Dragonflight – A New World of Warcraft Class

updated December 1, 2023


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Staff Writer & World of Warcraft Lead

For those who want to start fresh, Dragonflight offers a new character creation option. The race/class combo is cool and unique, but pretty broken balance-wise at this point. Making Drachtyr your first character isn’t a mistake, but you’ll probably have to level up a bit before you can get good gear.

Blizzard will be introducing a bunch of new mounts on dragonflight, including some datamined models like fel motorcycles and sabertooth raptors 1.

The expansion also adds new dungeons to the PvE lineup. Mythic-level content will include the classic titan dungeon Uldaman as well as four new Dragonflight dungeons. Blizzard will also be adding a new version of the weekly world quests that rewards decent PvE gear.

In terms of story, it sounds like the new zones will tell a more grounded terrestrial tale rather than the apocalyptic plot points we’ve seen in previous expansions. The main character’s goal will be to protect the green dragonflight as they fight off demented proto-dragons in the lands of Ohn’ahra.

There will be a series of campaign-like systems in the new zone that players can participate in to earn reputation levels and unlock more stories. This is similar to the system in Shadowlands and a way for players to explore the new landmasses without being confined by a strict narrative timeline.

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