Iron Dwarf
  • Account Highlights:
    • Tier 3 Transmogs: 2x full Tier 3 transmogs : Warrior, Paladin
    • Class Mastery: 7/7 Warrior and 7/7 Paladin sets on display.
    • PvP Glory: Achieved Rank 14 on Paladin with a prestigious transmog to match.
    • Marshal of the Alliance: Wield the Marshal title with pride.
    • Legendary Weapons: Sulfuras and Thunderfury
    • Mage Tower Champion: Unlocked the Mage Tower challenge as a Warrior
    • Arcanite Ripper in your inventory.
    • Challenge Mode Conqueror: Mastered all WoD Challenge Mode Golds, unlocking elite weapon appearances.
    • Legion Mythic Transmog: Show off the Legion Mythic transmog set, earned as a Warrior.
    • Tabard Collector: Adorn yourself with the Tabard of Arcane and Tabard of Brilliance.
    • Rare Mounts:Winterspring Frostsaber and its Horde counterpart.
    • PvP Full Gear: Level 70 Warrior fully geared with Season 3 honor gear, enchants, and gems.
    • Illusionist: Possess the Shadowflame Illusion, adding flair to your weapon.
    • Elite PvP: Achieved 1800 Rating in Season 3 Dragonflight, unlocking Elite Transmog.
    • Event Mounts: Ride the Spectral Gryphon and Horde variant, plus the Azure Worldbreaker.
  • Additional Achievements:
    • Feats of Strength: A trove of rare achievements that few can claim.
    • Account-wide Titles: Display your hard-earned titles for all to see.
    • Achievement Hunter: A collection of account-wide achievements to prove your mettle.

  This WoW account is a treasure trove of accomplishments, with rare transmogs, titles, and mounts that will make you the envy of Azeroth. Whether you’re a PvP warrior, a collector of legendary weapons, or a transmog aficionado, this account has it all. Don’t miss the chance to take your WoW experience to the next level!

Level 70



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