A Beginners Guide to Warframe

updated February 14, 2024


Warframe is an immense, free-to-play third-person shooter packed with features and systems that may seem daunting for new players. Even after completing tutorial missions, there can be an immense amount of data to take in; making it hard to know which are truly important.

Focusing on small goals like leveling up your Arsenal and completing Quests or opening sections of the Star Chart can help keep stress at bay and avoid becoming overwhelmed with what could potentially go wrong in the long run.

1. Know Your Enemy

Warframe is an MMORPG packed with features and mechanics. As such, newcomers may find the complexity overwhelming when trying to establish what it takes for their success in Warframe.

Players must understand that different factions have unique weaknesses against various types of damage. Grineer units rely heavily on armor protection and therefore are susceptible to Puncture, Corrosive Radiation or Slash damage while Corpus units utilize shields instead and therefore are susceptible to Magnetic, Impact Cold Toxin Blast damage.

Knowledge can assist new players in planning their attacks and avoiding sudden bursts of damage, while helping them prioritize mission objectives – for instance if resources such as Plastids or Neurodes are low, killing enemies that drop those materials may be beneficial to ensure survival.

2. Master the Bullet Jump

Warframe makes playing enjoyable when you can fly through levels like an unstoppable force of destruction, but to do that effectively requires learning how to move fast while taking cover as necessary.

Mastering the bullet jump is key to excelling at this game. It allows for rapid traversal through level geometry, yet is easy enough for any beginner to learn: just run, press crouch and then hit jump.

Begin collecting all resources you come across, especially those which provide resources. The game can be tedious at times, and stockpiling extra Rubedos and Plastids could save your bacon when making that new Warframe or clearing out those grineer marines! Just be wary to keep an eye out on all sides of the map for enemies lurking therein.

3. Learn How to Move Quickly

Warframe is an expansive online action-RPG that boasts an abundance of content. There are dozens of weapons, modules, and frames to discover along with an entire solar system to explore – but its depth can be daunting for new players.

Warframe allows players to traverse its map through a combination of sprinting, jumping and crouching. Furthermore, advanced free-running maneuvers like sliding, bullet jumping wall latching and ziplining may be utilized to cover more ground quicker.

Learn to move quickly in order to take full advantage of these moves, avoiding being one-shotted during missions if playing with lower-tier gear.

4. Know Your Weapons

Warframe is an enormous game with plenty of weapons and equipment, which may make it daunting as a newcomer to figure out exactly what your objectives are.

At least there are some things you can do to make life simpler for yourself. One key way is understanding your enemy’s damage types. Knowing this will allow you to select an optimal weapon for each mission; for instance, Grineer faction specializes in armor, making them susceptible to Radiation, Puncture and Corrosive damages.

Know this information will allow you to select appropriate weapons and defeat your enemies more efficiently, saving energy while reducing damage taken – this will also allow faster level up times!

5. Know Your Gear

Warframe boasts an abundance of gear, which is both an advantage and disadvantage to new players. The game revolves around collecting blueprints for weapons and frames to add to your arsenal before searching for Neurodes whose resources need to be assembled at your Foundry.

Weapons and Warframes can level up over time to increase their damage output, but one key way of making them even more potent is through mods. Selecting and upgrading appropriate mods gives you an edge against enemies.

Learning the ins and outs of Warframe mods is an integral part of gameplay that many newcomers don’t understand. This guide covers everything you need to know about these upgrades to get you going – an essential read for anyone wanting to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness as an amateur Warframe player!

6. Know Your Enemies’ Locations

Warframe is a third-person shooter/action game featuring fast-paced gameplay, melee combat, and sci-fi lore. However, for newcomers it may initially seem daunting when confronted with its vast universe and all its enemies.

As part of missions, it is crucial that you know where your enemy stands – this helps avoid getting surprised by sudden attacks from them and can also assist with planning an attack strategy.

Minding this when playing stealthy missions is especially crucial. Stealth can be tricky depending on which faction is opposing you; to increase your odds of success and improve stealthy capabilities, try crouching whenever possible and using silent weapons; also be wary of hidden passageways as these may contain loot containers.

7. Know Your Weapons’ Mods

Warframe allows players to customize their weapons with mods that enhance their stats, but knowing which ones should stay or go is crucial for success.

As soon as you join a multiplayer match, you will immediately notice the difference when your teammates start zipping around at lightening speed, performing amazing acrobatics and leaving you in their wake thanks to the game’s amazing mobility systems, such as advanced free running and melee combat.

Warframe can be dauntingly fast-paced at first, so learning the fundamentals of crouching, jumping and wall latching will help reduce any surprises when starting up the game. Also beneficial is familiarizing yourself with its Star Chart that introduces core types of missions and enemies found within Warframe and acts as an onramp into more rigorous challenges ahead.

8. Know Your Enemies’ Skills

Learning the enemy factions in Warframe is key to progressing in the game, giving you insight into what to expect during missions and allowing you to build superior weapons for your arsenal. Clans offer additional ways of improving your understanding of the game while Clan Dojos offer access to new gear and weapons research facilities.

Warframe can be a complex shooter that may seem intimidating for newcomers. By following the tips in this guide, however, you can start playing confidently and effortlessly – master the Bullet Jump, get acquainted with movement patterns and discover weapons – all the while becoming an expert within no time! Playing Warframe is truly amazing experience that lets you experience gargantuan space battles while controlling your own mecha!

9. Know Your Enemies’ Health

Warframe, a massive sci-fi MMORPG released over eight years ago, features many systems for new players to learn and master, which may leave newcomers overwhelmed and discouraged. Here are a few tips designed to make Warframe enjoyable during those first few hours playing!

One of the most crucial things is knowing the health status of enemies – this will allow you to determine whether it’s worthwhile trying to stealth kill them or not.

Know their damage; it will allow you to better plan attacks and prevent overkilling. Likewise, being familiar with their health will enable you to stay alive when engaging in stealth missions; most missions contain plenty of corridors and secret passageways that make this easy; just remember to crouch whenever possible and use silent weapons for optimal success.

10. Know Your Enemies’ Damage

Warframe can be intimidating for newcomers, with its vast features, systems, and mechanics that may seem complex at first. But its community is well-known for being welcoming; many players will be more than happy to assist a beginner who needs assistance.

Warframe enemies deal different damages based on their species; however, all enemies eventually take an equal amount of damage and understanding your enemies’ damage is essential for victory in the game.

Polarized mods can help players adjust the damage dealt to enemies by installing them onto weapons and frames; however, installing one requires a higher level of each item in question; this may prove challenging at first, especially as materials such as Rubedo and Plastids may not always be readily available; sortie missions provide one method of procuring these vital polarized mods that help increase damage output.