Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector Today

updated March 8, 2024


Destiny 2’s Legend and Master Lost Sectors have breathed fresh life into its endgame activities, offering higher difficulties but rewarding you with useful items such as Exotic armor (which may include power level-boosting perk features), Enhancement Cores, and the chance at an Ascendant Shard.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors will rotate daily at daily reset, providing an opportunity to acquire Exotic armor and Foundry weapons that may only be found here. Use the schedule below to plan your run!


Legend and Master Lost Sectors offer more than the usual XP and platinum rewards; they also feature rotating daily drops of exotic armor for Warlock, Titan, Hunter classes. Furthermore, Guardians may find rare Foundry weapons which only appear during these missions to add powerful perks to their gear.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 offer players an alternative option that doesn’t rely on or promote group play: solo completion! This gives players a great way to practice their skills, increase their Power Level and earn new loot!

These daily activities can offer the chance for players to earn exotic armor pieces for the helm, arms, legs and chest slot. Players may also gain access to rare weapons available through World loot pool that rotate daily – these rare weapons can then be used to upgrade each of these armor pieces with extra perks or give it more unique looks.

Players can unlock additional rewards, like a legendary elemental shield or the Pinnacle Engram, by completing Lost Sectors with high Platinum ratings and killing all Champions that spawn. Champions are enemies typically only found in raids, dungeons, or weekly Nightfall strikes and can provide some attractive perks worth prioritising over lesser enemies.

While rewards from special missions may not compare to those found in Cosmodrome or Dreaming City, it is still important to remember they can be very profitable. Players may earn exotic armour as well as other useful items like Enhancement Cores, Ascendant Shards and Prisms from special missions – although RNG determines which rewards a player might obtain; therefore it is recommended that these activities only be attempted when their Power Level exceeds 1750; it also suggests completing missions equipped with fully upgraded loadouts that includes latest versions of Legendary equipment from their class’s Legendary equipment class for optimal success.


Since their introduction, Legend and Master Lost Sectors have quickly become an early opportunity for players to increase their Guardian’s power levels while collecting Exotic weapons and armor. Unlike dungeons or raids, these high-level activities require meeting a recommended power level and feature mission modifiers that increase both difficulty and the chance of discovering Exotics like unique Foundry Weapons that can improve other guns.

Each week, Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotate, giving players an opportunity to test their gear-hunting skills against new challenges. At present, Moon K1 Revelation Lost Sector offers players an excellent chance of finding an exotic pulse rifle Secants Filaments which produces an empowering rift upon each shot and increases precision damage when two allies are nearby – perfect for PvP builds! In addition, Acheron’s Wrath Warlock helmet and Graviton Lance exotic SMG can reduce Void Damage caused by enemies.

As is usually the case in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, each requires specific equipment in order to fully take advantage of its challenges. Aphelion’s Rest features tight corridors and chokepoints, so clearing flanks out is essential as cover may come from unexpected places. Champion enemies in Aphelion’s Rest often utilize various shield types; thus having weapons capable of stunning Barrier and Overload Champions is vital in order to succeed here.

Additionally, every Legend or Master Lost Sector features its own set of exclusive rewards. At present, Legend difficulty players stand a better chance at discovering Acheron’s Wrath helmet while Master difficulty offers more chances at finding Graviton Lance exotic pulse rifle. Revitalizing Blast class item mod offers Guardians increased damage over time while matching well with Headseeker base traits; Revitalizing Blast class item mod also increases over time when used together with Headseeker base traits. While other items may occasionally drop in Legend or Master Lost Sectors exclusively, these specific items cannot be found elsewhere within game.


Guardians can earn Exotic armor sets through Legend Lost Sectors, a daily activity introduced in Season 23 that also rewards Foundry weapons. Lost Sectors offer Guardians an efficient means of farming high-tier gear not available via more challenging activities, thereby making this new daily activity one to look out for!

As well as armor, players can earn Triumphs by completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors, redeemable at the Director for additional gear such as weapons that boost existing guns.

Players seeking rare items should keep an eye on the Lost Sector schedule when trying to earn them as some days can be easier than others. Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector in particular has a higher chance of rewarding players with Splicer Exotic Shields than the other locations, so players should aim for this one whenever possible.

Shacknews suggests that Guardians equip weapons that match up to their enemy spawns. Champions that may appear in each Legend and Master Lost Sector may be immune to certain damage types; therefore it may be best to bring along weapon mods which counter them such as Anti-Barrier Auto Rifles and Scout Rifles as well as Hammer of the Warmind and Void Dampeners for optimal success.

Weapons like those mentioned earlier can also help Guardians take down the Lost Sector boss on Quagmire map, a crab-like creature with razor sharp claws capable of stunning and slowing enemies down by throwing his claws at them. Guardians should bring weapons with sufficient damage output that can kill this boss within its stun duration or quickly clear out rooms after it has been cleared out.

Hunters may wish to consider using an exotic weapon like the Triton Vice, an exotic that provides increased glaive reload speed and damage when surrounded, as well as an explosion on final blows, ideal for taking down even the toughest Champions. More experienced players may wish to consider bringing Void or Arc damage guns that can get past Champion shields while increasing damage while minimizing elemental burn caused by Lost Sector’s modifiers.

Champion Foes

Each Legend Lost Sector includes Champions, enemies that are much tougher than those found in regular Lost Sectors and can spawn shields to reduce player damage when attacked by players. Therefore it is recommended that players equip weapons equipped with anti-champion mods that allow for stunners like Ignite, Freeze and Suspend to stun these Champions quickly; or weapons with Overload ability which quickly breaks their shields.

As with most activities, running Legend and Master Lost Sectors with a team is ideal. Working together allows players to better combat Champion foes while farming Exclusive Armor and Weapon drops from each run. Furthermore, participating in these activities will help reach Power Level requirements to unlock higher-tier content such as Starcrossed missions and Nightfall strikes.

Once Guardians have acquired all of the required gear from Legend and Master Lost Sector runs, they can return to the Director in order to unlock the Light Shift Shield Exotic. This unique weapon increases melee attacks’ damage while simultaneously increasing poisoned opponent deaths through melee weapons.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors can present significant challenges, but aren’t as difficult as raids, dungeons or Nightfall strikes – providing players an ideal way to increase their Power Level without needing to devote as much time and resources to those activities that require more dedication.

Players need to complete Legend Lost Sectors in order to earn the Light Shift Shield, but should avoid overdoing it as this could hinder their chances of receiving another Light Shift Shield when available. Furthermore, their power levels should only attempt these activities when necessary so as not to miss opportunities to acquire higher tier loot from other sources like Starcrossed missions, Nightfall strikes and stock from Xur. Saniya Ahmed is an editor at Fanbyte covering Destiny 2 news, guides and features; she has long been playing Destiny 2 herself, taking on roles such as Hunter main. She has written for GameSpot, IGN and WIRED among many publications/websites/publications/websites/publications/websites including GameSpot IGN WIRED etc.