Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm With Catalyst

Warlord’s Ruin offers the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm, complete with its own Catalyst to further augment its benefits. This catalyst adds an intrinsic trait that weakens enemies when Devour is activated – making this weapon ideal for Void builds in PvP and PvE!

As with other exotic weapons in dungeons and raids, Bungie’s drop rates for these exotics are low – players may need to run the dungeon multiple times before finally finding one!

In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest

Buried Bloodline, earned through Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, is the newest Exotic weapon available to Destiny 2 Exotic players and designed to strengthen Void builds across Titan, Hunter and Warlock classes in PvE and PvP play. Boasting Hungering Quarel which fires tracking bolts that drain health from kills as Hungering Bolts when using Violent Reanimation; Violent Reanimation awards Devour every time this gun delivers rapid final strikes; but what really sets this gun apart is its Catalyst which amps up its benefits into an all-out powerhouse!

Guardians can unlock an exotic weapon and its catalyst by completing three puzzles in the Cairn Chamber location of Warlord’s Ruin dungeon’s Cairn Chamber dungeon’s Cairn Chamber dungeon. This involves traversing a line of prison cells before reaching a gate; shooting with Buried Bloodline upon seeing Taken Blight here grants an Imminent Wish buff and activates devices around the room that correspond to light totems; once all three totems are illuminated, an unlock device located centrally will spawn and unlock and unleash its catalyst and Exotic weapon catalyst will come into existence!

Once players complete both puzzles in this arc, they’ll reach a second gate that leads to several spires with stone doors. Inside each spire lies a Taken Blight that can be shot using Buried Bloodline to activate devices and light totems around it; once all devices and totems have been lit up, a catalyst will appear at its center and unlock your weapon.

With a capable Guardian in control, Buried Bloodline quickly becomes an indispensable weapon in Void builds in PvE and may find use in competitive matches due to its two-shot kill augmentation and Catalyst Devour effect. Unfortunately, due to being special it may not see as much use in PvP battles than more traditional weapons.

While it is technically possible to obtain the gun without needing the Catalyst by killing the boss at the end of Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon, solving all puzzles is far simpler and enables quicker acquisition of weapons. We will walk through each one in this guide and outline how best to overcome each one quickly and efficiently.

Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish brings with it an additional challenge: Warlord’s Ruin. In it, players will discover hidden histories and unresolved grudges within an old Dark Age castle while facing various puzzles and combat challenges along their journey – including boss fights and platforming!

Lastly, Guardians may find hidden catalyst objectives within the dungeon which provide extra motivation for them to complete it, such as clearing away environmental corruption or killing Thian Wretches for Amara bones. Also within it will be some genuine secret chests as well as fake ones that spawn Screebs instead. Guardians can locate these hidden chests by gazing upon the blue mist emanating from each chest for a few seconds – those who complete all three puzzles will unlock both its Buried Bloodline Exotic as well as its Catalyst.

Regarding its weapon, this special ammo sidearm is often praised for its ability to track enemies and award Devour upon landing rapid final blows, making it popular among Void subclasses in PvE as well as any power-based build. Furthermore, its Catalyst makes this weapon even more exciting; its tracking bolts can weaken opponents.

Catalyst Puzzles can be solved easily by reading all of the torches around them; however, the third and final one is more challenging. Players begin their dungeon locked inside prison cells but outside, players need to access this final puzzle by shooting Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline which activates devices surrounding room that correspond to darkness totems that Guardians must activate in order to defeat Thressia and win this dungeon.

Guardians may need several attempts before mastering this final puzzle, given its many variables. Being prepared means having an ideal loadout which includes both ranged weapons and defensive abilities as well as familiarizing themselves with Warlord’s Ruin’s layouts and encounters.

The Shielded Enemy

The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm is an invaluable asset in both PvE and PvP builds thanks to its outstanding perks and activating Catalyst. Furthermore, it pairs beautifully with Devour, the new Void subclass that increases damage reduction, attack speed and attack radius in exchange for higher damage caps and greater ammo capacity.

Guardians can only acquire the Buried Bloodline Exotic and Catalyst by completing Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, unlike with some weapons which can be obtained outside dungeons. While completing this dungeon can add this exotic weapon to their gear collection in Destiny 2, obtaining it requires considerable work: solving puzzles, clearing away environmental corruption, killing Thian Wretches for Amara bone collection as well as shooting Taken Blights which will trigger puzzles within it all!

Once players have cleared all areas of the dungeon, they will reach the last area that contains a final secret catalyst objective. This area lies immediately after Scorn fights in a snowy room and can be reached through sliding through a crack in the wall. Here players must shoot Taken Blight which triggers an Imminent Wish buff which lights up torches according to patterns on nearby rocks and pillars before reading these torches from left-to-right and activating devices that correspond with them to unlock Buried Bloodline catalyst and open Buried Bloodline catalyst.

Once they unlock this third and final puzzle, players will arrive at a large spire-like location surrounded by stone doors, which features a Taken Blight that can only be broken with Buried Bloodline. When this Taken Blight appears Guardians must stand on Darkness Totems that correspond to lit torches to breach it in order to defeat Primeval Thressia before receiving their weapon with its activated Catalyst as their reward.

The Buried Bloodline Exotic and its Catalyst are an amazing addition to the game and its lore, as their creation can clearly be seen by its developers’ careful consideration. Though dungeon exotics cannot be farmed infinitely like other weapons in the game, they still represent an excellent investment if anyone manages to acquire one.

The Final Puzzle

Buried Bloodline may not be the most impressive weapon in the game, but its distinctive benefits make it a versatile sidearm with wide application across both PvE and PvP play. Players can acquire this Exotic sidearm through completion of Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon; to unlock its full potential however, players will also require unlocking its Catalyst first.

Once Guardians have defeated Ogre and are progressing through the prison maze, their next catalyst puzzle lies within a platforming section near a Taken Blight floating between snowy mountains. Shooting this Blight with Buried Bloodline activates an Imminent Wish buff which lights torches around the room based on patterns found on nearby rocks and pillars; activating these torches from left to right sequentially will then grant access to new areas within ruins.

The third and final puzzle for this Exotic and its Catalyst can be found at a mountainous spire located near Primeval Thressia’s chamber and features stone doors scattered about. By shooting its Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline, fireteams gain access to an Imminent Wish buff that lights torches in a nearby room based on patterns on nearby pillars and rocks, which must then be read sequentially left-to-right with devices activated accordingly in order to unlock Primeval Thressia’s chamber as well as unlocking Buried Bloodline Catalyst with its associated weaponry.

Once players have solved all three puzzles, they’ll be able to equip the Buried Bloodline Catalyst onto any Rocket Launcher weapon in their inventory to unleash its full potential. This powerful catalyst grants weapon perks such as Hungering Quarrel which fires two tracking bolts that leech health from enemies, and Violent Reanimation allowing rapid final blows that weaken targets on hit. These features make the Splitvein Lineage Catalyst an excellent addition for either PvE or PvP builds as it requires specific Catalyst unlock its full potential – one of few Exotic weapons requiring dedicated catalysts!

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