Your use of the Website indicates that you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, as it may be updated from time to time. This Privacy Policy shall apply to any personal information submitted or provided on the Website.


Users are not needed to register in order to visit the Website, however you may be requested to supply personal information to MMOFury in order to make a purchase, sell a product, upload or publish material, comment, and/or access certain features of the Website.


Any information that allows an individual to be identified is referred to as personal information. Your name, email address, telephone number, and other personal information are examples of such information. MMOFury only gathers personal data that you willingly supply on the Website.


Except as set out in this Privacy Policy and/or as required by relevant laws, regulations, or a court order, MMOFury will not transmit or disclose any personal information collected on the Website to any third party.MMOFury will quickly notify you of our purpose to reveal your personal information to a third party if an enforceable legal law or court order requires it. This will allow you to obtain a protective order or any other suitable legal remedy in the circumstances.If you have given MMOFury specific permission to share your personal information with a third party, MMOFury is permitted to do so. We will disclose your personal information in this circumstance.


We undertake routine fraud detection tests, which are provided by a reliable third party, to protect the Website’s users. Such fraud detection aids in the authentication of users and the detection of possible Website dangers. The third-party service provider may collect information about Website users, such as IP addresses or other information for fraud detection reasons.


You understand and agree that the information you supply on our Website may be used for the following purposes:

Inform you about a payment, a sale, a buy, a commission, a product, or a transaction;

Analyze and evaluate product interests and trends.

Keep an eye on the website and make changes as needed.

Manage and administer customer support queries, as well as conduct Website research, development, and processing.


We have designed and implemented processes to protect and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of personal information collected from our Website users. MMOFury follows strict protocols to secure users’ sensitive information from unwanted third-party access. Personal information about users is only shared with workers and affiliates that have a “need to know” about it.


Personal information supplied on the Website is held on database servers at MMOFury data centers (in whichever country they may be located) or by third parties who have signed agreements with MMOFury requiring them to adhere to this Privacy Policy.


Any purchases made on or through the Website will be processed by a third-party payment service (“Payment Service”). Any information supplied by a user to a Payment Service is subject to the privacy policies of that Payment Service, not this Privacy Policy. We are not liable for how any Payment Service uses the data we gather.


We may use a technology known as “cookies” on the Website, as do many other website owners. Cookies are little data files that are downloaded to a user’s computer when they visit a certain website. Although cookies may be disabled by turning off a browser, some portions of the Website may not operate correctly if cookies are disabled or erased.


We may employ a technique known as “pixel tags” on the Website, as do many other website owners. Pixel tags are little visual images with unique IDs that allow us to trace user behavior online. Pixel tags may be used to communicate with Website visitors, as well as to send or deactivate emails and other forms of online contact.

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