Exotic Gear and Weapon Perks Dropped From the Legendary Lost Sector Today in Destiny 2

updated December 27, 2023


Destiny 2 players can earn Exotic armor and weapon perks by completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors solo, with schedule updates for these tougher versions being made during Season of the Witch.

These harder Lost Sectors require a higher Power Level, providing an equally formidable challenge similar to Grandmaster Nightfalls or Master Raids. Champions like Overload and Barrier can help combat for victory here!

Acheron’s Wrath

Eleven millennia ago, Acheron was born. Plunged into humanity as punishment, Acheron lived a lifetime in silence until he met Tory – she would change everything!

This was an enjoyable read with lots of twists and turns. Acheron was hard not to like, and Ryssa proved equally as captivating a character to follow through the story. Although some parts were dark, that only added more depth and dimension to both characters that made for a riveting read!

Legend and Master Lost Sectors require Guardians with at least Soft Cap 1830-1840 levels to take part. These special missions offer Exotic gear as rewards, along with the possibility of Foundry weapons which can help upgrade other guns in-game. Furthermore, Legend and Master Lost Sectors provide an effective way of levelling up in preparation for more challenging activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls or Master Raids.

At the conclusion of this Lost Sector, players also unlock Acheron’s Wrath; an exotic helmet designed to increase Thundercrash damage while making Scorched Earth easier. This helmet makes an excellent addition for any build focused on damage as it works well with both melee weapons and grenades alike.

The Acheron’s Wrath class item mod, available through Master Lost Sector rewards, provides players with a damage boost on all attack and arc attacks and an increase in melee range for melee attacks. When combined together they provide a powerful weapon to deal more damage during campaigns as well as prepare you for what Tenebris has in store next week! Stay tuned to our Guides for more information regarding Acheron’s Wrath and all future content coming to Destiny 2!

Light Shift Helmet

Like other expansions, Destiny 2: Beyond Light has added many exotic weapons and armor for players to earn. Unfortunately for players used to picking up Fated Engrams from Xur or hoping for random drops off the ground, getting Exotic gear will prove more challenging; these items can only be obtained via special Lost Sectors which run daily; one Legend and one Master Lost Sector are run each day that may contain helmet Exotic drops.

Perdition, the current daily Legend and Master Lost Sector, can be reached by accessing your map and looking for its dark purple Lost Sector icon on Europa or Cosmodrome. Mask of Bakris helmet has the following trait:

Shift: Shift is designed to replace Stasis subclass Dodge with a longer range, faster moving shift that partially conceals you while using. After shifting is performed, Arc weapons deal increased damage for short period after shifting has taken place.

As well as earning a helmet, running these daily Legend and Master Lost Sectors allows you to acquire gloves and sword with similar traits – though achieving at least power level 1750 is required to access these activities in their full glory.

If you decide to embark on one of these more difficult adventures, make sure your character’s Power Level is nearing minimum for optimal success against Champions with shield-breaking abilities and weapons that match the shields on enemies as well as Champions mods that give you an advantage by breaking shields more easily and overcharging or staggering them for easier kills.

Not to forget is that you only get limited lives per run in Legend and Master Lost Sectors; any time you die enough in these zones will take their toll from your account, so save runs for days when your power level goal or Exotic armor item are close to being achieved.

Light Shift Gauntlets

Legend and Master Lost Sectors offer players in Destiny 2 a new challenge this season, providing the chance at an exotic armor piece for each class. But these activities can be tough tests even for veteran Guardians; with champions and modifiers present these activities can feel intimidating; with proper planning players can overcome these difficult missions to acquire gear worthy of their character!

This week, Legend and Master Lost Sectors received a new legendary weapons rotation system. This allows players to earn exotic weaponry by participating in activities without fireteam support; however, legendary weapon drops may vary daily depending on schedule – each activity could potentially offer the chance of receiving Exotic helmet or armour drops!

Light Shift Gauntlets, available exclusively to Titans, are the first exotics released as part of this cycle. This weapon emphasizes speed and mobility by increasing range and reload for arc attacks while detonating explosive charges upon impact – perfect for quickly dispatching large bosses or champions!

Legend and Master Lost Sectors now feature not only Exotic weapons, but also various Foundry weapons which drop daily; you can earn them by soloing these Lost Sectors, providing a boost to players who may be approaching new ranks. This could provide them with an extra edge.

With the increased difficulty of these activities, some players have started questioning whether it’s worth their while to complete them. With the seasonal Power cap set at 1830 and only ten extra advantage over enemies on Master, many are finding it challenging to reach the reward chest in these activities. Our Sherpas can assist in grinding these daily activities out for you while reaping those coveted rewards, speeding up Guardian level up faster than ever!

Boosted Revitalizing Blast

The Boosted Revitalizing Blast is a new exotic weapon in Destiny 2 that’s available through Legendary Lost Sectors. This Hunter gun fires explosive rounds that damage enemies while creating an invisible barrier against incoming shots from multiple enemies – this makes it especially helpful when playing against fragile champions, but can also prove helpful against multiple foes simultaneously. Any Hunter subclass may use and purchase this exotic from Gunsmith.

Destiny 2’s Legendary Lost Sectors will provide additional rewards this week in addition to new weapons and armor. Players have a chance of unlocking an Exotic item during each run; its exact nature varies with time. Furthermore, defeating Champions in Legendary and Master Lost Sectors now rewards players with newfoundry weapons with special perks that rotate daily – just one more reason to play!

To maximize your chances of completing a Legendary Lost Sector, bring only the best gear you have. For instance, in Plates Arena Lost Sectors it would be wise to equip weapons designed to quickly break shields or use Child of the Old Gods abilities such as Child of the Old Gods to increase survivability. Also ensure you’re at an adequate Power Level since Legendary and Master Lost Sectors feature “lives” systems which return players back into orbit when they die.

Finally, always bring an alternate weapon as backup in case the one you chose doesn’t drop. That way, you can keep trying until RNG decides otherwise.

No matter if you’re playing solo or with others, Legendary Lost Sectors offer an effective way to upgrade gear and prepare for more difficult endgame content like Grandmaster Nightfalls and Master Raids. Check Destiny 2’s website to view its schedule of Legendary and Master Lost Sectors; these weekly events also list which champions and shield types are in rotation as well.

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