White Polar Bear: How to get this mount?

updated November 4, 2022


Introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion of World of Warcraft in Phase 1, the White Polar Bear is a mount that rewards players who have had a significant amount of luck completing certain daily quests in the expansion. It is a land mount available to both Horde and Alliance players.

The White Polar Bear is not well known to many players, but it is one of only two bear-like mounts available in WotLK Classic, the other being a PvP reward: the Black War Bear. It does not require you to defeat a spectacular boss or complete a complex achievement. To get it, you’ll need to show some good luck after completing your daily Lightning Peak quests, that’s all!

To get this mount you need to be at least a level 77 character and complete a rather long series of quests in the Lightning Peaks starting with Gretchen Pfutincelle in K3:

Defend your title
Abberations Must Die
Maintaining Discipline

Once you complete one of these quests, open your reward bag. You might be lucky enough to find this cute little bear in it.

There are no requirements other than the above-mentioned quest sequence and level 77 to access these daily quests (and thus the mount). No special skills or achievements are required. Finish the suite, do your daily quests and just cross your fingers that you get it after a few days of farming! Finally, obtaining the White Polar Bear does not grant any achievement or trick, just the pleasure of riding it (and that’s not bad at all!).

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