Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector Today

updated March 4, 2024


Destiny 2 players regularly venture into Legend Lost Sectors for the chance at exotic rewards, a weekly activity which has since Lightfall been enhanced to offer new challenges and armor pieces with even higher rewards.

Master Lost Sectors have an recommended power level of 1840 and include mission modifiers that increase difficulty. Certain Foundry weapons may drop upon completing these missions.


The Legend Lost Sector rotation is a daily activity which offers players the chance to unlock Exotic armor (helmet, arms, legs and chest) and Foundry weapons – this higher level endgame activity helps increase Guardian Power Level, essential when taking part in harder endgame activities like Master Raids and Grandmaster Nightfalls.

To unlock a Legend Lost Sector, a player must first complete all regular Lost Sectors at their current gear level and reach at least 1750 Power. When available, an attractive map icon and banner will be present upon entry of this mission which displays mission details such as location, modifiers, and rewards.

RNG dictates whether or not a Legend Lost Sector rewards an Exotic. Each run of a Legend Lost Sector typically has a 25% chance to yield such an item; however, rewards can vary between games; some have reported receiving Acheron’s Wrath helmets while others may receive Gravitation Lance pulse rifles as possible rewards.

Successfully completing a Legend Lost Sector also opens up opportunities to discover new weapon and armor mods that can significantly increase both damage and abilities of your gear. Titan helmet mods such as Armor of the Dying Star increase shield strength while deflecting void damage; Triton Vice on Hunter helmets reduce glaive reload speed while increasing melee damage and projectile final blows respectively.

The Legend Lost Sector can be an excellent way to farm exotic weapons and exotic armor in Destiny 2. When searching for specific pieces of gear, Legend and Master Lost Sectors provide some of the highest odds for finding it. Even if you don’t feel ready to tackle Legend difficulty yet, regular Lost Sectors, Grandmaster Nightfalls, Season of Wish Coil runs, and Season of Hope Coil runs can still provide great power level increases – plus precious rewards like Enhancement Cores, Masterwork Prisms and Ascendant Shards that will allow you to enhance any gear even further!


Lightfall introduces two new Lost Sectors known as Legend and Master Lost Sectors that will offer Guardians the chance to unlock Exotic armor and weapons as rewards, along with Foundry Weapons which can improve other guns. Players should keep track of Legend Lost Sector schedules to plan runs efficiently – particularly since some Exotic loot may only drop from solo runs of these sectors.

The Psi Hermetic V is an outstanding pulse rifle, boasting many useful perks for both PvE and PvP use. Moving Target and Headseeker provide assistance with aiming speed and damage precision after bodyshot, while its PvP perks – Aggressive Burst and Experimental Submunitions – increase attack speed while stagger unshielded enemies. Players can earn the Psi Hermetic V by completing Legend Lost Sector challenges at both Legendary and Master difficulties to unlock it.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors will also drop Champions that can be used in the Crucible or upgraded gear. Since some champions may be immune to certain damage types (for example arc), equipping gear that does void damage will give players the best chance at defeating these adversaries.

Destiny 2 Legend and Master Lost Sectors are welcome additions to the game, providing more challenging gameplay and providing players with greater chances of unlocking powerful weapons in Destiny. However, their complexity can be daunting for newcomers or those unprepared to navigate these activities.

Guardians need to stay on top of the daily Legend and Master Lost Sector rotations so they can optimize their runs and increase their odds of getting the best gear. Shacknews has created an easy-to-use guide that lists each Legend and Master Lost Sector rotation, along with any rewards they might expect to gain from each one.


Destiny 2 players now have another way to acquire exotic armor and weapons in their hunt for light with Legend and Master Lost Sectors in Season 23. These daily activities require players to have achieved at least 1750 power level to take part, providing Guardians the chance to obtain exclusive gear as well as Foundry Weapon mods that improve other guns – plus there may be an exotic engram!

Every Legend and Master Lost Sector run offers players the possibility of dropping an Exotic weapon or armor piece, with RNG being solely responsible. At present, Legend offers greater odds for Acheron’s Wrath exotic helmet drop while Master boasts more chances for Gravitation Lance pulse rifle drop; though these differences could change over time.

Daily activities offer opportunities to acquire not only exotic weapons but also shields compatible with various gun builds. These shields include armor that absorbs damage for short duration as well as those that block specific types of attacks such as Arc or Void damage – providing another way of diversifying your loadout while still retaining core functionality of Guardian weapons and abilities.

These shields make an excellent complement to the armor perks earned from completing a Legend or Master Lost Sector, such as Extraction Guardian shield. When combined with armor perks that focus on precision damage generation like Weighted Knife or Rapid Precision, Extraction Guardian increases Gjallarhorn shot counts while decreasing reload times; when combined with other unique perks you can build your ideal loadout to face whatever challenge lies before you in game!

Champion Mods

As Bungie added Legend and Master Lost Sectors into Destiny 2 through Season of the Wish, players have taken full advantage of these higher difficulty adventures to quickly level up their Guardian faster. Unlike dungeons or raids, Lost Sectors offer Exotic armor when completed solo while increasing chances of finding exclusive Foundry weapons with additional benefits – an unparalleled way to increase level.

Arguably the key element to making the most of an activity, having the appropriate loadout is essential for getting the most out of every experience; that is why players may wish to invest in Champion Mods that have recently been made available at Tier 4 of Nightmare Harvester Seasonal Artifact. Offering various buffs designed to assist players against Champions that populate activities – such as the Defending Champion Mod which increases class ability recharge while critical wounded allies regenerate health nearby; as well as Monochromatic Maestro Mod which grants increased airborne effectiveness to guns of similar damage type; players will want to consider investing in these valuable mods available at Tier 4.

There is also a Solar Burn mod, which amplifies the damage of Sun-based weapons – perfect for taking on shielded enemies found throughout Lost Sectors. Furthermore, an Unstoppable Fusion Rifle mod makes breaking through shielded enemies much simpler so you can complete missions more easily.

Mods are available across all weapons types and can be applied in various ways to suit different playstyles. Xenophage, for instance, is an ideal way for snipers looking to maximize burst damage while fighting champions while Sleeper Simulant allows support players to quickly destroy groups of enemies with devastating force.

Players should keep a close watch on the Lost Sector schedule and rotation in order to know when it’s time for hunting. Be mindful that repeating one Legend or Master Lost Sector over and over may result in diminishing returns, so try switching up your strategy every now and then for maximum returns.