Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector Today – Earn Exotic Gear and Weapons

updated February 29, 2024


Legendary and Master Lost Sectors provide Guardians with an exciting way to acquire exotic armor and weapons, as these higher difficulty daily activities have the chance of dropping exclusive gear, as well as Foundry Weapons that enhance existing guns.

Players need to reach 1800 Power Level to access these activities and claim their rewards. This table details which Champions and Shields players may encounter on each Legend or Master Lost Sector run.


Since Season of the Wish began, Destiny 2 players have been venturing solo into Legend and Master Lost Sectors each week in search of Exotic armor and weapons to increase their Guardian’s power levels quickly. Though difficult, these activities still provide an effective means of harvesting new gear while leveling up characters quickly.

Each week, new Lost Sectors will appear across various planets and regions within the game, providing players with an exciting opportunity to test themselves against challenging enemies and bosses – rewards include exotic weapons as well as mods that can add stat boosts or damage-over-time effects for extra gear upgrades!

While armor drops from Lost Sectors depend on random chance, each day’s Legend or Master difficulty Lost Sector has the chance to drop an exclusive piece of equipment such as helmets, gauntlets, or weapons – including Acheron’s Wrath helmets or Gravitation Lance exotic pulse rifles! At present Legend difficulty offers higher odds for Acheron’s Wrath helmet drops while Master difficulty provides greater odds for getting the Gravitation Lance exotic pulse rifle.

If you want to know what rare items could be waiting for you when you complete a Legend or Master Lost Sector, refer to the schedule below. It will reflect locations, modifiers and rewards available that day.

As a reminder, it is advised that you reach the minimum recommended Power Level before embarking on any Legend or Master Lost Sector mission. This will ensure you can deal enough damage against Overload and Barrier Champions that appear during these missions without incurring additional frustration and wasting precious time. Attempting these activities while at an insufficient Power Level could result in wasted effort and time spent trying to defeat these foes.


Legendary Lost Sectors have added some spice and excitement to one of Destiny 2’s more mundane aspects, rejuvenating it with higher difficulty and unique weapons. Players looking for a challenge can farm them for Exotic gear or rare Foundry weapons which improve other guns. Plus, their daily rotation makes this an easy way to build Enhancement Prisms toward more challenging content such as Grandmaster Nightfalls and Master Raids!

Though most activities in the game encourage group play, Lost Sectors require 1750 or above Power Level for participation and must be completed once per day to remain viable. Staying organized with schedule and rotation is crucial in order to complete them successfully!

Each adventure varies, featuring enemies and locations that change, while they all share one common trait: Champions are an enemy you’d typically only find in high-level raids and dungeons. When dealing with them, be sure to bring along appropriate equipment like Unstoppable Champion armor mods or Anti-Barrier Champion weapons (as some champions are immune to certain damage types).

Your battles can also be completed on either Legend or Master difficulty settings, with Legend offering better odds for getting certain armor pieces while Master adds challenges by increasing health costs and class ability cooldown times. While both difficulties largely depend on RNG for outcomes, significant variations exist – for instance on Legend you may have better odds at unlocking Acheron’s Wrath helmet while Master version may provide more chances to obtain Gravitation Lance exotic pulse rifle.

But if you’re interested in one particular weapon, Legend and Master Lost Sectors both drop it on random days – you just need to be patient while waiting! Once it arrives, however, you’ll have something new to test out that could bolster either PvP or PvE performance!


If you’re seeking a challenge that is less severe than Grandmaster Nightfall or Master Raids but still offers considerable endgame gear rewards, look no further than Legend and Master Lost Sector rotations. These daily activities put your Guardian skills to the test while offering rare Exotic armor you cannot find elsewhere in the game.

These mini-dungeons present you with a set of random objectives to complete in order to defeat the boss at the end and claim your reward chest. While players should note that these activities are designed to present even veteran Guardians with an intense challenge, these Lost Sectors often contain various modifiers and champion enemies which may prove tough to defeat; to have any chance at victory they should equip gear that resonates with these modifiers for optimal success.

Blockade modifiers force players to face enemies that are resistant to Arc, Void, and Stasis damage; players will therefore require gear that specializes in dealing this type of harm for maximum effectiveness. Conversely, Overload modifiers mean enemies that resist Solar and Void attacks – thus Guardians need gear with high damage perk so as to provide sufficient firepower against Champions.

Lost Sectors may offer Guardian types with access to unique shields that provide extra protection from enemies while providing benefits like extra health or stealth boost. These bonuses are especially useful if playing as part of a team with other players.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors provide exclusive Exotic armor as well as weapons from Destiny 2’s world loot pool, making them powerful additions to any arsenal. However, these activities require ample time and patience, which could potentially prove frustrating if you are unprepared.


Guardians looking for Exotic armor and weapons have an opportunity at earning them every day with Legend and Master Lost Sectors, available daily in rotation. When completed without using revive tokens, these activities provide players with a special item from one armor slot – whether that means helmets, leg armor or gauntlets!

Complete these missions at an appropriate difficulty to increase your odds of finding Foundry weapons that can boost other weapons in your arsenal, like Legendary Lost Sectors for Acheron’s Wrath helmets or Master ones for Graviton Lance pulse rifles that stun enemies or explode their shields using Cosmology perk abilities.

As might be expected, Legend and Master missions present more challenging gameplay experiences than the basic Lost Sectors. Additionally, these missions offer various mission modifiers which may increase damage dealt and received, alter enemy types encountered, and increase chances of an Exotic item dropping (though ultimately that remains up to RNG).

These modifiers can be found by hovering your cursor over a Lost Sector’s map icon and looking closely. Each difficulty level’s icon will vary in color; for instance, Legendary levels will display as gold while Masters appear white.

Not all modifiers offer armor or weapon rewards alone; others have additional side-effects as well. For instance, in Lost Sectors with the Match Game modifier enabled, enemies will become highly resistant to unmatched elemental damage types while your team deals double damage on any melee kills that happen within that Lost Sector.

K1 Revelation Lost Sector on the Moon gives players the chance to earn the Secants Filaments exotic pulse rifle, an outstanding high impact frame stasis weapon perfect for PvP builds that increases precision damage when two allies are nearby and ensures critical hits every third shot fired.