Destiny 2 Exotic Sidearm – Buried Bloodline

updated March 2, 2024


Buried Bloodline, an Exotic sidearm in Destiny 2, is an extremely potent weapon capable of increasing damage for your fireteam when its Catalyst is active and weakening enemies upon hitting, making it popular with Void subclasses.

This weapon and its catalyst can be found within Season of the Wish’s Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, where players must complete its challenges by activating Totems, shooting Taken Blight at Totems, killing Tian wretches and solving three puzzles.

How to get the Exotic + Catalyst

Destiny 2’s latest Exotic weapon, the Buried Bloodline sidearm was introduced with Season of the Wish’s Warlord’s Ruin dungeon and offers both stylish looks and strong perks – its Catalyst takes things further requiring players to complete a series of small puzzles in addition to an exciting secret boss fight in order to obtain one!

Step one of this quest involves completing “In the Shadow of the Mountain,” collecting Hefnd’s bones and gathering Dark Ether Tincture and Blighted Wishing Glass from within a dungeon. Step two involves loading Warlord’s Ruin and solving three puzzles to activate a catalyst for unlocking Buried Bloodline Exotic.

One of the puzzles involves shooting a Taken Blight near the entrance to Hefnd’s bones area, while two require activating torches on nearby cliffs by the main room where players fight shielded enemies for catalyst. Each torch corresponds with different devices inside of Hefnd’s tomb; all six must be activated in order to trigger final challenge!

Once the Catalyst is obtained, head back to Hefnd’s Revenge and battle against the secret boss located behind this gate for your weapon itself. After defeating it, both items – Exotic Weapon and Catalyst will drop as rewards!

The Exotic is an eye-catching and high-performing weapon ideal for Void subclasses thanks to the Hungering Quarrel sniper perk that fires tracking bolts that drain health from enemies hit. But its true worth lies with the Catalyst ability, as multiple final blows with Buried Bloodline cause Devour to activate on multiple blows with Buried Bloodline; giving an immediate damage boost when attacking foes and making this weapon an attractive PvP choice too – however Bungie hasn’t shared their exact drop rate but estimates stand around 5-6% of runs.

In the Shadow of the Mountain

Buried Bloodline comes equipped with its own Catalyst to further augment its weapon, though finding one may prove more challenging than usual; players need only solve three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin in order to acquire it and then use it against Servitor bosses before receiving their weapon from Buried Bloodline.

After you clear the prison maze, a first puzzle appears: Shooting Taken Blight with Buried Bloodline will activate torches nearby and reveal a device used to solve the puzzle. Players need to extinguish appropriate torches within 30 seconds to solve it successfully; correct ones are those closest to bridge, middle and right side of area. Once complete, text appears with message “An unspoken wish is silenced; Buried Bloodline clicks audibly.”

Once players complete the second puzzle, they can move onto a platforming section featuring a Taken Blight floating between snowy mountains. Here there are enemies and a broken bridge to cross, followed by another device to complete this final puzzle. Again using Buried Bloodline shots, players must activate torches near bridge, middle area and both sides for this final challenge – specifically on both sides!

After successfully completing these three puzzles and defeating Servitor boss, you will earn the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm as well as its Catalyst. This weapon features Splitvein Lineage effects when Devour is active, making this weapon ideal for Void builds in PvE as well as competitive and Trials of Osiris play – although its unusual handling might turn off some players.

Primeval Thressia

Unlike Destiny 2’s other Exotic weapons, which can only be earned through raids, Buried Bloodline can only be earned via dungeons. As part of Season of the Wish, this special ammo sidearm offers some exciting perks.

Players will earn this weapon by solving three puzzles in Warlord’s Ruin dungeon and unlocking Hefnd’s Vengeance, Blighted Chimera; after doing this, an Exotic will drop from it at around 5% rate based on RNG – similar to other Exotics found within Dungeons.

First step to earning the Buried Bloodline is collecting 10 Ahamkara Bones scattered throughout a dungeon and listening to its accompanying story. Players then need to complete the dungeon without leaving or defeating its final boss; once completed they must head toward its central spire and interact with its glowing white ball to open Cairn Chamber Gateway, which leads into a room which houses Taken witch Primeval Thressia Font of Blight.

Guardians will need to select their Darkness Totems accordingly with each portal in order to break the witch’s shield, before moving forward with taking down their boss, which can then be repeated until Taken Wizard has been killed and they earn their Buried Bloodline Catalyst.

The catalyst upgrades the Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon to make it even more potent. While its Devour effect already makes it an impressive contender in Void subclasses, its improved capabilities with this Catalyst make it even better – when activated it weakens enemies on hit and increases all damage sources by 15%! This effect works especially well in builds which rely heavily on grenades or lack healing support – such as those who rely on hungering quarrelling tracking bolts that leech health; and Violent Reanimation which activates when players land multiple final blows on single enemies at once!

The Taken Blight

Destiny 2’s Buried Bloodline Exotic weapon is an incredible sidearm designed to strengthen Void builds for Titans, Hunters and Warlocks in PvE and PvP thanks to the Catalyst upgrade that further increases its lethality. In order to unlock it, players will have to complete several puzzles and encounters in Warlord’s Ruin before it can be obtained.

After defeating the initial boss in the dungeon, players must begin shooting Taken Blight that are located around prison cells to activate Imminent Wish buffs and light up torches arranged from left to right in order to advance. Players must activate them all within thirty seconds or face failure and progress further into the puzzle.

Right after this encounter, players will face another complex chasm and parkour puzzle that requires them to jump from platform to platform and perform parkour moves. There’s also a giant jump puzzle and doorway where they must shoot another Taken Blight which will once more trigger Imminent Wish for their fireteam and light three of the four torches that line this platforming section – activating these torches from left to right will further progress this puzzle as well.

Once they have completed both previous puzzles, players must return to Cairn Chamber and defeat its secret boss Primeval Thressia – defeating this wizard will unlock both a reward chest as well as provide the keystone to unlock Buried Bloodline Exotic.

Once the Exotic has been acquired, players can take to solving Warlord’s Ruin’s puzzles in order to unlock upgrades for it – Hungering Quarrel fires tracking bolts which siphon health away from enemies while Violent Reanimation grants Devour every time someone delivers an immediate final blow to an adversary.

The Buried Bloodline Catalyst can also be gained by vanquishing Hefnd’s Vengeance, a Blighted Chimaera boss found at the end of every Dungeon. Unfortunately, drop rates for Raid and Dungeon Exotics are very low so players will need to grind in order to access this upgrade weapon which serves well for AoE add clearing in PvE mode, and provides single target boss damage in PvP as well.