Destiny 2 Weapons and Perk Guide

updated December 22, 2023


Shotguns can turn the tide of any fight in Destiny 2. From clearing Hive and Taken enemies in PvE content to decimating other Guardians in Crucible PvP content, shotguns offer Guardians several viable strategies.

Reconstruction is one of the many options available to players, offering them a perk that gradually reloads their gun magazine by 10% every four seconds. It works particularly well when combined with other perk features that increase damage over time or stun Overload Champions and Unstoppable bosses.


Shotguns were long the top PvE weapons in Destiny 2, thanks to their ability to deal massive damage in short bursts while offering reliable close-range DPS. But this Season, Heritage has emerged as an exciting new alternative, boasting tight accuracy, smooth recoil pattern and many top-tier perks that set it apart from its peers – even further enhanced by Reconstruction perk which automatically refills magazines while you aren’t firing your weapon!

This Legendary SMG is an ideal choice for PvP, particularly with its Rampage perk which increases damage on enemy kills and targets. With powerful impact damage and excellent enemy tracking abilities, this Legendary weapon makes quick work of clearing primaries while its high fire rate means it can keep up with most other SMGs in PvP.

Machine guns are a rare gem in the game, serving multiple roles across both PvE and PvP, yet finding one with equal effectiveness in both areas can be hard. But during Season of the Wish there was one shining star: Scatter Signal is an Adaptive Frame Arc Machine Gun equipped with fantastic PvE perks such as Heal Clip as well as DPS perk Target Lock that offers increased DPS capabilities and can even be enhanced further with Heal Reload to heal you whenever an enemy is hit by your shots!

Commemoration was introduced during the Deep Stone Crypt raid and continues to be an impressive contender this Season. This arc machine gun boasts solid base stats and has several useful Origin Traits such as Bray Inheritance that boost its stats further; other perk includes Reconstruction’s fast reload speed as well as damage bonus scaled according to enemy tier killed.

These weapons can be created using the Techeun Force God Roll from the Last Wish raid, as well as regular activities that provide Resonant Materials and Elements. Players can then use these to craft weapons with the desired frame and perk – Posterity is an iconic 180 RPM precision hand cannon dealing arc damage; Trustee is a legendary 240 RPM rapid-fire frame sniper rifle dealing solar damage; Succession is a legendary 65 RPM pinpoint slug frame shotgun dealing kinetic damage using special ammunition.

Wastelander M5

Wastelander M5, released during Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary Event and featuring some impressive kinetic capabilities, is drawing much-deserved notice among players. Ideal for cowboy action without all of Heritage’s heavy damage output, Wastelander can easily be found in Xur’s Treasure Hoard, Dares of Eternity or through Enclave on Mars.

God Rolling this weapon will increase its range, damage, reload speed, handling capabilities, and mobility for improved mobility. It’s one of the best guns for use in PvE when looking to snipe enemies from long range or just need something quicker when shooting off multiple shots without needing to reload between shots. Additionally, it makes an excellent weapon in PvP with high impact rounds and enemy tracking bullets to deal significant amounts of damage against an opponent.

Contrary to other Legendary weapons in the game, this one can be modified with various perks and combinations for maximum DPS in PvE and Crucible gameplay – such as Field Prep. This ability enables your weapon to reload its magazine at twice its normal capacity every four seconds even when not firing – helping maximize DPS when used in combination with heavy guns such as Commemoration machine guns.

Reconstruction is another perks worth taking note of, which automatically replenishes the magazine by 10% of its typical capacity every second when not firing your gun. This increases your ability to hit enemies with burst shots and is particularly effective when used with weapons that quickly clear Primaries like the Xenophage SMG or RNG-based sniper rifles like Xenoblade and Rampage. Furthermore, Reconstruction pairs well with Techeun Force as it boasts high damage, rapid fire rate, and impressive range – making this combination suitable for PvP gameplay as it helps players take down tough bosses or enemies alike!

Apex Predator

Destiny 2 players have access to an impressive arsenal of weapons to collect, with each gun featuring its own set of special abilities and perks. One particularly noteworthy perk, called Reconstruction, allows guns equipped with this perk to automatically refill their magazines every four seconds – this perk can prove immensely helpful when fighting tough opponents; however it should be remembered that Reconstruction consumes ammo from your reserve supply.

Reconstruction is an S-tier perk found on weapons of high quality and one of the most sought-after additions, as it makes weapons significantly more efficient for PvE combat. Reconstruction allows guns to replenish their magazine up to double their normal capacity every four seconds when not firing; this ensures there will always be enough ammunition available for each mission.

This perk also comes equipped with various additional features to enhance weapon performance in PvE; such as increasing elemental Final Blow damage by 50% and inducing knockback when an enemy shield is broken by your weapon.

Perks like Feeding Frenzy or Target Lock can further boost damage, making this perk an excellent choice for any PvE gun that deals large amounts of it. Kinetic weapons in particular may find this perk particularly helpful as it helps deal more damage to shielded enemies. Furthermore, this perks can also be combined with others that increase weapon effectiveness such as Target Lock and Feeding Frenzy to add further increase to weapon damage output.

Apex predators of the world play an essential role in maintaining ecosystem balance by killing weak or dying animals and eliminating prey species that don’t fit with the food chain. Without them, food chains could become unbalanced and ecosystems may start collapsing – Guardians can use this Perk to stay prepared for battle in the Crucible.

Reconstruction is an invaluable asset to any PvE player and can help upgrade some of the most effective machine guns in the game. Reconstructing also boasts other useful benefits that may increase range or make combat easier against tough enemies – something Reconstruction cannot provide on its own.

Cold Comfort

If you’re seeking an PvE-friendly rocket launcher, the Cold Comfort Stasis rocket should definitely be on your list. Found within Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon and boasting multiple god rolls that make this Stasis rocket highly desirable; be sure to search out those with Explosive Light Origin Traits as well as Impact Casing and Quick Launch Perks so that you can make the most of this weapon.

With a magazine that can double in size, this weapon will make short work of mob clearing and boss encounters. Plus, its versatility means it pairs perfectly with other weapon perks such as Target Lock, Feeding Frenzy and Voltshot for optimal use in battleground environments. Furthermore, its double magazine can easily disable Barrier champion shields or denial abilities on opponents to defend the Crucible effectively.

Cold Comfort goes well with other perks, including Fragmentation Origin Trait. This perk increases how much ammunition returns to your reserves when killing an opponent with class abilities; making this weapon’s damage output significantly greater than before!

Reconstruction perk may not be perfect for all weapons in every situation, but it’s definitely something worth keeping an eye out for in PvE-oriented rocket launchers like the Rifleman’s Launcher. When not firing your weapon it will refill its magazine by 10% every four seconds when not firing and can even exceed its usual capacity! This S-tier perk makes for a fantastic addition and pairs very well with other features like Envious Assassin, Clown Cartridge and Field Prep; make sure it’s considered before embarking on any missions you may plan.

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