Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline – How to Get Exotic + Catalyst For Buried Bloodline

updated March 8, 2024


This service ensures you receive both a Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm and Catalyst for it, making your weapon even more useful and increasing its perks.

Buried Bloodline is an Exotic sidearm available exclusively in Destiny 2’s new Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. This weapon features several useful perks, such as Hungering Quarrel which doubles tracking bolts while leeching health from enemies.

The Warlord’s Ruin dungeon

Warlord’s Ruin adds a variety of new content to Destiny 2. Explore this castle full of Scorn and Taken high above the EDZ to discover several weapons, gear, and an Exotic sidearm with Buried Bloodline that uses special ammo that deals Void damage – it also comes equipped with two unique Exotic Perks such as Hungering Quarrel which fires tracking bolts that leech health from enemies; and Violent Reanimation which allows you to rapidly deal final blows that also grants Devour from all your Fireteam members!

To unlock Buried Bloodline, first complete the Dungeon at least once. Within this maze are various puzzles to solve and may require multiple attempts; one particularly difficult challenge involves firing Taken Blights at a gate behind prison cells located just before entering the final boss arena – this will set off an Imminent Wish timer that lasts 30 seconds during which devices located on nearby rocky cliffs must be activated by shooting Taken Blights into it.

Activating these devices will increase both your own damage and that dealt by the Fireteam as a whole, so it’s crucial that these are activated as quickly as possible. Once time runs out, a DPS phase begins; kill the final boss before another Imminent Wish timer runs out before killing off this next boss before this quest completes and you receive both Exotic Sidearms and Catalysts as rewards!

As with other dungeon exotics, you can only obtain this gun once every week on one character; however, you could potentially farm this dungeon for unlimited loot if you don’t mind repeating its encounters time after time.

This dungeon will offer more than just Buried Bloodline and its Catalyst; players will also find Ahamkara bones, crystals and dark ether rewards that may unlock endgame content like new missions, gear or even additional dungeons.

The Warlord’s Ruin boss

Warlord’s Ruin’s Exotic sidearm, Buried Bloodline Catalyst is an impressive weapon that provides 2 damage-dealing shot kills per kill with Devour active, making this Exotic sidearm the centerpiece of any powerful PvP strategy. Additionally, Devour enhances this sidearm even further by weakening enemies on contact while using Devour.

To win both weapon and Catalyst, you’ll need to complete every encounter of the Warlord’s Ruin on Master difficulty. Each encounter consists of five sections, with specific tasks that need to be accomplished for successful completion; the Warlord’s Ruin guide details exactly which sequence must be followed to accomplish each section successfully.

Once you reach the final stage of a dungeon, a boss battle will commence. Your first objective should be to break his immunity phase by standing within Scorn devices he creates; each Scorn device houses some Taken Blight that must be cleansed by standing within its radius; to increase your odds at victory as much as possible, make sure to cleanse as many devices as possible!

After your Scorn devices are cleared away, it is time to clear away the eyes that appear around the final area walls. Kill them all, and you will be transported into the final arena where you can engage the boss once more; but this time with much lower health than previously so two additional free damage phases should help finish him off more easily than in previous stages.

As soon as the final battle starts, you must activate three of the six Catalysts that appear throughout the room. Each catalyst will illuminate in order of its position; starting from leftmost catalyst first to middle catalyst and finally rightmost one – once all three have been activated, your boss will be significantly weakened allowing for you to launch further shots against him or her.

Warlord’s Ruin requires considerable work, but its rewards more than make up for any effort put forth. These rewards range from rare weapons to powerful Catalysts which can significantly enhance any weapon in your arsenal. Furthermore, this dungeon offers great chances to earn Ahamkara bones as part of a lore quest advancement!

The Warlord’s Ruin puzzles

The Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon is full of puzzles you must solve to progress through its maze. Some require cooperation among multiple players while others can be completed solo by one. If you’re having difficulty with any of the dungeon puzzles, here are some tips and tricks that might help.

After leaving your prison cell, the first dungeon puzzle awaits immediately upon exit. Search for a Taken Blight located near a doorway near the bottom-left corner of the map and shoot it with your Exotic weapon to set off a series of torches and devices across a chasm; match them from left to right before activating devices on floating rocks and pillars within 30 seconds to solve it!

After you’ve solved the puzzle, you will enter Kingsbane Rampart and Blighted Keep and are ambushed by Taken enemies. Eliminate these quickly before climbing rocky terrain and snow-capped ledges until you come upon a flag near an opening in the cliffs that you must enter, followed by short jumping sections and series of nooks to reach a secret chest – although some chests in this area might not be real: any that emit blue mist could be traps that unleash Screebs who could kill you immediately!

Once you’ve opened the chest, find 10 Ahamkara bones located throughout the dungeon to unlock each part of Warlord’s Ruin’s story and receive the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm from Ikora in Tower. Return once collected all 10 bones for Ikora to complete her story and claim this powerful weapon that provides many advantages both PvE and PvP gameplay; use alongside Firebird rocket-powered sidearm to provide tracking bolts that leech health from enemies as an ideal tandem weapon pairing; chances of acquiring this Exotic can also be increased by completing Triumphs associated with dungeon’s narrative.

The Warlord’s Ruin final boss

Warlord’s Ruin dungeon introduced in Season of the Wish introduces an Exotic Buried Bloodline weapon known as Hefnd’s Vengeance as its final boss, offering players access to this sidearm once all three puzzles and challenges have been completed and defeated. As with other dungeons and raids, Hefnd’s Vengeance introduces unique mechanics which players must learn how to navigate in order to unlock it and take down its final boss successfully.

Bungie does not disclose the drop rate for Exotic weapons found in dungeon and raid encounters, though they typically prove difficult and require significant effort to overcome. While numerous guides exist online that offer advice for beating such encounters, Exotic catalysts play a crucial role – these perks enhance weapon power when applied to it; some may prove ineffective while others could transform even already powerful weapons into absolute powerhouses!

This year’s Exotics offer an assortment of Catalysts for players to select. Players can earn them by completing certain activities such as Crucible matches or Nightfall strikes; other perks, like Leviathan’s Breath and Sleeper Simulant require taking part in specific campaigns or events.

Buried Bloodline’s Catalyst, Devour, gives its sidearm an added edge by increasing damage when its Devour effect is active – an advantage which can prove particularly useful in PvE where this weapon could become an ideal candidate for Void builds with its tracking bolts and Devour weaken ability.

Though not currently considered a meta contender, this Exotic weapon can add much fun and reward for any fireteam as they overcome challenges of new dungeons. Unfortunately, getting this sidearm may take more than one attempt; many players prefer hiring professional Sherpas who will run through multiple dungeon runs until they receive it as their prize.

Destiny 2 Sherpas can be hired through third-party services to scour the Buried Bloodline Dungeon for Ahamkara bones, crystals and Dark Ether Tincture while earning XP and Artifact Level. Unfortunately this service can be quite costly; due to its unpredictable nature it could take weeks for one sherpa to finish a single dungeon.