Destiny 2 Weapons and Perk Guide – Reconstruction

updated December 29, 2023


Destiny 2’s best PvE weapon perks tend to focus on increasing damage and reload speed. A high-impact Anti-Barrier Sniper equipped with Vorpal can use precise shots to break champion shields with one hit; Reconstruction and Third time’s the charm provide efficient ammo conservation strategies.

Reconstruction is an invaluable perk that enables Guardians to quickly clear mobs while cutting down reload time. Additionally, it pairs perfectly with weapons that deal increased impact damage such as Heritage which increase Final Blow damage.

Imperial Decree

Reconstruction is one of the more interesting perks in Destiny 2, providing an interesting new way to use heavy weapons. As an S-Tier perk, Reconstruction fills weapon magazines up to double capacity every four seconds when not firing, overflowing capacity for Final Blows while working well alongside Field Prep and Clown Cartridge ammo-using perks like Final Blows. Reconstruction also works extremely well when combined with Commemoration machine guns; you can maximize DPS while it reloads automatically.

Shotguns are among the most devastating weapons in the game when god-rolled, making them some of the top choices for PvP battles. The Imperial Decree Aggressive Shotgun can be easily crafted reducing luck needed to hit god rolls. To get maximum performance from it you should pair it with an accurate Hip-Fire Reticle such as Slide Shot for quick aiming and speed boost and upgrade later with Range Masterworks to increase damage output.

Build your gun with the appropriate perks for PvE: Barrel Shroud or Corkscrew Rifling is recommended to reduce pellet spread, while Accurized Rounds provides range boost. Full Choke offers additional stability or handling and stability boost, and Opening Shot gives accuracy and range boost, making shots much more precise and deadly allowing you to rip through enemies more effortlessly.

Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is one of Destiny 2’s best PvE weapons for clearing away mobs and bosses with devastating grenades, providing players with additional utility and damage than they would find with sword or hand cannon weapons alone. A great addition for players seeking additional utility and damage, Forbearance stands out among all available as an especially powerful wave frame thanks to its Taken Explosives Origin Trait which leaves behind a pool of Taken energy upon impact, damaging anyone within its radius as well as fast reload speed as well as compatibility with Ambitious Assassin or Chain Reaction abilities – something Sword or Hand Cannon simply can’t match.

Witherhorde offers another excellent option with its similar Origin but offers additional damage through overheating enemies when hit with grenades, adding extra damage and providing additional reloads after each strike. When combined with Focused Fury and Spike Grenades it provides both clear and precision damage as well as effective boss damage builds.

Witherhorde is another strong pick for PvP, serving as an effective and more precise damage weapon than Sword or Hammer. Unfortunately it cannot match up to their overall power; however when used alongside Spike Grenades it can provide increased damage against Guardians who rush at you from behind.

Cold Comfort from Ghosts of the Deep’s Dungeon of Ghosts is another stand-out aggressive frame Stasis rocket launcher, capable of holding four rockets thanks to Envious Assassin and Restoration Ritual Origin Traits. Additionally, Reconstruction comes standard on this gun which refills one rocket reserve every 4 seconds or 3.5 seconds with its enhanced version.


Heritage is another standout weapon from the Deep Stone Crypt that stands out for its effectiveness in PvE, being particularly useful during raids, missions, and Lost Sectors. Boss damage is especially well served with this gun due to Recombination perk increasing damage over time with each elemental final blow and Focused Fury increasing range and damage output.

Recombination should not be your sole consideration when upgrading a gun; consider also adding powerful perks such as Corkscrew Rifling and Extended Barrel for optimal performance. Corkscrew Rifling increases range, stability, handling speed without incurring stat penalties; while Extended Barrel doubles magazine capacity every four seconds even when not firing; both also synergize perfectly with Commemoration Origin Trait which boosts damage every time a Final Blow strikes.

Slideshot, which causes weapons to partially reload when sliding and significantly increases range when aiming down sights, is another fantastic tier two perk, providing an alternative to Opening Shot which has seen its power increase with new perks and isn’t as ideal for this type of shotgun.

As soon as you reach tier three and beyond, consider some of the more popular perks for this weapon, including Unrelenting (rapidly defeating enemies triggers health regeneration) and Killing Wind (boost mobility, range, and handling). Also worth mentioning is Reconstruction which shortens reload times from 4 seconds down to 3.5.

Doomed Petitioner

This Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle is an ideal weapon to get for PVE content, with an amazing perk selection that can assist both PvE and PVP play. These include Overflow and Controlled Burst for PVE play as well as Kickstart and Enlightened Action for PVP action. Furthermore, it comes equipped with Dragon’s Vengeance Origin Trait that refills its magazine when an ally dies or reaches critical health status; additionally providing bonuses in terms of range, charge rate and handling when your weapon receives these traits!

This gun has an aggressive frame and makes an effective boss damage weapon, yet is less suited for PvP due to its PVE-centric perk set. For optimal use in PVP use the Keep Away/Moving Target combination for maximum effectiveness; other suitable perk pairs include Demolitionist and Golden Tricorn which both provide adequate damage against enemies inside PvE environments.

Season of the Wish offers some outstanding weapons, with exceptional features and benefits, but among the top picks for PVE/PVP use is one known as The Weapon with Perks and Unique Features – easily one of its top choices is This weapon stands out for its great perks and distinctive features that make it standout as one of its key weapons to acquire. Although its key perks may not make it suitable for end game activities as intended, but nonetheless remains an excellent weapon choice in PVE that may make an excellent replacement to an Outlaw rifle/Shotgun combination!


For combat that combines brute strength with elegance, look no further than the Swashbuckler class. These elegant fighters can weave through enemies without prompting attack opportunities, using charm to force their adversaries into making reckless mistakes. While not tanky classes themselves, Swashbucklers more than make up for this with impressive damage output in short order and giving melee skill rolls an added boost.

At third level, swashbucklers gain an additional one dodge bonus to AC when wearing light or no armor; this amount increases by one every four levels up until reaching +5 at 19th level.

Swashbucklers can execute deadly parries. After successfully parrying an attack, if it remains within reach, swashbucklers have an immediate action available to them: take an additional attack against whatever hit them; this deed cannot be reduced by abilities or effects that reduce its cost (such as Signature Deed feat), providing precision damage not multiplied on critical hits.

At 10th level, a swashbuckler can use their panache point to grant disadvantage to all creatures that cannot see her for the remainder of her turn. This ability stacks with Fleeting Footwork and Cunning Action Dash abilities for maximum effectiveness against troublemakers – it’s both defensively effective as well as useful as an escape route when faced with imminent threat.

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