Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Catalyst Guide

updated March 6, 2024


Destiny 2’s Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm features a powerful and useful catalyst in PvE and PvP play, but to acquire it Guardians must first complete Warlord’s Ruin from Season of the Wish.

The Dungeon features several challenging puzzles for Taken Blight to solve, which requires him to aim shots at specific targets and read devices on nearby rocks.

Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon

Guardians in search of an exotic sidearm will want to visit Warlord’s Ruin. Their Exotic sidearm, Buried Bloodline, provides numerous PvE and PvP benefits that make the weapon particularly desirable; among these benefits is Devour which boosts reload speed, increases stability during shots, and boosts precision damage up to 50m!

To unlock their weapon, players will need to complete three puzzles across the dungeon and solve three challenges that involve navigating prison cells, activating devices marked with illuminated torches, and winning a secret boss battle against Primeval Thressia of the Servitor faction.

The initial puzzle to unlocking a weapon lies within the prison cell where players are transported. There are four unlit torches that players must stand on according to their numbers on them. Once complete, an audible click indicates that this puzzle has been solved and it’s time for the next stage.

After solving this puzzle, players will be transported to the Cairn Chamber location and find themselves facing Primeval Thressia as part of a secret boss fight – beginning with an invulnerability phase which must be cleared by activating devices on both sides of the room before moving on to DPS mode and finally ending in DPS combat.

Once players have defeated Thressia, they will unlock Buried Bloodline and a bonus chest in her room. However, Guardians won’t be able to farm this Exotic like other Dungeon and Raid exotics so multiple runs will likely be required before success can be attained.

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In the Shadow of the Mountain

Destiny 2 now features the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm as part of their arsenal of Exotic weapons. This Void hand crossbow can be found in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon and comes equipped with some useful perks that match well with certain builds in PvP and PvE as well as an added Catalyst that enhances it further.

Players need to complete several puzzles in order to unlock the catalyst, starting right after defeating the boss of the dungeon. When reaching prison cells players will find a gate that can only be opened by shooting Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline; once shot the Taken Blight will spawn several devices which must be activated correctly within 30 seconds; upon doing this successfully they will unlock Imminent Wish and light three of four torches behind the gate.

Players will need to repeat this process for both remaining puzzles in the dungeon. One is located near the large Taken Blight that appears during an Ogre battle on platform 1. Shooting one of its smaller offshoots into an archway of Buried Bloodline will open another set of torches and devices across rocky pillars across chasm – again reading from left-to-right in order to complete puzzle and unlock catalyst.

The final puzzle leads to Thressia’s final confrontation in the Cairn chamber. Once players arrive in this area, they’ll find a floating boss like Thressia with an invisible shield that deactivates after some time – an opportunity to finally deactivate her shield and activate Catalyst for maximum potential of Buried Bloodline!

Cairn Chamber

As you progress through the final spire puzzle near the end of the platforming section, a white floating ball of energy appears. Interact with it to open the Cairn Chamber Gateway and unlock Primeval Thressia and Buried Bloodline Catalyst as hidden bosses.

Bungie has yet to disclose the drop rate for Buried Bloodline sidearms in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon; however, players can likely count on multiple runs before finding one that suits their play style and contains its Catalyst upgrade, which provides additional tracking bolt perks and devour damage debuff.

Once activated, each shot fired from this Exotic will have the chance of damaging enemies and weakening them, amplifying incoming damage by 15% – this represents an impressive boost to both sniper rifle and melee weapons, giving any Guardian class serious firepower.

After clearing the dungeon, take an easy route forward by heading over to an area containing a Taken Blight between snowy mountains. When shooting it through its archway triggers another puzzle where torches in this region light up with devices indicating which Taken Totems must be extinguished – once all have been lit a message will appear indicating “an unspoken wish has been fulfilled, and Buried Bloodlines clicked audibly!”

Once players do this, they’ll be able to access and defeat Primeval Thressia before unlocking Cairn Chamber and unleashing Primeval Thressia’s full powers with their Buried Bloodline Exotic + Catalyst boost with account sharing – giving all Guardians access to its incredible capabilities – be they PvE or PvP Guardians with Void builds or not. In order to get maximum use out of this rare sidearm weapon, consider purchasing a Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Exotic + Catalyst boost with account sharing – this service will have professional sherpas running Warlord Ruin FINAL Checkpoint each week until its dropped upon your account – giving your account access to this rare sidearm weapon boost service!

Primeval Thressia

Buried Bloodline is an Exotic sidearm in Destiny 2 equipped with a Catalyst that offers advantages to both PvE and PvP fireteams utilizing Void subclasses that use Devour damage-dealing mechanic. While its weapon alone is powerful, its Catalyst gives additional advantages such as Splitvein Lineage Perks that further weaken enemies on hit when Devour is active.

To earn the Buried Bloodline Exotic and its associated Catalyst, players must complete all encounters in Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon on Master difficulty and collect Hefnd bones at each encounter – doing so will unlock new sections of dungeon and allow Guardians to progress further in In the Shadow of the Mountain and finally onto Cairn Chamber location to solve a series of puzzles in order to defeat Primeval Thressia and receive it along with its Catalyst gun.

After clearing the prison cells and encountering the first boss, Guardians will come upon a gate. Behind it lies a Taken Blight that can be shot with Buried Bloodline to activate an Imminent Wish buff that activates torches around the room in a specific order; once these torches have all been activated correctly a device leading to Primeval Thressia will be revealed.

Guardians must fight through several encounters, such as an invulnerability phase and multiple DPS phases, to defeat Primeval Thressia. Once defeated, defeating him will open a chest on the left and grant them access to Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon and its Catalyst; both offer great utility thanks to tracking bolts for clearing adds while increasing damage for AoE add-clearing as well as single target boss damage; with its catalyst providing even greater benefits with every hit while Devour is active.

The Buried Bloodline Exotic and its companion Catalyst are excellent weapons and an indispensable addition to any PvE or PvP fireteams. While not being considered primary, its many perks make this weapon an essential piece in any Void build.