dungeon on Legend or Master difficulty, featuring Rathil, the original Broken Knight of Fikrul. Players are challenged to remove Taken Blight devices before reaching an Imminent Wish timer’s countdown timer and clear away Taken blight as quickly as possible before time expires and an Imminent Wish countdown starts ticking away.

After clearing this encounter, players are free to explore the rest of the dungeon on their own. However, keep in mind that this dungeon is extremely challenging and requires high level characters with decent gear; to complete it successfully it is advised that players team up with three Guardians for best results.

As previously noted, there are a couple of secret chests hidden throughout the dungeon that can be identified by their blue glow. Players must take care not to open these chests accidentally as this could trigger hostile Screebs which will kill them instantly. Therefore, it is advisable to wait several seconds before opening any chest with blue hues, to make sure it really is real and avoid any potential mishaps that could end in one’s death. Also it should be remembered that only two real secret chests exist while all others are simply decoys; one can only claim one piece of loot per encounter in the dungeon!

Exotic Void Sidearm

Defenders of Earth can often face the daunting challenge of protecting it from an alien invasion with difficulty, as this requires mastering intricate mechanics and puzzle solving as well as using different buffs strategically during critical boss damage phases. But those who can master Warlord?s Ruin can reap great rewards including an Exotic sidearm and complete armor set – certainly rewards worth their while!

As is typical for Destiny dungeons, each encounter in Warlord?s Ruin can give rise to Legendary weapons or armor pieces; including the brand-new rocket-powered sidearm “Indebted Kindness.” Players have an increased chance of finding this gun by unlocking one or more of five Triumphs available to them during each encounter.

Weapon-wise, the Indebted Kindness stands out as being particularly interesting. Not only does it feature high damage output and an impressive range, but its Unrelenting Chain Reaction Perk allows users to cleave enemies away with one powerful swipe – an especially useful perk for PvP builds.

Although Bungie included four weapons on the table, it would have been preferable if more general-use firearms like hand cannons or pulse rifles had been included – however there are other weapons hidden throughout the dungeon in secret chests, including the Sigil of Darkness and Naeem’s Vengeance which should provide ample opportunity to explore.

At the dungeon’s other encounters, there are also pieces of armor available to earn. One such example is the hardy winter-themed Dark Age armor available to all classes that features climbing ropes, ice picks, and fur accents to fit perfectly with its snowy setting. Guardians looking for rugged winter wear in their armor sets should surely enjoy adding this gear into their arsenals; furthermore, its two secret bonus chests may offer duplicate drops of any item they already earned!

Naeem’s Vengeance

Warlord’s Ruin is an exciting, new dungeon which presents its own set of unique challenges and rewards; these include the Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm! Additionally, Warlord’s Ruin offers several new weapons and armor pieces; it’s important to remember though, these may not necessarily be ideal for your current build so don’t just rush in and grab everything at once!

Warlord’s Ruin kicks off with an encounter against Rathil, the initial Broken Knight of Fikrul. His goal is to stomp players, but you can damage him while his immunity phase lasts by standing near any Scorn devices created by Rathil which contain Taken blight that poisons the ground but can be cleansed simply by standing near it – destruction will activate his stomp. Be wary when trying to do so though as doing so may trigger it and make Rathil angry enough for him to do just that before his immunity phase ends!

Once destroyed, the boss will release an Acolyte Eye swarm that he can play tag with as you fight alongside your fireteam. Additionally, Scorn lanterns created by him can be captured by standing near them; doing so extends his damage phase buff period further while zero captures will result in no increase in damage phase buff.

Guardians who complete this dungeon will gain access to several new perks. Some are standard options such as Archer’s Tempo, Explosive Head and Successful Warm-up. More interesting perks such as Slice (imposes a Sever Debuff on enemies), Hatchlings (create threadlings for Precision Final Blows), and Precision Instrument (extends the duration of precision damage buff) await them as well.

Once you complete a dungeon, you will be awarded with the Dark Age Armor set. Designed with an rugged winter theme and featuring climbing rope, ice picks, and fur accents – it makes an excellent choice for Guardians looking to blend in with Warlord’s Ruin’s snow-covered setting – while Hunters with high damage output or DPS buff abilities will find Nightstalker or Gunslinger particularly well suited to wearing it due to their DPS buff abilities and DPS output respectively.

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