Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline – How to Get Exotic + Catalyst For Buried Bloodline

updated December 29, 2023


Destiny 2’s Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm offers some distinctive and useful perks for Void builds in PvE and PvP play, and comes equipped with a Catalyst that enhances these advantages further.

To gain access to weapons and catalysts, players must complete the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. It contains multiple puzzles requiring reading the torch correctly while activating devices accordingly.

1. Complete the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon

Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon is among the latest offerings of Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish and offers players an opportunity to acquire an exotic sidearm known as Buried Bloodline. As with any Exotic sidearm, however, Guardians must first complete some hard work – this requires correct reading three Taken Blight puzzles as well as collecting Hefnd bones, Ahamkara bones, and Dark Ether Tincture before their Buried Bloodline can be used in PvE combat.

After clearing the initial encounter in a dungeon, players should notice a glowing Taken orb near a spiral staircase. When interacted with, this orb will transport players directly into Cairn Chamber – an exclusive boss fight against Primeval Thressia that shares many of the same mechanics as existing encounters, including entering an invulnerability phase that must be cleared by correctly reading devices around her.

At the center of this arena is a Taken effigy standing behind a gate, and shooting it with Buried Bloodline grants your fireteam the Imminent Wish buff, activating several devices in the room and prompting players to light its respective torches – only then will the Catalyst appear and guide players toward its goals!

This intriguing sidearm offers many advantages, such as 52 precision damage up to 50 meters and Devour upon landing multiple rapid final blows. As such, it makes an ideal weapon to pair with Void builds in PvP combat; however, players must first solve three challenging puzzles to acquire this rare exotic. Thankfully, this guide will show them how.

2. Complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest

Though the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm works well for Void subclasses in PvE and PvP, its Catalyst unlocks additional powerful perks that increase its usefulness to any Guardian. These additional perks include tracking bolts that drain health from enemies as they hit them and restore Devour power briefly upon hitting someone, along with two shot kill augmentation and additional damage per precise shot fired – these new boosts complementing its unique abilities such as two shot kill augmentation and extra damage per precision shot fired.

To unlock this new enhancement, players must complete all encounters of Warlord’s Ruin on Legend difficulty, defeating its final boss – an enormous skeleton with glowing bones and an unusual smile – as well as clearing all encounters in its Warlord’s Ruin dungeon. Once completed they will gain access to Buried Bloodline Catalyst.

Destiny 2 provides three Catalysts, but to acquire Buried Bloodline Catalyst one must solve several puzzles. One such puzzle can be found directly after the boss battle in a dungeon: shooting Buried Bloodline at a gate surrounded by prison cells triggers Imminent Wish buff and lights five darkness totems that light from left to right – activating these activates a device which unlocks Buried Bloodline Catalyst.

Guardians will need to complete two puzzles scattered throughout the dungeon in order to unlock and begin their battle against Primeval Thressia at her Cairn Chamber location. These require shooting Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline at specific targets before reading corresponding devices on nearby rocky cliffs in order to activate and activate them correctly. Finally, by solving all three of these puzzles players will unlock and open up Buried Bloodline Catalysts which unlock and initiate battle against her Cairn Chamber location and begin battle.

3. Trigger the Catalyst Puzzle

Buried Bloodline is the latest Exotic weapon added to Destiny 2 and can be found exclusively within Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon in Season of the Wish. To obtain it, players must solve three puzzles scattered throughout this dungeon as well as defeat its secret boss before reaching its endpoint and unlocking this sidearm.

The first puzzle of this Exotic requires players to correctly interpret Taken Totems placed throughout a room. The initial trigger can be found upon defeating the first boss of the dungeon; they will find four unlit torches behind a gate that are lit only after shooting Taken Blight inside this room; upon shooting Taken Blight within this area a 30-second buff called Imminent Wish will activate three torches behind this gate and start lighting up!

After activating the Taken Totems in this manner, players will be brought into the final room of the dungeon which features six torches with matching Darkness Totems. Players must align themselves on these Totems according to which torches have been lit before breaching Primeval Thressia’s shield – her health has significant stats so be patient as you take down her shield! After her shield dissipates completely unleash your firepower without hesitation!

Once all torches have been extinguished, players will be awarded with the Buried Bloodline catalyst along with a bonus chest in this room. By defeating this boss and unlocking its catalyst, players will unlock its benefits for use both PvE and PvP alike – especially as Guardians and Titans use this new sidearm more easily during battles!

4. Complete the Taken Blight Puzzle

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wishes event features a new Sidearm: Buried Bloodline is an Exotic sidearm locked behind a Catalyst that can only be unlocked by completing both In the Shadow of the Mountain quests on Legend difficulty and clearing all three puzzles within Warlord’s Ruin dungeon – but getting it requires solving some tricky puzzles first! Once unlocked, its benefits include Hungering Quarrel which fires tracking bolts that drain health from enemies upon hitting and Violent Reanimation which weakens enemies by temporarily giving Devour power on hits for short periods – powerful tools with both Intrinsic and Exotic versions available as part of Season of Wishes event rewards!

Buried Bloodline Catalyst’s first puzzle can be found outside prison cells players are placed into, where there’s a Taken Blight which appears upon firing Buried Bloodline weapons at it. Shooting this Taken Blight unlocks and activates Imminent Wish buff which lights torches in patterns matching Darkness Totems on nearby rocks and pillars; when lit up it activates and unlocks each weapon’s Catalyst device in its center.

After successfully navigating the prison maze and defeating their first boss encounter, players can come upon a second puzzle which involves another Taken Blight floating between mountains. Although Buried Bloodline can help break this Blight apart, its real trick lies in finding matching torches on platforming sections within ruins to extinguish in sequence so as to clear away an unspoken wish and click audibly through Buried Bloodline – this time for real. Once done correctly, an audible click occurs as the Chat announces “An unspoken wish is silenced, and Buried Bloodline clicks audibly!” Upon successfully extinguishing all torches properly the chat will announce “An unspoken wish is silenced, Buried Bloodline clicks audibly!” Upon success chat will announce this achievement along with congratulations message saying something like:

5. Defeat Primeval Thressia

After defeating Warlord’s Ruin’s final boss, Guardians are given access to an Exotic weapon named Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm that offers unique advantages in PvP and Trials of Osiris play. Hungering Quarrel and Violent Reanimation allow Guardians to strike more effectively at long range while draining health quicker resurrecting them more rapidly resurrect them quicker reviving them faster with its Hungering Quarrel feature and Violent Reanimation feature as well as an upgrade that provides increased capabilities that boost its abilities further enhancing these weapons abilities! Additionally it comes equipped with an activateable upgrade known as Catalyst which further boosts abilities further still.

To access the Buried Bloodline Catalyst, players must first complete three puzzles throughout the dungeon. The first can be found near Taken Blight: when shooting this with Buried Bloodline grants your fireteam a 30 second buff called Imminent Wish that can be activated by lighting torches around the room sequentially from left to right using prisoners from nearby prison cells – lighting these lights will activate devices that activate devices behind gates that lead to prison cells, thus setting off Buried Bloodline Catalyst!

Once the player possesses their catalyst, they can access the final puzzle in a spire location with stone doors scattered about. Here they’ll encounter their final Taken Blight that must be shot using Buried Bloodline before unlocking Imminent Wish, spawning devices which must be activated sequentially by lighting torches around this platforming section – each totem represents its respective darkness totem; Guardians should illuminate them from left to right in order to complete this section successfully.

Once activated, this device enables players to take on Primeval Thressia, a Servitor guarding the Buried Bloodline Catalyst. Much like other bosses within the dungeon, Primeval Thressia features an invulnerability phase which must be cleared by activating certain devices; defeating him will earn every Guardian the Buried Bloodline Exotic as well as activated Catalyst.

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