Demon Hunter




Blood elf
Tons of alts lvl 50+
Rare Xmog :
All listed appearances are associated with the account. It is not possible to transfer characters or appearances to new accounts.  
  • MoP Challenge Mode Warrior Set
  • MoP Challenge Mode Paladin Set
  • MoP Challenge Mode Rogue Set
  • MoP Challenge Mode Hunter Set
  • MoP Challenge Mode Priest Set
  • MoP Challenge Mode Druid Set
  • MoP Challenge Mode Shaman Set
  • MoP Challenge Mode Monk Set
  • MoP Challenge Mode Death Knight Set
  • “The Chosen” Title & Mythic/Heroic/Normal transmog sets (leather/mail)
  • WoD Challenge Mode Weapons
  • Tier 3 Hunter – shoulder/gloves/chest/legs/belt Tier 3 Paladin – Full
  • Legion Artifact appearances – (Disc/Shadow priest, Balance/feral druid, BM/MM Hunter)
  • Timewalking mage tower gear – (Monk/Druid/Hunter/DK/Paladin/Warrior)
  • Rhok’delar & Lok’Delar
  • Tabard of the lightbringer
  • Tabard of flame
  • Tabard of brute force
  • Tabard of the achiever
  • Tabard of the Explorer
  • Competitors tabard
  • Thori’dal
  • Shadowmourne
  • Val’anyr
  • Thunderfury
  • Sulfuras
  • Dragonwrath
Rare Mounts :
  • A tour of towers – mage-bound spelltome
  • Big Blizzard bear (tcg)
  • Blazing Hippogryph (tcg)
  • Ghastly charger (tcg)
  • Magic rooster (tcg)
  • Mottled drake (tcg)
  • Savage raptor (tcg)
  • Spectral tiger (tcg)
  • X-51 Nether-rocket X-TREME (tcg)
  • Infinite timereaver
  • Wastewarped deathwalker (SL KSM S3)
  • Invincibles reins
  • Mimirons head
  • Time-lost proto drake
  • Phosphorescent stone drake
  • 341 Total mounts on one char
  • A lot of 1% drop mounts from raids/dungeons
Rare pets :
  • Spirit of competition FOS (pet)
  • Cinder kitten
  • Lil Rag
  • Lil KT
  • Baby Winston
  • Moonkin hatchling
  • Murkablo
  • Murkalot
  • Nibbles
  • Twilight
  • Celestial dragon
Achievements :
  • 20770 achievement points
  • 74 Exalted reputations
  • “The Chosen” Title & Mythic/Heroic/Normal transmog sets (Leather/mail)
  • Cutting edge Gul’dan
  • Cutting edge Helya
  • Cutting edge Xavius
  • Cutting edge Garrosh Hellscream
  • Cutting edge Ra-den
  • Cutting edge blackhand’s crucible
  • Cutting edge will of the emperor
  • 1800 RBGs (2011)
  • Herald of the titans
  • All legendary weapons except Rogue daggers & Warglaives
  • Clockwork rocket bot (2007)
  • Green brewfest stein (2009)
  • Red rider air rifle (2009)
  • Minizep controller (2010)
  • Gaudy winter veil sweater (2011)
  • Crashin thrashin racer (2008)
  • A lot of anniversary FoS
  • Bloodsail admiral
  • Level 80 Orc DK – Near BiS Naxx for UH DK
  • Level 73 Undead Priest
  • Level 73 Undead Warlock
  • Level 70 Belf Pala
  • Level 70 Tauren Druid (T5 Geared)
  • Level 61 Shaman
  • Level 66 Human Paladin

Level 60

Demon Hunter


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