Destiny 2 Buried Bloodline – How to Get Exotic + Catalyst Upgrades in the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon

Destiny 2’s Dungeons offer more than just enjoyable activities to complete; they also contain powerful Exotic weapons and Catalysts for players to find! Warlord’s Ruin offers players something special in terms of Exotic weapons: Buried Bloodline is available as a sidearm while Splitvein Lineage helps weaken enemies when Devour is activated.

1. Collect 10 Ahamkara Bones

The Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm is an invaluable asset to any Void build, offering two-shot kill augmentation in PvE and PvP play. Its unique handling and abilities make it an excellent choice for players familiar with gun mechanics; its power only increases further when paired with its catalyst upgrade found by completing three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon.

Contrary to most Destiny 2 content, dungeon puzzles aren’t always self-explanatory. Instead, some may require players to interact with objects and complete certain tasks such as killing Thian Wretches or lighting torches on floating rocks or pillars. Furthermore, more challenging challenges may require shooting Taken Blights directly.

To acquire all ten Ahamkara bones, the player must first dispel all Level 1 Taken Corruption within a dungeon. Once defeated, defeat the final boss and you should find it beside a loot chest; technically number 10 on your In the Shadow of Mountain Triumph checklist but should be collected first!

The second and third Ahamkara Bones can be located using the same approach: once outside the prison maze and climbing up to the cliff edge, players will find an opening on the wall which leads to double spikes; rather than jump over these spikes directly, players should climb through natural cave formation and search for Level 2 dispel door on their left.

Players will then find themselves in a room featuring an enormous Taken Blight situated amidst snowy mountains. This will grant their fireteam an Imminent Wish buff of 30 seconds that must then be used to activate all torches in the area; each totem will spawn its own darkness totem when activated; once all torches have been lit up the game will display a message saying that an “Unspoken Wish is Silenced and Buried Bloodline Clicks Audibly,” signifying completion of this challenge.

2. Complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest

Buried Bloodline Exotic offers players a powerful sidearm to enhance Void builds for Titan, Hunter and Warlock in PvE and PvP environments, and comes equipped with a Catalyst component which greatly amps its effectiveness. This upgrade upgrades its weapon perks to include Hungering Quarrel which fires tracking bolts that leech health with every kill and Violent Reanimation which rewards Devour every time a rapid final blow is dealt by players.

Step one to obtaining an Exotic sidearm and its Catalyst is completing In the Shadow of the Mountain, a quest that can be initiated after defeating the first boss in Cairn Chamber dungeons. Interact with a floating Taken orb in this location once defeated and you will activate Primeval Thressia of Servitor faction’s secret boss fight – upon defeating her you will obtain Buried Bloodline Catalyst!

Guardians should note that this Exotic cannot be farmed endlessly like other dungeon and raid exotics; rather, multiple runs will likely be required before finally finding it. Furthermore, Bungie does not publish drop rates for these items, making them difficult to track down without assistance from guides.

Next step is to solve three puzzles scattered throughout the dungeon. Shoot a Taken Blight using Buried Bloodline Shot to activate an Imminent Wish buff that lights three torches around its prison cell; other two puzzles involve shooting Blights from different areas to activate torches in sequence.

After successfully solving all puzzles, players will unlock a portal behind Cairn Chamber and enter battle against Primeval Thressia – this secret boss battle follows much the same format as others found throughout the dungeon, beginning with an invulnerability phase which must be cleared by activating appropriate devices on either side of the room, until torches lit on both sides illuminate properly revealing an ancient device known as Buried Bloodline Catalyst device in its center – similar to what one might find elsewhere in its other stages!

This Catalyst will upgrade a weapon to deliver 52 precision damage at 50 meters and increase magazine capacity from two rounds to four, making it a powerful support piece for Void builds in both PvE and PvP environments. Furthermore, its added two-shot kill capability makes it the ideal addition for Trials of Osiris competitions as well.

3. Complete the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon

Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearms are reliable weapons for PvP and Trials of Osiris play, but its Catalyst makes it even more so. This magical tool enhances its powerful 52 precision damage up to 50 meters for even quicker enemies taken down quickly. In order to unlock its Catalyst, players will need to complete several puzzles before confronting and defeating its hidden boss.

Before engaging in puzzles, players must complete the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest in the Warlord’s Ruin dungeon and obtain all three Bones of Hefnd from encounters, while killing yellow-bar Screebs called Thian Wretches for Amara bones. Once finished, head back out into Cairn Chamber location to face its secret boss – once clear it will reward a Catalyst as an achievement award!

Once they possess a Catalyst, players can begin solving Warlord’s Ruin puzzles to unlock additional perks for their Buried Bloodline – Hungering Quarrel will use tracking bolts to drain health from enemies while Violent Reanimation rewards Devour with every rapid final blow fired.

The initial challenge lies within an area containing a large Taken Blight. Players must shoot it with their Buried Bloodline to trigger an Imminent Wish buff that spawns and activates three darkness totems on floating rocks and pillars – activate each darkness totem in order from left to right and quickly to complete this puzzle.

Players should head next to an area with a cliffside and open-air zone featuring floating rocks and a chasm, featuring another Taken Blight that must be shot with their Buried Bloodline to trigger “Activate the Devices”. As with the previous puzzle, players must shoot this Blight in an archway to light up various devices on floating rocks and pillars.

Players will need to repeat this process twice more throughout the dungeon to complete all Activate the Devices puzzles and reveal the Buried Bloodline Catalyst. Once this task has been accomplished, they will be able to initiate their Secret Boss fight against Primeval Thressia.

4. Complete the Warlord’s Ruin Puzzles

Guardians who wish to unlock Buried Bloodline’s Catalyst and Exotic weapon must complete three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon in order to do so, such as navigating prison cells, activating devices indicated by illuminated torches, and winning a boss battle with Hefnd. Furthermore, increasing their chances by completing Triumphs associated with this Dungeon may increase your odds even further of unlocking its sidearm.

First step to collecting all 10 Ahamkara Bones scattered throughout the dungeon’s rooms and spaces. After collecting them all, players can trigger step two by completing In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest and entering Warlord’s Ruin; once there, accessing Warlord’s Ruin opens up to reveal its final room wherein awaits a mysterious Catalyst hidden down a long corridor.

Once Guardians have activated the Catalyst, they can return to Warlord’s Ruin and solve its puzzles. One such challenge occurs in a spire location with stone doors spread around it. Players in this space can spot Taken Blight that must be shot using Buried Bloodline in order to gain Imminent Wish buff from Buried Bloodline as well as activate torches that correspond with darkness totems within this location and activated them effectively completing this puzzle successfully. Guardians should read from left-right when activating torches to successfully complete it successfully completing this puzzle successfully!

At one point in the spire lies another challenge – entering an area featuring a small Taken Blight that floats near an important platforming section. Buried Bloodline’s targeting will set off a series of torches which must be lit sequentially within 30 seconds to complete this challenge successfully. Once torches have been lit, Guardians must activate matching darkness totems on nearby pillars and rocks before shooting their blight a third time and activating its device resulting from it to complete this challenge. Once completed, the final room will become accessible and you can collect another Catalyst: Buried Bloodline is an extremely powerful sidearm capable of two-shot kills in PvE and PvP play that also offers powerful Void builds with additional bonuses – sure to become popular both PvE and Competitive play alike.

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