Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Catalyst Upgrade

updated February 17, 2024


The Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm was introduced with Season of the Wish dungeon. It works like an agile hand crossbow and features Splitvein Lineage which reduces target damage when activated with Devour.

Void builds are particularly fond of using this weapon, but other players might enjoy its distinct handling as a part of PvE and other activities as well. Here is how to obtain this Exotic with its Catalysts.

How to Get Exotic + Catalyst

If you want the new Exotic Sidearm Buried Bloodline with its Catalyst that enhances its abilities, then solving three puzzles within Warlord’s Ruin will do. Each of the three puzzles involves standing inside Totem circles to activate devices within rooms within Warlord’s Ruin; players can attempt this as many times they like until completing successfully; once complete the chat will read “An unspoken wish is silenced as Buried Bloodline clicks audibly!”

The first of the three puzzles can be found right outside the prison cells that players enter at the start of a dungeon adventure. Look out for a gate that seems to lead nowhere and notice it has four unlit torches around it; shoot this Blight using Buried Bloodline and darkness totems will appear around it; each torch corresponds with one of several devices you must activate in order to gain the catalyst.

Continue to the next part of the dungeon until you encounter a glowing Taken orb near a spiral staircase location, interact with it to be transported into a special Cairn Chamber featuring Primeval Thressia for a secret boss fight – it plays similarly to other bosses with an invulnerability phase that must be cleared by activating specific devices – until Thressia has been vanquished and you acquire her Buried Bloodline Exotic + Catalysts.

Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters will find this Exotic weapon and its Catalyst an attractive addition to their PvE arsenals. The Devour ability’s powerful Devour ability is great at weakening enemies on hit, while providing extra firepower through an upgrade on launch barrel that helps increase projectile speed while decreasing stability despite its power. Despite being powerful it still feels balanced and fun to play; being an Exotic Dungeon weapon adds another level of interest and it should become one of their favorite toys that Guardians chase after.

First Step

The Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2 is an insanely powerful weapon, and its Catalyst upgrade further amps its effectiveness for various builds. Unfortunately, getting hold of one is quite the task; players must go into Warlord’s Ruin multiple times to complete three puzzles and defeat a secret boss before returning with their upgrade – this guide provides all of these details on acquiring this rare upgrade for Buried Bloodline.

Step one is to enter Warlord’s Ruin and gather 10 Ahamkara Bones found throughout. Step two involves finding their trigger to start their quest; which involves taking on three unique puzzles before confronting and defeating a secret boss boss – all three steps must be completed for unlocking Buried Bloodline Catalyst with its associated benefits.

After clearing the prison maze and defeating the second boss, players will come to a room containing a Taken Blight that floats. Here they’ll encounter their first catalyst puzzle; shooting this Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline will light three of the four Torches located pillar-like mountain locations to illuminate three Torches with lights appearing, which correspond to two devices on nearby rocky cliffs; to complete it they must stand by each of these torches until their lights appear and activate them accordingly in order to complete this puzzle.

Once players have solved this puzzle, they must return to the main room with Thressia and clear out a group of enemies who appear after initial contact with Thressia. When their shield has been breached by taking down Thressia’s shield they will expose her for attack by players, opening her up for attack by firing shots into her vulnerable chest area.

Once this step is complete, players can activate the final Catalyst puzzle in the room with Thressia and activate its final Catalyst. Taking on two simpler challenges at the same time requires shooting Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline in order to light torches within the room – similar to how previous players must stand by correct torches numbered one through six to activate devices which trigger Catalysts.

Second Step

Bungie has introduced some exciting new content into Destiny 2, including Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon and an Exotic sidearm called Buried Bloodline that features an Exotic Catalyst that makes its destructive power even greater.

PvE This Exotic will prove invaluable for any power build that can utilize its unique abilities. Hungering Quarrel double fires tracking bolts which leech health from targets while its Exotic trait, Violent Reanimation grants Devour on multiple final blows; both abilities make this weapon extremely potent, making it a go-to weapon among PvP players alike.

To acquire this Exotic and its Catalyst, players will have to complete multiple runs of Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon. Once inside, collect Hefnd’s Bones and Dark Ether Tincture by killing Thai Wretches or communicating with them; also collect from looting chests or completing encounters within. The second step involves unlocking its Catalyst by gathering Hefnd’s Bones through multiple runs in which you collect Hefnd’s Bones as you progress further into this dungeon run – these can be collected by killing Thai Wretches while communicating or communed with.

Once players obtain the Buried Bloodline, they will need to complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest in Warlord’s Ruin ruins, which requires solving three puzzles and shooting Taken Blight using their Buried Bloodline while activating devices within that room – doing this successfully will produce text “An unspoken wish is silenced. The Buried Bloodline clicks audibly.”

The final challenge with this weapon can be found on a platforming section located right before the castle in the dungeon. Here, players need to use their Buried Bloodline weapon to shoot at an unspoken wish that has been silenced; once successful completion occurs, text displaying “An unspoken wish is silenced & Buried Bloodline clicks audibly” will appear as evidence.

Third Step

Warlord’s Ruin is an immensely challenging dungeon for players, made even more so by its addition of an Exotic sidearm and its Catalyst: Buried Bloodline uses special ammo to increase damage and attack speed while its Catalyst adds additional features that make the weapon even more effective in PvP battles.

Step one in attaining the Buried Bloodline is to complete all three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, in any order of your choosing. Solve these before starting Primeval Thressia’s final boss fight at Cairn Chamber. Once all three puzzles are finished you will have access to interact with Taken orb near spiral staircase in Ruins to be transported directly there for secret boss battle!

As soon as you defeat Primeval Thressia, you will be awarded with the Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon. While its benefits are numerous, please keep in mind that this sidearm will only remain available as long as dungeon remains featured each week; otherwise it will no longer be accessible.

Additionally to the Buried Bloodline Exotic, players can unlock its companion Catalyst by completing In the Shadow of the Mountain quest. This quest requires players to collect Ahamkara Bones by completing encounters, looting chests, killing thian wretches, helping other players find bones and completing encounters; once players have collected 10 Ahamkara Bones they will activate the catalyst and trigger its activation.

The Buried Bloodline Catalyst will add the Splitvein Lineage effect to a Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon, making it more effective against enemies while Devour is active. This makes it a particularly potent weapon for Guardian builds who can trigger Devour using class-specific abilities.