Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm and Catalyst

updated March 10, 2024


The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm is an exciting new weapon to the Destiny 2 PvE arsenal. Boasting strong perks suitable for Void builds, as well as providing solid damage and tracking bolts against non-Void classes, it provides versatile choices to meet all combat situations.

Exotic drops from Warlord’s Ruin final boss Hefnd’s Vengeance or Blighted Chimera; to save time while grinding these dungeons faster you could purchase a Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline boost.

1. Collect Hefnd’s Bones

Buried Bloodline is an Exotic sidearm with incredible firepower and mobility that’s ideal for PvP. To unlock it, players must solve three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin on Master difficulty before reaching Warlord’s Ruin’s final boss fight; by doing so they will receive Hefnd’s Bones which can then be used to unlock its catalyst and activate its functionality.

To unlock Hefnd’s Bones, players must first shoot blight with the Buried Bloodline to create darkness totems around the dungeon and light certain torches scattered about. Once done, their in-game chat will indicate “An unspoken wish is silenced: The Buried Bloodline clicks audibly.”

Hefnd’s Bones can be found near where players exit prison by sliding through the gate, directly opposite where players escape prison by sliding under it, right after where Scorn is fought, in the room with trap chests in which players battle Scorn, and after which you must clear out another room with trap chests to find Hefnd’s Bones, all three being locked behind tier 2 doors.

Bungie has added an exotic weapon, Hefnd’s Bones, that requires players to complete Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon in order to acquire this catalyst – the Splitvein Lineage Catalyst – which will increase its power exponentially. This catalyst adds two special abilities – Hungering Quarrel firing tracking bolts which drain health from enemies, and Violent Reanimation which grants Devour in response to rapid final blows dealt. To unlock it and get this catalyst players must complete Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon until defeat of its final boss and complete its Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon before entering it a third time and defeat its final boss for victory! To get this catalyst players must also complete Warlord Ruin Dungeon before beating its final boss!

2. Collect Dark Ether Tincture

Destiny 2 players can look forward to an exclusive new weapon and catalyst combination, though first they must acquire all necessary items. The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm is currently paired with In the Shadows of the Mountain catalyst requiring them to complete multiple runs through Warlord Ruin Dungeon during Season of Wishes; collecting Hefnd’s bones as well as gathering Dark Ether Tincture and Blighted Wishing Glass from within, solving three puzzles, and defeating a secret hidden boss are just a few items needed in order to acquire all.

Once players collect all the above items, they should return to Ikora and report their findings. This will unlock step three of In the Shadows of the Mountain: powering a portal in Blighted Keep using Hefnd’s bones and Dark Ether Tincture from Hefnd. To achieve this task successfully, players will need to find and attack Thieving Wretches that appear during certain moments throughout dungeon exploration (such as crossing first rope bridge). Attack them from distance or close up.

As for the Exotic itself, Buried Bloodline is an impressive Void sidearm designed for both PvE and PvP play. Its Catalyst adds a weaken mechanic suitable for AoE damage builds that allows enemies to sustain 15 percent more damage from all sources – and features tracking bolts which drain health from enemies while temporarily increasing Devour power when hit – providing Devour power boosts upon being hit – not forgetting two-shot kill augmentation and precision shot damage bonus; all elements that should make Buried Bloodline an invaluable addition for any Guardian arsenal!

3. Collect Blighted Wishing Glass

The Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm and Catalyst can greatly augment a Void build in PvE combat, providing two-shot kill augmentation. Furthermore, its Devour feature allows Titans and Warlocks to leech health from enemies as they land hits – further augmenting two-shot kill augmentation.

Guardians must complete the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon to acquire this weapon, collecting Hefnd’s bones, Dark Ether Tincture, and Blighted Wishing Glass from each puzzle in its three secret chambers. Although players can farm this dungeon for its exclusive Exotic encounters and multiple runs are recommended due to its difficulty and pace.

After traversing through the initial two encounters in the Dungeon, players should head toward an area featuring a large Taken Blight. There will be a door along the left wall holding one Hefnd Bone; shooting it will reveal a hidden puzzle which unlocks a new area with a small cliffside platform; shooting Taken Blight again here will unlock another hidden puzzle and another Taken Blight that, when shot, triggers another puzzle by lighting torches that correspond with light totems throughout it; once all these torches have lit, device in its center will activate and unlock catalyst.

Once completed, players will gain both an Exotic Sidearm and its Catalyst; making this weapon extremely valuable in both PvE and PvP battles. Titans and Warlocks alike can utilize its unique traits and powerful Devour ability to quickly clear away adversaries with ease.

4. Complete In the Shadows of the Mountain

Buried Bloodline, an exotic sidearm introduced in Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish, can be found within Warlord’s Ruin dungeon and functions similar to a hand crossbow in its Special weapon slot, firing double tracking bolts which leech health from enemies they strike upon contact – making this weapon both an attractive PvE option as well as potentially popular in PvP situations with its ability to grant Devour upon killing foes.

For players to unlock the Buried Bloodline Exotic and its Catalyst, they will need to complete the Warlord’s Ruin Scavenger Hunt. This involves solving three puzzles and defeating Primeval Thressia as its final boss in Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon. Once completed, players should head towards the double helix staircase near the center of zone and activate it by standing on one or more totems on its double helix staircase before fighting her until she drops her shield in battle until she gives up in defeating her in battle and drops it herself!

Bungie has not released the drop rate for Raid and Dungeon exotic weapons, but it can safely be assumed that it will be very low. Therefore, this quest must be pursued regularly by Guardians.

Though players can farm the dungeon by defeating Hefnd’s Vengeance on all difficulties, only one opportunity per week exists to acquire both an Exotic and its Catalyst. Therefore, it’s wise to plan ahead and gather all necessary ingredients before heading to EDZ and taking on Warlord’s Ruin in an effort to secure Exotics and their Catalysts – good luck!

5. Complete Primeval Thressia

Buried Bloodline and its Catalyst could become an invaluable weapon in both PvE and PvP scenarios for Guardians. With its ability to leach health with tracking bolts fired from its Catalyst, this combination could become invaluable assets in both environments; its Devour weaken effect will benefit players regardless of which subclass they might run – even those that don’t utilize its Void subclass subtype!

Guardians seeking an Exotic sidearm and its Catalyst must first complete Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon on Master difficulty and collect Hefnd bones, Dark Ether Tincture and Blighted Wishing Glass from Undercroft before heading over to Sebastian at Undercroft for final assembly. Once assembled they may enter Warlord’s Ruin again to complete In the Shadows of the Mountain and defeat Primeval Thressia at Cairn Chamber location.

As soon as they reach the prison cells in the final section of the dungeon, players will come face-to-face with a boss whose defenses can only be breached using the Buried Bloodline Catalyst. To do this, players must shoot Taken Blight using an assault weapon in order to activate a puzzle that lights up torches corresponding to devices on nearby pillars – doing this before the Imminent Wish timer expires will open the gate and free everyone.

Once inside the Cairn Chamber location, Guardians must solve a series of puzzles to reach Thressia and begin fighting her. She begins invulnerable but three torches will eventually light up allowing players to fire freely upon her shield as Thressia periodically reappears with health replenishing periodically – as soon as she’s defeated you’ll receive both Buried Bloodline Exotic and Splitvein Lineage Catalyst as rewards!