Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm and Catalyst

updated February 21, 2024


Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline How to get Exotic  Catalyst

Buried Bloodline is an exotic sidearm designed for use with Void subclass and equipped with an enhanced Catalyst that increases target strength while Devour is active. You can acquire one in Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon introduced in Season of the Wish.

An Exotic Sidearm is awarded for successfully navigating multiple runs through the Dungeon’s Prison Maze and completing various tasks and puzzles, such as killing Thian Wretches, dispelling Corruption, or shooting Taken Blights.

1. Complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest

Players who complete Season of the Wish’s Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon will unlock an Exotic Buried Bloodline sidearm along with its Catalyst: the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm and catalyst will become available to them upon defeating its three puzzles and boss, which must all be overcome in order to claim this weapon, catalyst, and quest.

As players enter a dungeon, they will find themselves trapped in an imprisonment-esque maze culminating with an enemy who can only be defeated using Buried Bloodline’s shield-breaking ability. Once broken, players may move on to the next stage of puzzle solving.

At this point, the player will come upon a Taken Blight that must be shot with Buried Bloodline to initiate the puzzle. Once shot, an Imminent Wish buff will activate, lighting torches throughout the area that correspond to devices located on nearby pillars – to solve this puzzle, activate and extinguish those torches before the Imminent Wish timer reaches zero! To be successful at this puzzle.

After defeating a Servitor boss, players must fight against it to acquire the Buried Bloodline Exotic and Catalyst weapon. This weapon can serve as a sidearm for Void subclasses due to its Devour mechanic that weakens enemies upon impact. Furthermore, its tracking bolts and perks reduce stability while simultaneously increasing projectile speed for DPS builds.

No matter its difficulty, In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest is an effective way to earn high-level gear and rewards from Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon. When exploring this challenging dungeon, make sure you bring plenty of high-level gear as well as your fireteam along. When finished with your journey head back over to Sebastian at Undercroft to assemble all of its necessary components for Buried Bloodline Exotic. Good luck and have fun!

2. Collect Level 3 Amanar Bones

Buried Bloodline is the latest sidearm to arrive in Destiny 2 and it packs quite the punch. Boasting impressive perks and catalyst abilities, its benefits make it ideal for use by Void subclasses; however, any class willing to put in some extra work in PvE will find this sidearm indispensable.

The Exotic can be earned by completing multiple runs of Warlord’s Ruin dungeon introduced in Season of the Wish. The dungeon features multiple puzzles and enemies to overcome in order to earn Hefnd’s Vengeance bones, Dark Ether Tincture and Blighted Wishing Glass by killing enemies or solving various encounters within its confines.

But to unlock the Buried Bloodline Catalyst, players will have to complete three additional small puzzles and defeat a secret boss. The first of these takes place outside the prison cells that players are taken after conquering a dungeon, where there’s a gate with four unlit torches around it which correspond to totems on either side when entering. Once all four torches have been lit correctly, they’ll unlock its contents – ultimately leading to your acquisition of Buried Bloodline Catalyst.

After returning inside, try your luck at the jumping puzzle near the end of the dungeon. At its conclusion lies a Servitor boss; defeat it to acquire its weapon; additionally, using its Catalyst enhancement (which increases Devour damage modifier further and can make enemies take 15 percent more damage from all sources) allows it to further weaken enemies while inflicting 15 percent more damage across the board.

Bungie hasn’t disclosed an exact drop rate for raid and dungeon Exotics, but estimates indicate this one has approximately 5% chance of appearing when you complete Warlord’s Ruin. Although lower than other Exotics that have come out from these modes, its chance is still fairly slim compared to others available for acquisition from these challenges – meaning you might not receive it on your first run if any at all! Still, this sidearm should add something unique and worthwhile to your arsenal; we suggest giving it a shot – let us know your thoughts below in comments below about its Catalyst as we love hearing what our readers have to say!

3. Shoot Taken Blights

At first glance, the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm appears set to make an immediate impactful statement both PvE and PvP with its powerful leeching rounds and Devour effect. It should become a mainstay in Warlock builds that utilize its special ability to increase kill counts while simultaneously improving survival rates; additionally, its Catalyst provides enhanced buffs which offer significant improvements over the existing Devour mechanics players can utilize in combat situations.

However, to gain the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm and Catalyst, players will have to complete multiple runs through Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon introduced with Season of the Wish – clearing all three small puzzles within its confines as well as clearing In the Shadow of Mountain quest and collecting Hefnd’s bones and Dark Ether Tincture from Hefnd in addition to collecting Dark Ether Tincture!

The first puzzle can be found near the end of the prison maze, just prior to encountering your second boss. Here, you’ll encounter a Taken Blight that must be shot with Buried Bloodline; shooting this will activate several devices throughout the area that require activation in order for you to complete it successfully.

Once you’ve solved this puzzle, head to the mountainous spire location with stone doors located across a platforming section. There you will encounter another Taken Blight that needs to be shot using Buried Bloodline; doing so will activate Imminent Wish and activate torches around the area that must be read and activated sequentially.

After successfully completing all three puzzles in the Dungeon, you will be awarded with the Buried Bloodline Exotic and its Catalyst. This new sidearm promises to become an invaluable asset for both Warlocks and Guardians due to its versatile set of unique perks that complement both PvE and PvP builds. Check back with Twinfinite for guides and tips on unlocking its full potential!

4. Complete the Three Small Puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin

Warlord’s Ruin contains three small puzzles for players to complete in order to unlock the Buried Bloodline Exotic catalyst. The first one can be found after defeating an Ogre boss and entering a room containing prison cells with a Taken Blight behind one of them; shooting it will grant your fireteam an Imminent Wish buff that lights three torches in this room; when its timer reaches zero, players must activate each torch left-to-right before the 30-second window runs out and resets this puzzle!

Warlord’s Ruin’s second puzzle can be more challenging and takes place once players progress through its initial two encounters. After exiting prison cells at the end of a dungeon, players will encounter a double-helix staircase leading up to a spire at its center, featuring a Toland orb that they can interact with to unlock a secret area containing Primeval Thressia who guards a Buried Bloodline Catalyst buried therein. By defeating her and activating torches within this room they will acquire both their weapon and its accompanying catalyst!

Once activated, the Buried Bloodline Catalyst unlocks its unique benefits for both PvE and PvP gameplay, including tracking bolt mechanics for sidearms allowing players to target specific enemies more precisely, as well as Devour weakness effects that reduce all damage by 15%. These upgrades may make the Buried Bloodline Exotic Weapon and its catalyst popular with Void subclasses; but its addition should prove helpful even among other players participating in PvE or competitive multiplayer matches.

PvP players should find the Buried Bloodline Exotic and its catalyst particularly appealing, as its leeching bolts offer quick dispatch against enemies. Furthermore, its new Devour weakness mechanic should provide another tool against more powerful enemy builds found within current meta.