Claim Your Free Destiny 2 ‘Year of the Dragon’ Emblem and More Until June 4

In light of the Lunar New Year, Bungie is offering Destiny 2 players a unique opportunity to snag a rare emblem themed around the Year of the Dragon, in addition to a variety of other freebies available until June 4. This gesture comes as a means to maintain player satisfaction and engagement during the wait for the much-anticipated but delayed release of The Final Shape expansion.

Following the announcement of the delay, Bungie has ramped up its engagement efforts, hosting a slew of in-game activities. Among these are the forthcoming Guardian Games and Into the Light events, which join a larger suite of initiatives aimed at rewarding players more generously than ever before. This includes the distribution of the new Ahamkara-inspired Risen Emblem, a previously exclusive item accessible only through the Chinese streaming platform BiliBili, now made available to a wider audience.

Players interested in claiming the Year of the Dragon emblem can do so by entering the code “THR-33A-YKC” on’s redemption page or by navigating directly through a provided link.

Moreover, starting from March 5, Bungie has introduced a weekly giveaway of 700 Bright Dust, simply for logging into the game. This initiative will continue every week up until the launch of The Final Shape expansion on June 4. Bright Dust serves as a valuable in-game currency, allowing players to purchase a variety of cosmetic items from the cash shop, thus offering a stylish way to bide time until the delayed expansion’s arrival.

In addition to these perks, Bungie is setting the stage for a special event that blends the worlds of Destiny 2 and Mass Effect. Starting February 14, players will have the chance to purchase a limited-time Normandy Crew cosmetic bundle from the cash shop, marking a highlight in the eagerly anticipated Mass Effect crossover event. This collaboration not only celebrates the rich legacy of both franchises but also provides Destiny 2 players with unique cosmetic options to further personalize their experience.

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James McDean
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